Fast & Furious Roller Coaster Construction Continues at Universal Studios Hollywood

Annie Wilson

During a recent visit to Universal Studios Hollywood, there were some notable progress updates around the Fast & Furious roller coaster construction since our last report.

Fast & Furious Roller Coaster Construction

a distant shot of the construction walls with platform and support beam for the fast and furious coaster and universal studios hollywood

The new rollercoaster coming to Universal Studios Hollywood is themed to “Fast & Furious” and will be a “drifting” coaster.

a fast and furious coaster track piece

Approaching the construction walls on the Upper Lot, you can see a large platform with several pieces of track on top. On the sides of the platform, a few different track support beams have been added.

temporary stairs with scaffolding around them

We didn’t see anyone working over the weekend, but the platform now has a set of stairs on the side, surrounded by scaffolding for safety. Sitting on top of the platform, a few pieces of coaster track can be seen.

different track support beams on and around a platform

To the left, there are two posts in the ground with another beam connecting them. On the right side of the platform, there are 2 track support beams of different sizes.

fast and furious coaster construction

A look at the construction site from another angle shows two different support beams near the platform. The shorter beam is closer to the platform than the taller beam. Columns have been added just behind the platform.

A long-distance shot of construction on the Fast & Furious roller coaster.

A sound wall will be built, comprised of Acoustiblok material (state-of-the-art sound absorbing product) to help reduce sound from the attraction from traveling into the nearby community.

a support beam for the new fast and furious roller coaster at universal studios hollywood

According to documents, the entire track will be filled with pea gravel to minimize vehicle sound.

Wide shot of Fast and Furious coaster construction

Located in the middle of the park, the ride’s entrance will be on the Upper Lot across from the Universal Plaza. The entrance will be at the former site of Animal Actors, with the coaster traveling up and down the hill between the two lots. The coaster will have two trains that can hold 16 people each, with ride vehicles that have 360-degree rotation. Take a closer look at the construction in our video below.

At this time, very few official details have been revealed, so be sure to stay tuned for more updates.

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