New Frontierland Train Station Stairs Open, More Lamps Installed at Tiana’s Bayou Adventure

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Walt Disney World Railroad Frontierland train station entrance

New Frontierland Train Station Stairs Open, More Lamps Installed at Tiana’s Bayou Adventure

The new Frontierland train station entrance stairs are complete and open at Magic Kingdom as construction continues on the adjacent Tiana’s Bayou Adventure.

Frontierland Train Station Stairs

The new entrance to the Frontierland Railroad Station in Magic Kingdom.

During the construction of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, the Frontierland train station’s exit stairs were demolished and reconstructed. They then acted as the entrance while the original entrance staircase was demolished. The ramp remained open.

The entrance stairs to the Railroad Station.

Work is complete on the new stairs, although a construction wall remains up next to the staircase.

A closer look at the entrance sign.

The station has a new entrance sign too, framed by two lanterns.

A close-up of the Railroad Station Entrance Sign.

It features the Walt Disney World Railroad logo with interlocking Ws and a D in yellow. Below the logo is “Railroad Station” in red. “Entrance” is in yellow on a blue section.

A detail shot of the entrance sign.

The sign has a light wood finish with yellow detailing.

An up-angled view of the sign.

Another sign reading “Entrance up the stairs” has an arrow pointing up. A second arrow points to the ramp with wheelchair access. It also says, “Supervise children at all times.”

Metal handrails lining the stairs going down.

Modern metal handrails are attached to the more frontier-appropriate wooden railings.

A view of the stairs going up the station.

The staircase turns at the landing.

An open doorway at the top of the stairs.

An open doorway leads from the stairs to the train platform.

A blocked section holding ladders and unused pieces of wood.

The space blocked by a construction wall holds materials like ladders and unused wood planks.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Queue

A wide view of the train entrance.

Meanwhile, new wooden posts with wrought iron lamps have been installed in front of the train station. Some of these are in the flowerbed with Frontierland props installed last month.

Another area blocked by construction near the train station.

From the train station, we looked down into another area blocked by construction walls.

Two stacks of poles staged for installation.

Here, there were two stacks of poles staged for installation. These match the poles we saw added to the queue earlier this month.

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The wood poles have been stained a light brown, with darker brown carvings on the bases.

A view of the Tiana's Bayou Adventure queue behind construction walls.

One of these poles with lamps is up in a flowerbed behind the station.

Two metal lamps outside of the Tiana's Bayou Adventure queue.

The two metal lamps are blue, matching the railings and other lamps behind construction walls.

A close-up of carved details in the queue poles.

The carvings on the post are four-petaled flowers.

A look up at the lamps in the queue, with two small pieces of hardware attached.

Two small pieces of hardware above the lamps imply more might be installed on the post.

More lampposts in the queue.

The posts in the queue behind construction walls also now have blue metal lamps.

A closer look at the lampposts in the queue.

Interestingly, the posts behind construction walls have not been stained the same brown color. They are almost white.

Scaffolding on the building between the railroad platform and the yellow barn.

Speaking of white wood, new paneling has been installed on the front of the building between the yellow barn and the railroad platform. For months, the walls of this building have featured exposed weather-proof sheathing.

A crew member working on the white panels on the building.

There are now white wood planks and light brown planks covering the walls.

More crew members working in the queue.

Crew members worked on the scaffolding over the building during our visit.

Many crew members working on the stairs and building siding.

They were also working on the brown stairs that lead down from the building.

Exposed wiring on the side of the building.

When we passed the building on a train, we saw some exposed wiring, likely for a light.

An overview of the queue for Tiana's Bayou Adventure.

Some of the metal lampposts in the Tiana’s Bayou Adventure queue remain wrapped in plastic with no actual lamps added yet.

A view of the barn, with new railings and doors staged nearby.

New railings and doors were staged against the barn.

Crew members working in the area just outside the yellow barn.

The railings (left in the photo above) are the same that line the queue’s flowerbeds.

A close-up of the new doors staged outside the barn.

As for the doors, there are three. Two look to be the size of the barn entrance, while one is shorter and has windows in it. The latter door might go inside the barn.

A crew member near more doors with windows staged in the queue.

Nearby, a matching small door with windows sat on a box.

Crew members walking around in the queue.

More lampposts and large pieces of wood were in this area, too. Boxes branded for Tiana’s Foods were installed last week.

More blue railing in the queue.

About half of the queue still features the wooden fencing of Splash Mountain. The new railings are blue with golden toppers. The metal lampposts feature the same color scheme, with gold above the lamps.

A top-down view of a half-circle pathway in the queue, below the train station.

The railings encircle this pathway under the train station. New plants have been installed in the flowerbed in the middle of the looping path.

A close-up of the gate at the top of the half-circle.

The tops of the gate have been painted gold. A circular piece of wood covers part of the path.

Plants below the bridge from the new stairs to the railroad platform.

Plants spread out from this pathway under the train station’s exit.

Other Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Construction

The salt mine facade of Tiana's Bayou Adventure.

On the mountainous façade of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, we saw some crew members working on the foliage. A few were on the right side of the salt mine.

The Tiana's Foods water tower blocked by greenery.

Others were in front of the Tiana’s Foods water tower.

Crew members working among the real and fake plants.

There are both fake and real plants covering the attraction.

The flume lagoon of Tiana's Bayou Adventure.

Next to the visible flume was a pile of wires.

A pile of wires left in the lagoon area.

We’ve seen crews doing electrical work in this area for new lantern lights.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure will open at Magic Kingdom this summer and at Disneyland later this year.

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