Incredicoaster without loop

Loop Removed From Incredicoaster During Refurbishment at Disney California Adventure

Shannen Ace

During a scheduled 10-day closure for refurbishment, crews have removed the loop from the Incredicoaster at Disney California Adventure.

Incredicoaster Refurbishment

Crane over Incredicoaster

A crane is parked at the Pixar Pier roller-coaster, which is the only Disneyland Resort coaster with an inversion.

Incredicoaster without loop

Two sections of the track curve up but no longer meet. The top half of the loop is gone.

Scaffolding around Incredicoaster track pieces

Compare our recent photos to the one below of the loop intact.

Incredicoaster loop inversion, Pixar Pier, Disney California Adventure

The loop of white track usually lines up with the giant Pixar Pier medallion behind it.

Scaffolding around curved Incredicoaster track

Scaffolding surrounds the remaining curved track pieces.

Crew on Incredicoaster scaffolding

When we stopped by this Thursday, crew members were on the scaffolding on the right.

Incredicoaster launch with tarps

There are more signs of refurbishment at the coaster’s launch on the water.

Incredicoaster launch with white tarps

White tarps cover scaffolding over where the track begins to curve up.

White tarps over Incredicoaster track

Incredicoaster is scheduled to reopen on April 19 — hopefully with the loop back in place.

The coaster was previously closed for refurbishment for a few days in late November and early December.

Incredicoaster was originally California Screamin’, an opening day Disney California Adventure attraction in 2001. It was renamed and rethemed when Paradise Pier became Pixar Pier.

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