Doc Brown and DeLorean in front of clocktower City Hall

Celebrate 60 Years of Universal’s Studio Tour with Photo Ops and Updates

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Universal Studios Hollywood is officially celebrating 60 years of the Studio Tour with limited-time experiences. From April 26 through August 11, 2024, guests will be able to experience the world famous Studio Tour in a whole new way, both on and off the tram.

Universal Studios Hollywood Entrance

Universal Studios Hollywood entrance with 60th anniversary Studio Tour banners

The celebration begins before entering the park. Lampposts leading up to the entrance are decorated with film reel-inspired banners featuring vintage photos of the Studio Tour.

Universal Studios Hollywood entrance with 60th anniversary decorations

The gates are decorated with a large sparkly blue scrim wrap, “Celebrating 60 Years.”

"Celebrating 60 Years" Studio Tour wrap on Universal Studios Hollywood gates

A retro Glamor Tram is pictured above a film reel of vintage photos.

60th anniversary Studio Tour banners above park entrances

Above the entrance gates are film reel banners with more vintage photos and the 60th anniversary logo. The logo is shades of blue with the red and white Glamor Tram pictured in front of a big “60.”

60th Studio Tour clapboard photo op

Inside the park is the first photo op. A sequin-covered backdrop features the anniversary logo and two flat “spotlights.” A clapboard in front of the backdrop is for the Hollywood production “Universal Studios’ Studio Tour” and scene “Celebrating 60 Years!” The director is @unistudios.

The scene, take, and roll numbers are 07, 15, and 64 for the opening date of the Studio Tour: July 15, 1964.

Studio Tour Entrance & Queue

Studio Tour billboard

The billboard and marquee at the Studio Tour escalators have new artwork. The billboard features four different versions of the trams that have been used over the years.

Studio Tour entrance sign and marquee art

Both have images of past and present Studio Tour experiences, like the Ice Tunnel and Amity Island scenes.

Studio Tour queue with 60th anniversary signs

In the queue are photos and signs honoring the Studio Tour’s history.

"Did you know" sign

“Did you know…” signs include trivia facts about the tour.

Did you know…

prior to the Amity Island set being built, this area of the Studio Lot was known as Singapore Lake.

"Did you know" sign

Did you know…

the Doomed Glacier Expedition (AKA The Ice Tunnel) opened in 1975. Became the Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb in 2000, after a brief stint as Dante’s Peak Mine Shaft.

"Did you know" sign

Did you know…

the Psycho house was constructed in 1959 as a two-sided façade for the 1960 film. Over time, additional sides were added to create a “shell.”

Screen with QR code

Screens display QR codes for guests to create photos with AR filters.

Studio Tour History sign

Different large signs display pictures and information from different eras of the Studio Tour. The one above is about the 2000s to the 2010s.

Studio Tour Extras

Universal Studios Glamor Tram

The diesel trams of the Studio Tour have been re-decorated to look like the old Glamor Trams, which had red and white candy striping. The newer electric trams retain their standard look. No matter what tram you end up on, you’ll experience the anniversary offerings.

Jimmy Fallon on Studio Tour screen

The tour is hosted by Jimmy Fallon, with new pre-recorded clips featuring the host and other celebrities. There is a mix of history about the past 60 years and the standard tour.

Ted bear statue holding 60th anniversary sign

There are small 60th anniversary touches throughout the tour. For example, the Ted statue holds a sign reading, “Cheers to 60 years! Happy anniversary Studio Tour!”

Bob Gale and Lea Thompson on Studio Tour screens

As the tour nears the town square set, guests see a clip featuring “Back to the Future” screenwriter Bob Gale and star Lea Thompson.

Doc Brown and DeLorean in town square set

Doc Brown appears in-person with the DeLorean on the town square set. “Back to the Future” was filmed here, although the set has seen changes over the years for other projects.

Doc Brown and DeLorean in front of clocktower City Hall

Universal is still working on new additions to the tour, like a dinosaur paddock.

Lyon Estates entrance gates

Guests will also see the Lyon Estates entrance structures from “Back to the Future.”

