PHOTO & VIDEO TOUR: EPCOT’s New Main Store, Creations Shop, Is Now Open

Kevin Lake

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Creations Shop

PHOTO & VIDEO TOUR: EPCOT’s New Main Store, Creations Shop, Is Now Open

Kevin Lake

Updated on:

Creations Shop

PHOTO & VIDEO TOUR: EPCOT’s New Main Store, Creations Shop, Is Now Open

Creations Shop, the new retail outlet which is replacing MouseGear in World Celebration at EPCOT, is officially open to the public today. While MouseGear was expected to make a return, the new name was announced back in April to a mostly negative response.


The store’s entrances, of which there are five spread around the former Innoventions East building, feature large Creations Shop marquees and are surrounded by a yellow frame.


The South entrance also has a window display showing off some of the new EPCOT merchandise.


The north entrance also has a window display, and shares a wall with the entrance to the new Club Cool location.


Inside, the sprawling retail outlet surrounds guests with bright colors, and merges modern design with a bit of 80’s EPCOT style.


Sections featuring all the expected merchandise are here, including kids, nuiMOs, toys, accessories, apparel, mugs, and even Star Wars items.


Art featuring Mickey Mouse adorns nearly every corner of the store. At both checkout stations, large Mickey Mouse murals cover the walls behind the registers.


Near one of the checkout stations, a display features “Mouse as Muse” statues, some of which had already been previewed before Creations Shop opened.

Watch a video tour of the Creations Shop below.

Are you looking forward to making a trip to the new Creations Shop at EPCOT? Let us know in the comments!

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8 thoughts on “PHOTO & VIDEO TOUR: EPCOT’s New Main Store, Creations Shop, Is Now Open”

  1. Nostalgia’s gonna cause a lot of people to cry & whine about this new store, and that’s understandable.
    But I think it looks great, plenty of windows & light, plenty of Mickeys, and some cool views looking out at Spaceship Earth.
    I’ll looking forward to shopping in there.

  2. I love the new design. It’s nice and airy. Bright, yet colorful.

    You have to give them points for this one thing alone: there’s a real ceiling, something they’ve had issues with in past renovations (World of Disney specifically).

    Not to mention, you guys showed off some colorful lighting at night. If they do light it up with many rotating colors, it will be fun during the day and even more fun after dark.

    I’ll miss the props, but Disney’s more recent approach is that they want you looking at the merchandise and not props around the store that you can’t buy. I guess that’s a fair expectation in a retail store. Regardless, it will still have plenty of details to see and will be fun with the lighting alone.

  3. Only thing that could have been better is if they swapped the Mickey art (mural, statues) since we have enough of that in Magic Kingdom/DHS with Figment. Then the whole World Celebration would have been more cohesive with the character synonymous with Epcot 🤷‍♀️

  4. I think there is a happy middle ground between this and Mousegear. Creations Shop looks like a nicer place to… well shop. The store is bright, clean and easy to navigate, whereas the merchandise definitely felt lost amongst the excess of Mousegear. However it lacks the strong theming of Mousegear which made that store interesting to walk around, as Creations Shop could really exist anywhere. Creations is a detour, Mousegear was an experience even if you didn’t plan on buying anything. Perhaps instead of covering every empty space with gears and characters, a strong centre piece would help make the store feel more unique. A large statue/diorama or single wall of props presenting the store’s theme could help the otherwise simplified store design, with the artwork and minor touches elsewhere complementing it but not overpowering the senses.

  5. I think this looks great, and I love the new name! I think it does a better job of fitting Epcot’s theme than Mouse Gear did.

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