Wall Behind Dreamers Point Revealed Over 4 Months After Opening in EPCOT

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Dreamers Point back wall

Wall Behind Dreamers Point Revealed Over 4 Months After Opening in EPCOT

A tarp has been removed from the wall behind Dreamers Point in World Celebration Gardens at EPCOT, revealing its design.

Dreamers Point Wall

Walt the Dreamer at Dreamers Point in World Celebration Gardens, EPCOT

World Celebration Gardens opened for Walt’s birthday in December. A new Walt Disney statue, Walt the Dreamer, is located at Dreamers Point directly behind Spaceship Earth. Although the statue and EPCOT-inspired stone bench it sits on were unveiled, a tarp remained on the wall behind.

Planters behind Dreamers Point bench

Rolling planters also blocked the wall from view. The planters remain, but the tarp is now gone and we can see the wall through the shrubs.

Dreamers Point back wall

It has a pattern of four-sided shapes — diamonds and rhombuses — creating the illusion of three-dimensional cubes on the wall. There are also circles within hexagons periodically across the pattern. The shapes are carved into panels attached to the wall.

Diamonds, hexagons, circles on wall behind shrubs

The pattern is reminiscent of pavement and other designs in EPCOT, particularly in World Celebration Gardens.

Diamonds and hexagons on wall panels

The panels are attached with silver screws. There are some small diamonds of mesh, possibly over hidden speakers in the wall. The lights and sounds of World Celebration Gardens sync up with Spaceship Earth light shows at night.

Dreamers Point wall behind shrubs

This construction wall is just a minor construction project in World Celebration Gardens. The more noticeable work is on CommuniCore Hall and Plaza, located across the gardens from Dreamers Point. CommuniCore will finally open in June.

World Celebration Gardens, including CommuniCore, is part of a years-long reimagining of EPCOT that was delayed partially due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The reimagining also included turning MouseGear into Creations Shop and the opening of Journey of Water, Inspired by “Moana.”

A new, limited-time “Encanto” sing-along — “¡Celebración Encanto!” — will debut with the opening of CommuniCore Plaza.

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