New ‘Inside Out 2’ Merchandise Collection Arrives at Walt Disney World

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Collage of four images depicting various Inside Out 2 merchandise: a colorful shirt and gray T-shirt on a rack, a small character plush toy, a doll wearing a yellow dress, and a character-themed mini backpack.

New ‘Inside Out 2’ Merchandise Collection Arrives at Walt Disney World

A new collection of clothes, toys, and accessories themed to the upcoming Pixar film, “Inside Out 2” has arrived at Walt Disney World.

‘Inside Out 2’ Collection

A retail store display featuring Inside Out 2 character-themed apparel and accessories for children, including plush toys, shirts, and hats, arranged neatly on shelves and mannequins.

We found the following items at the Emporium, on Main Street, U.S.A. at Magic Kingdom. The line comes ahead of the release of “Inside Out 2,” which hits theaters on June 14. Over at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, guests can check out an exclusive sneak peek of the movie.

Adult Button Down Shirt – $64.99

A colorful shirt with a pattern featuring various cartoon designs, including flamingos, clouds, stars, and comic-style bursts, is displayed on a rack next to gray shirts with "Walt Disney" text.

First up is this black button-down shirt featuring different depictions of Riley’s emotions from “Inside Out 2.” Joy, Anger, Fear, Disgust, Sadness, Embarrassment, Envy, Ennui, and Anxiety are scattered around the front and back. There is a front pocket on the left side.

Youth Crossbody Bag – $29.99

A person holds a small navy blue backpack with clear front pocket displaying cartoon characters. Other similar bags and merchandise are on display in the background.

This small crossbody made for kids has two zip-close compartments. There’s a main compartment and a clear front pocket.

A close-up of a person's hand holding a backpack with clear plastic covering several cartoon character patches on a purple background.

The bag comes with self-stick fabric patches of Joy, Anger, Fear, Sadness, Disgust, and Anxiety that can be arranged on the fabric inside the front pocket.

A small, colorful bag with a comic book-style print featuring phrases like "WOOT! WOOT!" and "YIKES!" among various sound effects, held by a hand with blue painted nails.

The back has a graphic pattern with different emotional expressions.

Person holding a small navy blue shoulder bag with silver hardware in a store, next to a display of similar bags.

The crossbody strap is adjustable and detachable.

A person is holding open a small, purple zippered pouch with crumpled paper inside. The person's hand is wearing two rings, and the pouch has a tag attached.

The interior is the same purple color as the rest of the bag. You can find this one online at the Disney Store.

Youth Jersey – $39.99

A teal short-sleeve button-up shirt with colorful buttons and various cartoon character patches hangs on a clear plastic hanger in a store display. Items and other clothing are visible in the background.

This youth jersey is made of a teal mesh material with a mix of both embroidered and screen-printed features. The front has screen prints of Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Fear, Anger, Anxiety, Ennui, Embarrassment, and Envy and two patches.

A teal children's shirt on a hanger displays various cartoon faces and symbols. The text on the shirt reads "Believe In Yourself" with each letter in a different color.

The Emotions are repeated on the back, surrounding the phrase “Believe in yourself.” It is also available for purchase online.

Ball Cap – $29.99

A display rack featuring a black baseball cap with colorful animated character designs. The cap is held by a hand and is part of a merchandise collection that includes similarly themed clothing items.

The ball cap in the collection is black with an all-over print of the Emotions, plus small icons to symbolize them.

A colorful hat featuring various comic-style words and space-themed illustrations is being held up for display in a store.

The underside of the bill has a different graphic print, with various expressions. The back has an adjustable strap with a buckle. You can also find it at the Disney Store.

‘Inside Out 2’ Deluxe Figurine Set – $29.99

Box containing deluxe figurine set from Disney's "Inside Out 2" with seven character figures displayed: Joy, Disgust, Anger, Sadness, Fear, Bing Bong, and another smaller character.

