Aerial view of a construction area with a partially built structure. Various building materials and equipment, including scaffolding and a green forklift, are scattered around the site.

Halloween Horror Nights Facades Take Shape at Universal Studios Hollywood

Shannen Ace

While Universal Orlando Resort has announced several houses coming to Halloween Horror Nights 33, we’re still waiting for news on the Universal Studios Hollywood version of the event. While we wait, construction of the haunted houses continues on the Upper and Lower Lots.

Parisian Courtyard Halloween Horror Nights Construction

A stone archway leads to an area under construction, sign reads "Pardon Our Dust." Nearby, vibrant pink flowers are planted in a large pot and a cafe umbrella and table are visible.

Barriers block access to this archway of the Parisian Courtyard. A construction sign on a hedge reads “Pardon Our Stardust.”

An arched stone entrance is partially blocked by green privacy walls and a sign that reads "Pardon Our Stardust." A nearby poster features a colorful illustration of a woman.

Last year, this space held Monstruous: The Monsters of Latin America.

An outdoor dining area at a vintage-style diner, with red and white Coca-Cola umbrellas over the tables, people sitting, and a few people standing nearby. The signage reads "Fountain" and "Diner.

Around the corner, construction walls surround a white tent outside Mel’s Diner.

A partially cloudy sky over retro-themed buildings, including a deli and a hamburger restaurant. A construction fence separates the walkway from the scene.

This side of the site is usually the main entrance to a house.


Aerial view of a building site with partially constructed walls and various construction materials for a Halloween Horror Nights house, adjacent to a larger building. Trees and greenery are in the foreground.

There are two tents set up among soundstages on the Lower Lot. One is next to Revenge of the Mummy. This tent was here during our last update and crews have started to construct the facade.

Aerial view of a construction area with a partially built structure. Various building materials and equipment, including scaffolding and a green forklift, are scattered around the site.

The three-sided facade is now mostly white inside. A cubby on the right is black inside — and could potentially hide a Scareactor during Halloween Horror Nights. A structure on the inside of the facade, in front of the cubby, now has a black roof. Above the entrance is an arched marquee.

A person in a gray hoodie pushes a pallet of supplies along a back road next to a building, with various equipment, a trash bin, and a tree nearby.

Here’s a side view of the entrance area to the Mummy tent. We could mostly just see construction materials and a flat standee.

Aerial view of a film studio complex with multiple large buildings, surrounded by greenspaces and a cityscape in the background under a cloudy sky.

The second black tent is behind Transformers The Ride 3D.

Aerial view of a set of large industrial buildings labeled 14 and 16. Outdoor equipment and covered walkways are visible, with grass and trees in the background.

The wooden walls of this structure were previously exposed but are now completely enclosed in the tent. Its facade has taken on more shape.

Aerial view of a film production set featuring a large soundstage marked "14", various trailers, equipment, and a tent setup. Trees and a grassy area are in the background.

The entrance was previously just flat plywood. It now features elements slanting away from it. Most of the facade has been painted gray.

View inside a tram featuring safety signage and an advertisement for the show "Fall Guy." Industrial buildings and construction barriers are visible outside.

We could just barely see this facade during the Studio Tour. Here, you can better see that the slanted elements are flat but are more like very tall steps.

A group of people sit in a partially covered tram vehicle. The background shows scaffolding and temporary structures, suggesting a construction or renovation site.

There are two small windows between the elements.

Speculation for Halloween Horror Nights 2024 at Universal Studios Hollywood indicates there may be haunted houses themed to “Ghostbusters” and “A Quiet Place.” Death Eaters are expected to return to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Blumhouse has also teased a return to HHN.

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