Happy 60th Studio Tour banner

A “Happy 60th Studio Tour” banner hangs on a fence. It’s from Quint’s Bait and Tackle, a “Jaws” reference.

Happy anniversary sign on Six Points set

A painted sign in the Six Points, Texas set reads, “Happy anniversary from 6 60 Points Texas!!”

Earthquake – The Big One

Earthquake – The Big One has been closed for a major refurbishment and has reopened with the 60th anniversary of the Studio Tour. This part of the tour has been experiencing a lot of technical difficulties since the refurbishment. It took 3 rides on the tram before we were able to experience Earthquake. If this part of the tour is down, you will just skip it and continue with the rest of the tour.

a subway station

This area of the tour got a more modern and updated look.

a truck from Earthquake - the big one

Earthquake hasn’t changed too much, though. It’s just as thrilling as ever!

Photo Ops

Bates Motel with photo ops

The major highlight of the anniversary Studio Tour is that guests get to step off the trams onto the backlot for photo ops. This experience is after the tour goes through the “War of the Worlds” set and past the “Psycho” house. The trams park at the Bates Motel and allow guests to exit.

Universal Studios Glamor Tram photo op
"The Original Universal Studios Glamour Tram" sign

An original Universal Studios Glamor Tram is on display and available for photos.

Universal Studios Glamor Tram photo op

You can go as fast or slow as you want in this area because you can board any tram going back.

Universal Studios Glamor Tram photo op with directors' chairs
60th anniversary Studio Tour directors chairs

There are 60th anniversary red and gold director’s chairs in front of the Glamor Tram.

Prop Plaza recreation
ush world famous studio tour 60th anniversary 8711

A bunch of other props and set pieces are set up in the motel’s parking lot. Some of them have “Hold” tags on them.

Prop Plaza in front of Bates Motel
Hold tags on props
Prop Plaza statues

This is inspired by the old Prop Plaza.

Hollywood sign behind phot op ramp

A replica of the Hollywood sign has been built on the hill nearby.

Hollywood sign

Guests can walk on a ramp to get a photo with the sign in the background.

Bates house and car from "Psycho"

The tram drops you off at the Bates Motel, so there are a few great opportunities for photos. Norman’s car is parked nearby for a photo op with the ‘Psycho’ house in the background.

Norman Bates walking in front of Bates Motel

You may also see Norman Bates himself wandering the area. He was very busy going in and out of the office. We even spotted him wiping off a bloody knife.

Norman Bates brandishing knife
Norman Bates holding up knife, looking into camera

He didn’t like us watching him and made sure we left quickly.

King Kong photo op sign with QR code

More photo ops are around the back of Bates Motel. There are QR codes on the signs to add effects to each photo.

Team Member taking guests' photo at King Kong photo op

The King Kong photo op has a backdrop of Kong and a giant fluffy Kong hand. Guests can stand in the hand to look like the ape is holding them, similar to photo ops from the past.

King Kong hand photo op

This is similar to a retro photo op that was available in the Universal Studios Florida summer Tribute Store a few years ago.

Jaws photo op line

The “Jaws” photo op is a lot more impressive looking.

"Jaws" hanging shark photo op

There’s a giant hanging shark, also similar to a Universal Studios Florida prop. Crates and barrels are around the shark.

"Jaws" shark hanging in front of Amity Island backdrop

An Amity Island backdrop is behind it.

Fast & Furious cars photo op

A “Fast and Furious” photo op has two studio cars used in the films.

Fast & Furious cars signs

There’s a 1999 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 from “2 Fast 2 Furious” and a 1970 Dodge Charger from “Fast X.”

When you’re done taking photos, you get back on a tram to finish the tour. The Studio Tour then takes you through the Jupiter’s Claim set and the Fast and Furious: Supercharged attraction.

Universal Studios Hollywood Studio Tour 60th anniversary photo op

The exit of the Studio Tour has one more photo op. This one features stylized artwork like on the billboard and sign. The backlot is pictured with a Glamor Tram going through it. The cutout of a Glamor Tram is in the foreground that guests can pose with.

Take ride with us for the 60th anniversary of the Studio Tour in our video below.

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