The Deluxe Figurine Set comes with nine figures, one for each of the emotions: Joy, Anxiety, Ennui, Disgust, Embarrassment, Anger, Sadness, Fear, and Envy.

Anxiety Keychain – $14.99

A hand holding a plush toy with red spiky hair, wide eyes, and an open mouth. The background displays several bags and other merchandise.

Anxiety, one of the new emotions featured in “Inside Out 2,” can be found in keychain form. She has an orange plastic clip to attach her to bags and keychains.

Joy Plush – $22.99

A hand holds a plush doll with blue hair and a yellow dress in a store. Blue and teal t-shirts hang in the background.

All of the emotions get their own plush, starting with the leader of the crew, Joy. She’s around 15 inches tall and can be found at the Disney Store.

Disgust Plush – $22.99

A hand holds a plush toy of a green character with a disgusted expression, standing in front of a display of similar toys and merchandise.

Disgust gives her best grimace in her plush form. The 11-inch plush is also for sale online.

Anxiety Plush – $22.99

A hand holds a plush toy character from the movie "Inside Out 2" in a store aisle filled with other similar merch. The toy has large eyes and a wide, toothy grin.

The Anxiety plush stays true to her emotion, with her arms tied up in knots. Find the 12-inch plush online at the Disney Store.

Envy Plush – $22.99

A person holding a plush toy with large, green, teardrop-shaped eyes and blue body, in a store filled with various other plush toys.

Envy, another one of the new emotions, looks up with stars in her eyes. The small plush is 9 inches and available at the Disney Store.

Anger Plush – $22.99

A person holds a small plush toy of an angry character wearing a white shirt and tie. The background shows shelves with other plush toys and merchandise in a store.

There’s no hiding Anger’s anger! The 9 and 1/2-inch plush can be found at the Disney Store.

Ennui Plush – $22.99

A person holding a blue-haired, droopy-eyed character plush toy in a store, with several identical plush toys on a shelf in the background.

Ennui’s listless emotion is clear in her plush. Pick up the 12 and 3/4-inch figure online.

Fear Plush – $22.99

A hand holds a plush toy in a store. The doll has a purple face with large eyes, a checked outfit, and a bow tie. Other similar toys are visible on the shelf in the background.

Fear’s back for the sequel and as scared as ever. The nearly 13-inch plush is sold online.

Sadness Plush – $22.99

A person holding a blue plush toy wearing glasses and a gray sweater. The toy has an open mouth with a sad expression and is displayed on a shelf with identical toys in the background.

Joy’s sidekick (and polar opposite), Sadness, is having a good cry in her plush. The 11-inch toy is available at the Disney Store.

Embarrassment Plush – $29.99

A hand holding a plush toy character from "Inside Out 2" in a store. Shelves display other plush toys. The store has patterned carpet and cream-colored walls with molding.

Newly-added emotion, Embarrassment, is the largest of all the plushes. At 15 inches, he, too, can be found at the Disney Store.

Adult T-Shirt – $34.99

A white T-shirt with multicolored letters spelling "BELIEVE IN YOURSELF," surrounded by various colorful, playful icons from Inside Out 2, is on display in a store.

This short-sleeved shirt reads “Believe in yourself” in colorful letters. The faces of each emotion are in a circle around the words.

A white T-shirt displaying various colorful cartoon characters from Inside Out 2 and a motivational phrase "BELIEVE IN YOUR SELF" in multicolored letters.

We found this T-shirt at ImageWorks in EPCOT.

Youth T-Shirt – $29.99

Children's white t-shirt with colorful cartoon characters from Inside Out 2 hanging on a rack, featuring images of monsters and other imaginative figures.

At World of Disney in Disney Springs, we found this youth “Inside Out 2” tee. It’s white with an all-over pattern of the emotions represented by minimalist images.

What do you think of the new “Inside Out 2” collection? Which item is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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