A large construction site with a tall crane, dirt road, and multiple construction vehicles. Buildings and trees are visible in the background under a cloudy sky.

Drilling Underway for Fast and Furious Hollywood Drift Coaster Supports at Universal Studios Hollywood

Shannen Ace

Fast and Furious Hollywood Drift, a new roller-coaster coming to Universal Studios Hollywood, won’t open until 2026 but construction is well underway with changes since our last construction update.

Fast and Furious Hollywood Drift Construction

A crowd of people, some wearing jackets and hoodies, gather near the construction site for Fast and Furious Hollywood Drift, surrounded by black barriers. Scaffolding and a partially built structure are visible in the background.

Behind construction walls on the Upper Lot is a platform topped with coaster tracks. A track support is next to the platform on the right.

Construction site with a tall crane in the background and a large sign reading, "Fast & Furious: Hollywood Drift, New Roller Coaster 2026" in the foreground. People are walking nearby. Cloudy sky above.

To the left, another platform is under construction, with a crane towering over it. The logo for Fast and Furious Hollywood Drift can be seen along the construction walls.

A construction site with a partially built structure surrounded by wooden scaffolding and a crane in the background under a cloudy sky.

There are steel beams around the edges and underneath the platform.

A construction site features a wooden structure elevated on scaffolding against a cloudy sky, with a seated worker in the foreground next to black barriers and a trash bin.

Vertical poles line the top, with temporary wood walls behind them.

Construction site with several vehicles and machinery at work, surrounded by concrete structures. A colorful building with murals is visible in the background. Fence in the foreground.

Fast and Furious Hollywood Drift is expected to take guests up and down the mountainside. There are many vantage points to view the construction site that descends toward the Lower Lot. Here’s a look at those platforms from another angle.

Construction site with various heavy machinery, including excavators, cranes, and bulldozers, working on a large building project. Colorful murals are visible on the building in the background.

Behind the first platform is a third platform. Its support columns are surrounded by scaffolding.

Construction site with multiple pieces of heavy machinery including excavators and cranes. A partially constructed building is in the background with visible structural steel and concrete elements.

Diggers have been clearing and moving dirt. There was some debris in the center of this dirt pile.

A construction site with visible foundations and support structures on a hillside. A tall crane is positioned on the right. Background includes trees and buildings with a bridge on the left.

There are dozens of concrete forms on the hilly construction site.

An active construction site with machinery and materials in the foreground. A bridge and several tall buildings are visible in the background, along with pedestrians walking on the bridge.

On the far side (from the overlook near Minion Land) are two large concrete boxes. Inside one is a circle of rebar.

Construction site with concrete columns, equipment, wooden scaffolding, and dug-out areas. Machinery and materials are scattered, and pathways are supported by wooden railings.

Most of the concrete forms are square or circular and topped with wooden boxes.

A construction site with dug-out earth, wooden boards, construction materials, and a ladder. Several cylindrical concrete forms and pipes are visible, with safety barriers surrounding the area.

There are also large metal barrels with wooden structures around them. These caissons are essentially molds for concrete forms.

Construction site on a hillside with visible foundation work, scattered steel bars, and nearby fencing. A brightly colored mural and roadway are in the background.

Further down the hill are dark poles in a row. There’s a pile of more poles nearby. It looks like wire fencing connects the poles.

A construction site on a hillside with a tall crane. Structures and equipment are scattered around, with some concrete pillars and retaining walls in place. Stairs run alongside the site.

The base of the crane is in a concrete and wooden square.

A construction site with a fenced-off area showing the PCL Construction logo and a site map. Various construction materials and equipment are visible in the background.

A map featuring PCL Construction branding is on a fence. It features four areas labeled A, B, C, and D.

Construction site with machinery and equipment between large buildings. Earthmoving equipment is visible, and materials like pipes and pallets of bricks are stacked. A partially built structure is in the background.

Construction materials are stacked on the edge of the construction site, some wrapped in plastic to keep them protected.

A construction site with machinery and materials, surrounded by a green fence. Dirt is piled up, and concrete structures are partially built. Trees and a road are in the background.

Near the tram track are more concrete forms, caissons, and wire fences.

A construction site with large cylindrical structures partially buried in the ground, surrounded by wooden planks and safety barriers, and a green fence dividing the site from the sidewalk.

Universal is drilling into the ground and creating concrete forms as the foundational supports for the coaster.

A construction site on a sloped area with heavy machinery, wooden structures, and fencing. A curved paved road and trees surround the site.

The blue and white machine on the right is by Malcolm Drilling.

Construction site with metal and wooden structures, fenced off with green fabric. Soil and gravel are visible, along with various construction materials and tools.

Drying concrete is visible inside this caisson. Wood in a square inside makes the form hollow.

A blue construction crane labeled "MALCOLM" is positioned on a dirt construction site. Various equipment, tools, and a crane in the distance are visible under a cloudy sky.

Another Malcolm Drilling vehicle is on this flattened patch of earth.

A construction site with cranes, heavy machinery, and scaffolding. Workers are not visible, but activity is evident. Overcast sky overhead.

White tarps with elements poking through them are on the wall below the concrete platforms.

A construction site showing a dirt mound with a partially built structure, including a retaining wall with pipes and beams. The sky is overcast.

Here’s that metal support we saw from the Upper Lot. It’s a dark triangular piece. The top of another support is just barely visible behind the wall.

A construction site with machinery, including a blue tractor and a small red loader, on a dirt slope. Large drill bits lie on the ground. A tall crane and theme park attractions are visible in the background.

A few giant drill bits sit nearby.

A large construction site with a tall crane, dirt road, and multiple construction vehicles. Buildings and trees are visible in the background under a cloudy sky.

There’s more construction on the other side of the street.

Construction site on a hillside with cranes, machinery, and workers. Surrounding buildings and greenery are visible in the background.

The coaster will cover a large area of the theme park.

A hillside construction site with retaining walls, protective netting, scattered equipment, and materials. Dirt tracks and large pipes are visible. A parking structure is in the background.

Wooden walls cut across this section of the mountain, creating dirt platforms at different elevations. The large concrete boxes here are the ones we were looking at earlier. A black tarp runs down from a platform towards the road.

Construction site on a hillside with a large, multi-level parking structure in the background. Heavy machinery, scaffolding, and construction materials are visible on the sloped terrain.

Above the wooden walls are the first concrete forms and the crane that we noted.

A construction site with a large, partially completed building featuring a sloped roof and scaffoldings. The site is fenced off with a green barrier, and a sign indicates it is a Technical Services Warehouse.

The construction goes under the escalators connecting the Upper and Lower Lots.

Fast and Furious Hollywood Drift will feature a state-of-the-art ride system that allows for 360-degree rotation for each ride vehicle to mimic drifting cars. It will be the first high-speed outdoor roller coaster at Universal Studios Hollywood. The queue, on the Upper Lot, will be designed to look like a large brick garage. The ride vehicles will be modeled after actual cars featured in “Fast & Furious” films.

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