PHOTOS: Complete Tour of Donald’s Quacky Duck City at Tokyo Disneyland

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PHOTOS: Complete Tour of Donald’s Quacky Duck City at Tokyo Disneyland

The second Pal-Palooza event is underway at Tokyo Disneyland. The park is now decorated as Donald’s Quacky Duck City.

Donald’s Quacky Duck City

Donald's Quacky Duck City flowerbed

At the park’s entrance, the Mickey Mouse flowerbed has been replaced with a Donald Duck display. The railing around the flowers is covered in blue and white Donald’s Quacky Duck City bunting.

Donald's Quacky Duck City flowerbed

Donald is depicted wearing his sailor hat. He’s outlined in blue with a starburst behind him.

Donald's Quacky Duck City decorations on World Bazaar entrance

Beyond the floral display, Donald Duck’s face is above the Tokyo Disneyland sign at the World Bazaar entrance. Donald Duck banners hang over the columns.

A closer look at the Donald themed decorations at the World Bazaar entrance.

“Super Duck” and “Great Duck” signs frame the entrance. Around Donald’s face is “Welcome” and below him is “Donald’s Quacky Duck City.”

A banner for Donald's Quacky Duck City, featuring the character flexing his muscles.

Each banner features Donald showing off a different skill. On this one, he’s flexing his muscles.

A banner for Donald's Quacky Duck City featuring the character as a chef.

On another banner, he’s preparing a meal while dressed in a chef’s outfit.

A banner for Donald's Quacky Duck City featuring Donald in a disco outfit.

The third banner shows Donald dancing in a white and red suit.

A banner for Donald's Quacky Duck City with Donald dressed in a tuxedo and top hat

He’s dressed in a tuxedo with a top hat on this banner.

A banner for Donald's Quacky Duck City with Donald dressed as an artist.

He’s also a skilled artist, as shown on this banner portraying him with a beret and painter’s palette.

A banner for Donald's Quacky Duck City with Donald dressed in a fringe outfit.

The last banner shows him in a white and blue Elvis-inspired jumpsuit, singing into a microphone.

World Bazaar

World Bazaar with decorations for Donald's Quacky Duck City

Inside World Bazaar is a giant golden Donald Duck statue. More bunting and banners are on scaffolding around the statue.

A look at the overhead decor for Donald's Quacky Duck City.

Of course, most of the decorations use Donald’s color scheme — blue, white, red, and yellow.

Donald's Quacky Duck City statue

The statue depicts Donald in a crown and cape. He’s standing on a blue base inside a giant crown. Instead of jewels on the crown’s points, there are large duck prints. “Best of the Best” is in front of the statue.

A view behind the Donald's Quacky Duck City Statue.

On the other side are cardboard cutouts of Daisy, Donald, and Mickey. Donald holds two trophies and a piece of bunting reads, “Quacky Award Ceremony.” Daisy and Mickey celebrate Donald, shouting “Bravo!” and “Awesome!”

A flat on a nearby column that shows Donald as a golden trophy for "Best Singer."

Flats on the nearby columns resemble golden trophies of Donald, celebrating his different achievements. This one declares him “Best Singer.”

A flat of Donald as a trophy for "Best Artist."

This one states he’s the “Best Artist.”

A flat of Donald as a trophy for "Best Chef."

Another is for his accomplishment of “Best Chef.”

Decorative panels on the columns in World Bazaar.

The panels on the scaffolding columns feature Donald’s bowtie and duck prints.

Cinderella Castle Hub

More decor for Donald's Quacky Duck City in the

More decorations are around the Cinderella Castle hub. Pennants feature the same artwork as the banners at the World Bazaar entrance. This one, featuring Donald flexing, reads, “Donald is the most macho duck.”

A manhole cover decal for Donald's Quacky Duck City.

There are decals on the manhole covers featuring yellow duck feet and Donald’s blue hat. “Donald’s Quacky Duck City” is around the edge of the decal.

Themed trashcans for Donald's Quacky Duck City.

Trash cans have also been transformed. They’re now mostly blue and white with yellow stars all over them. The recycling can features Donald’s red bowtie. Both have his yellow feet.

The tops of the themed trashcans for Donald's Quacky Duck City.

Donald’s hat is on the tops of the cans.

Round, white topiaries with orange duck bills.

White round topiaries with orange duck bills hang from the lampposts.

A large flowerbed in the castle hub featuring green topiaries shaped like Donald's head.

The large flowerbed in the center of the hub is lined with green topiaries shaped like Donald’s head, complete with his hat and bill.

A cartoon-ish fountain inspired by Donald in the castle hub flower bed.

The flowerbed also has a cartoon-ish fountain inspired by Donald Duck.

A medium shot of the Donald-themed Fountain of the Duck.

The Fountain of the Duck is star-shaped, with four ducks wearing crowns and bowties appearing to spit water into the basin.

A closer look at Donald's hat at the top of the fountain.

At the top of the fountain is a large version of Donald’s hat.

Small decals for Donald's Quacky Duck City lining the flowerbed walls.

There are small decals on the flowerbed walls throughout the hub. These include pink stars, Donald’s feet, and comic book-like speech bubbles.

Lampposts decorated with flat pennants.

Some lampposts are decorated with pennants reading “Duck City” above a golden image of Donald’s head. His red bowtie is at the bottom.

A giant "Welcome to Duck City" decal on the brick leading to the fountain.

A giant “Welcome to Duck City” decal is on the brick walkway leading to the fountain. It resembles a dynamic speech bubble with red starbursts, blue and yellow lines, and stars.

A Donald's Quacky Duck City photo-op.

A photo op in one flowerbed features a pole with arrows like a directional sign. But the arrows say things like, “My #1 Fan,” “More Fans,” and “My Long-Time Fan.” Donald’s hat on top of the pole reads, “My Fan Directory.”

A three-tiered topiary featuring Donald's hat and bowtie.

A three-tiered topiary features Donald’s hat, bill, and red bowtie. Blue flower topiaries are next to it.

Blue and white bunting on the hub railings.

More blue and white bunting lines the railings of the hub.

A close-up of the decorative bunting.

This is the second Disney Pal-Palooza event, following Minnie’s Funderland earlier this year. During the event, guests can catch the daily “Quacky Celebration: Donald the Legend!” Parade.

Plaza Pavilion

The exterior of Plaza Pavilion Restaurant, decorated for Donald's Quacky Duck City.

Plaza Pavilion Restaurant has also been decorated for Donald’s Quacky Duck City. The umbrella at the entrance has a decal inspired by Donald’s sailor suit.

Decorations on the Plaza Pavilion archway.

Decorations on the Plaza Pavilion archway feature Donald’s chef’s hat, plates, and utensils.

Donald and Daisy topiaries in the restaurant's seating area.

There are Daisy and Donald-inspired topiaries. The Daisy topiaries wear ruffled aprons and bows. Donald’s topiaries wear chef’s hats and red neckties.

A close-up of the Donald topiary.

These topiaries frame the entrance and the exit.

A close-up of the Daisy topiary.

Donald’s Quacky Duck City also includes several new limited-time food, beverages, and souvenirs.

A water station featuring an image of Donald that says "The Greatest Chef Ever"

Over a water station is a picture of Donald in his chef’s outfit. “The Greatest Chef Ever” is printed below him.

Decals on the windows of Donald confetti, crowns, and more.

Decals of Donald-inspired confetti, crowns, trophies, and speech bubbles are on the windows.

Donald’s Quacky Duck City runs through June 30, 2024.

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