Some Construction Walls Down, New Sign Installed at Tiana’s Bayou Adventure in Magic Kingdom

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A wooden fence in the foreground encloses an area with large barrels, wooden crates, and various storage items under the shade of trees. Rocky terrain and additional greenery are visible in the background.

Some Construction Walls Down, New Sign Installed at Tiana’s Bayou Adventure in Magic Kingdom

During our Saturday visit to Magic Kingdom, we noticed several changes at Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, which is scheduled to open in just over a month.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Construction Walls

A fenced-off pathway in an outdoor park area with trees and construction barricades. Signage advertising "Tiana's Foods" is visible on the barricade. Bright, sunny day.

First: construction walls are down on this side of the ride, revealing some props. The walls previously followed the fencing further down this road, which is where Magic Kingdom parades begin.

A construction zone in a theme park with barriers and a "Tiana's Foods" sign. Trees and a rustic building are visible in the background.

There are several crates, barrels, and a bag labeled “beans” a few yards beyond the fence.

A wooden fence in the foreground encloses an area with large barrels, wooden crates, and various storage items under the shade of trees. Rocky terrain and additional greenery are visible in the background.

This pile of props is similar to the props installed outside the Tiana’s Bayou Adventure entrance in March. They match the general theming of Frontierland and don’t necessarily reveal much about Tiana’s Bayou Adventure.

Tarp-Covered Props

Construction barriers surround a fenced-off area in front of a rocky, green hillside with structures on it, beneath a clear blue sky.

Speaking of props, we noticed a couple of new elements behind construction walls around the corner. They’re located right at the front of the attraction, along the bridge.

An outdoor scene showing a theme park attraction under renovation, with a water tower labeled “Tiana’s Foods” in a green, forested setting, surrounded by construction barriers and posters.

The elements are covered with black tarps so we can’t see what exactly they are.

A outdoor area featuring wooden fencing, a black umbrella, a metal lantern, and several posters on the left. Tall trees with green leaves are visible in the background under a clear sky.

They are close to the edge of the bridge — we could probably touch them if the walls were down.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Entrance

A red and brown wooden building with a sign reading "Frontierland Railroad Station" is partially obscured by a temporary brown construction wall covered with posters.

Over at the entrance to Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, below the Frontierland train station, we still don’t have wait time and Lightning Lane signage. But there is a new sign a few yards in front of the station. Unfortunately, this is also covered by tarps.

Construction wall in front of a Frontierland building with several posters advertising "Tiana’s Foods, Coming Soon!" along with directional signs for games, restrooms, and guest relations.

The sign peeks above the construction walls. It’s to the right when facing the frames for other signage.

A wooden construction barrier partially covered in posters stands in front of a building. Behind the barrier, an object wrapped in black plastic is visible next to two lamp posts.

Tape secures the tarps in place.

Construction site with metal scaffolding, wooden posts, cinder blocks, and a partially covered equipment. Worker stands in the background near a brown fence.

From the train station above, we could see the full sign structure. There’s a large rectangular element on top of two legs. Then a smaller element is on top of the rectangle.

A section of a construction site featuring stacked concrete blocks and a large object covered in protective plastic and wrap. Scaffolding and a light post are visible. A worker stands in the background.
A rustic scene featuring a milk can, wooden crates labeled "Whiskey," "Lumber," and "Flintlock," and a scarecrow-like figure against a backdrop of trees and a brown rock structure.

Meanwhile, back in front of the station, this sign remains wrapped in tarps, too. It was installed earlier this month.

Tiana’s Foods Podium

A wooden building with a raised deck overlooks a fenced area with small trees and plants. A person in a yellow vest is visible beneath the deck amidst construction materials.

Next to the queue under the train station, we spotted a new Tiana’s Foods podium.

A dimly lit area with several cardboard boxes, a red and white screwdriver resting on one box, and a wooden crate labeled "TIANA'S FOODS." Various pieces of wood are scattered in the background.

The podium is just past “tapstile” poles for Lightning Lane entry. It resembles a crate with the Tiana’s Foods logo stamped on the front. It looks like this is where Cast Members will be stationed to help guests entering the Lightning Lane.

Light Strip

A winding outdoor pathway with rope railings descends through a landscaped area with trees and shrubs, leading towards a wooden fence and rocky terrain.

A minor update is the addition of a light strip on this access staircase next to the ride’s flume. This staircase is for cast and crew members, as well as for evacuations.

A linear white LED light is installed along the edge of a concrete step. Pine needles and some greenery are visible in the background.

The lighting strip will keep the stairs illuminated in the dark.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Queue

Construction walls with posters and lights surround a wooded area, with trees in the background and a clear, sunny sky above.

Crews have also been working on lighting in the queue. There are several lampposts and blue light fixtures hang from wires.

A construction site is surrounded by a wooden fence with posters. Overhead, string lights hang among tree branches.

Wiring is not quite complete. There are small hatches open in the posts where electrical wiring hangs out.

A wooden post with a pulley system and a dark cord is attached to a fence. There are trees with green foliage in the background.

There are also wires hanging where lights have yet to be installed.

Outdoor scene of a wooden, partially obscured building surrounded by trees and greenery. Several street lamps and wooden railings are visible in the foreground.

The blue lampposts have received golden touches.

A train carrying passengers on the Walt Disney World Railroad is visible behind a construction fence, with surrounding greenery and part of a large tree structure in the background.

On the back of the train station, a new black trumpet-shaped element has been installed. Another one is partially hidden by a tree in the above photo. These may be speakers.

An outside area surrounded by trees and buildings. There is a sign labeled "Entrance" and various covered objects, lamps, and crates scattered around.

More of these black trumpets are on poles in the queue.

Workers in safety vests stand near a structure with a pitched roof, surrounded by trees and greenery. A red ladder and wooden barrel are also visible.

We saw crew members working in the back left corner of the queue.

A worker wearing a hard hat and high-visibility vest is using a dolly to move a large box outside a building with open double doors. Construction and maintenance equipment are visible around the area.

Another crew member was cleaning up the pathway in front of the Tiana’s Foods delivery truck, which is still covered.

A colorful mural adorns a building beside a play area with green playground equipment and shade trees under a clear blue sky. Rustic structures and pathways are visible in the background.

The queue features several trees, wrought iron and wooden fencing, and flagstone pathways.

Rooftop view of wooden shingles with a fence and vegetation situated on a raised terrain in the background under a clear blue sky.

From below, we also saw a crew member working new one of the Lari the armadillo figures.

A small lizard sits on a rocky surface with a red wooden building and greenery in the background under a clear blue sky.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is scheduled to open at Magic Kingdom on June 28, 2024, after several previews. It will use a virtual queue and Lightning Lane upon opening. Disney expects to open a standby queue soon after.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure will open at Disneyland later in the year.

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