New Will Gay ‘Star Wars’ Merchandise at Walt Disney World

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Star Wars Artist Series: Will Gay Collection at Keystone Clothiers

New Will Gay ‘Star Wars’ Merchandise at Walt Disney World

The Star Wars Artist Series: Will Gay Collection is now available at Walt Disney World Resort. This merchandise collection includes apparel and housewares featuring art by Will Gay.

Star Wars Artist Series: Will Gay Collection

A merchandise display for the Star Wars Artist Series: Will Gay Collection.

The collection is available in Keystone Clothiers at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

A display card with a biography of artist Will Gay.

Will Gay is an artist and designer working at The Walt Disney Company for 20 years. As Design Director, Will is tasked daily with leading a talented team of creative copywriters and designers in the field of advertising. His latest paintings are realized in the evenings at his home studio in Winter Park, FL. Will is influenced by a combination of pop culture, street art, graphic design, and skateboarding. Since his debut at Disney’s Festival of the Masters in 2009 his works continue to be some of the most sought after in the Art of Disney Galleries throughout the parks.

Tray – $34.99

A reporter's hand holding a clear serving tray featuring art of Star Wars characters.

This clear tray has handles on the ends with black supports.

In the center is Gay’s sketchy, cartoon-ish artwork of Boba Fett, R2-D2, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, a GNK droid, an Ewok, and a Stormtrooper. Fett holds a balloon of Han Solo in carbonite, Vader holds a Death Star balloon, the Ewok holds an X-Wing balloon, and the Stormtrooper holds an Ewok doll.

Versions of this artwork repeats on other merchandise.

Glass Set – $34.99

A reporter holding a box containing four cups with Star Wars character art on them.

There are four cups in this set. They have frosted finishes and each features a different character: Chewbacca, Boba Fett, Darth Vader, and the Stormtrooper.

A reporter showing off the back of the cups box.

The merchandise packaging features information about Gay.

Plates Set – $39.99

A reporter's hand holding a set of four Star Wars plates, showing off the plate on top.

Four plates come in this set. One is an off-white color with the characters in a ring around the outside, their balloons floating in the center.

A reporter's hand holding a tag for the plate set, featuring art of all four plates.

The tag showcases the other four plates. One is mostly purple with Darth Vader holding his Death Star balloon between rows of Stormtroopers. Another features an Ewok on a speeder flying through the forest of Endor. The fourth sees Luke, Obi-Wan, R2-D2, and C-3PO speeding across Tatooine.

Bowls Set – $39.99

A reporter's hand holding a two-bowl set, covered in Star Wars art.

A matching pink Tatooine bowl comes in this set. The other bowl is black with white starry dots.

A look at the tag, which shows the complete art for each bowl.

The black bowl features an Imperial Star Destroyer, TIE Fighters, and the Death Star. The pink bowl also features a Star Destroyer, Bantha, and Tatooine’s double suns.

Salt and Pepper Shakers – $24.99

A reporter's hand holding a salt and pepper shaker set designed to look like Darth Vader and Boba Fett.

There are two shakers in this set, one for salt and one for pepper. The sculpted figures resemble Darth Vader and Boba Fett.

A closer look at the salt and pepper shaker set.

They aren’t depicted with their balloons on these items.

Blanket – $44.99

A reporter's hand holding a folded up blanket.

This blanket is 50 inches by 60 inches (127 centimeters by 152 centimeters). It comes wrapped in black ribbon.

A look at the blanket tag, which shows the full art.

As shown on the tag, the full image on the blanket features an Ewok riding a speeder and another Ewok banging on Stormtrooper helmets like drums. Tall Endor trees are behind him.

Throw Pillow – $44.99

A reporter's hand holding a throw pillow featuring art of an Ewok playing drums with Stormtrooper helmets.

The Ewok playing Stormtrooper drums is also featured on this throw pillow. The Ewok has dark brown fur and a tan cowl. It uses spoons to bang on the three helmets.

A reporter showing off the back of the pillow, which says "Yub Nub."

The back of the pillow is white and reads, “Yub nub.”

Mini Convertible Bag – $29.99

A reporter's hand holding a mini bag featuring Darth Vader.

This mini bag is made of black pleather. An image of Darth Vader with his Death Star balloon is embroidered on the front. It has a silvertone zipper.

A reporter's hand showing the back of the mini bag.

A white “Star Wars” patch is on the back. It has metal rings and a black strap that can be adjusted to wear like a crossbody purse or sling backpack.

A reporter's hand showing the inside of the bag.

The interior is solid black. There are stacked slip pockets the perfect size for cards.

Pullover Hoodie – $64.99

A Star Wars hoodie featuring an Ewok on a speeder hanging on a rack.

The hoodie is a pullover with a drawstring hood. It has a large front pocket. It’s a light tan color.

A close-up of the art on the front of the hoodie.

An Ewok on a speeder is pictured on the chest. “Star Wars” is above/behind the Ewok. The dialogue “Weeeee” stretches behind the creature.

A view of the back of the hoodie.

Another Ewok is pictured on the back peeking out of an AT-ST walker.

A close-up of the art on the back of the hoodie.

This Ewok is waving and saying, “Yub nub.”

A close-up of the art on the sleeve.

On the right sleeve is the Ewok playing the Stormtrooper drums.

T-Shirt – $34.99

A Star Wars T-shirt featuring C-3PO, R2-D2, Luke, and Ben Kenobi on Tatooine hanging on a rack.

The collection includes a white short-sleeved T-shirt. On the chest is a black rectangle around Gay’s Tatooine artwork.

A close-up of the art on the front of the T-shirt.

Luke, Obi-Wan, and their droids are pictured in Luke’s orange speeder. A Bantha, krayt dragon skeleton, Sandcrawler, and the Lars family farm are on the desert hills. The pink sky above features TIE Fighters flying in front of the double yellow suns and an Imperial Star Destroyer.

Zip-Up Hoodie – $59.99

A pink zip-up hoodie hanging on a rack.

The zip-up hoodie is bright pink with the Star Wars logo in white on the left breast.

The back of the pink hoodie, featuring illustrations of Star Wars characters.

On the back is Gay’s artwork of “Star Wars” characters lined up.

A close-up of the art on the back of the hoodie.

Their outlines are embroidered with black thread.

Crop Top – $39.99

A white crop top featuring an Ewok hangs on a clothing rack.

This white crop top has a fuzzy Ewok on the front. The Ewok holds an X-wing balloon and says, “Yub nub.”

A close-up of the embroidered Ewok on the shirt.

Jacket – $89.99

A black jacket on display in a store features an embroidered scene from "Star Wars," with Darth Vader, stormtroopers, the Death Star, and spaceships on the back, designed by the talented artist Will Gay.

This jacket is black with white stripes at the hem and wrists. Darth Vader with his Death Star balloon is on the back. Two rows of Stormtroopers are behind him. Details of the hangar they’re in are made of fuzzy purple and blue fabric.

A black fabric with an embroidered "Star Wars" logo featuring the Death Star and small stars, perfect for any Star Wars enthusiast.

An embroidered patch with the “Star Wars” logo and Death Star is on the front.

A person holds the sleeve of a black jacket featuring embroidered stormtrooper helmets, designed by none other than Will Gay. Nearby, Star Wars themed merchandise, including tumblers and action figures, is displayed.

A trio of Stormtrooper helmets is on the right sleeve.

The Will Gay Star Wars collection is also available at Disneyland Resort.

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