Opening Date Announced for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure & More: Daily Recap (5/12/24)

Katie Francis

Collage of four images: a lush jungle with a hanging sign, protesters holding a banner on a highway, costumed characters from a theme park, and an illustrated poster for "Tiana's Bayou Adventure" daily recap.

Opening Date Announced for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure & More: Daily Recap (5/12/24)

An opening date was announced for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure at the Magic Kingdom, pro-Palestine protesters were arrested for blocking a highway exit to Walt Disney World, and three meet and greets returned to Disney’s Animal Kingdom — all this and more in today’s daily recap for Sunday, May 12, 2024.

Walt Disney World

Magic Kingdom

WDW MK Tianas Bayou Adventure

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Three people in costumes: the first dressed as Pluto, the second as Pocahontas, and the third as Goofy, each posing in a themed outfit in a park setting.

New Merchandise

A display of Donald Duck-themed apparel in a store, featuring colorful T-shirts and jackets with various cartoon designs of the character.

Other Walt Disney World News

CFL Queers for Palestine protest featured

Disneyland Resort

A split image featuring a plush toy resembling Baymax from "Big Hero 6" on the left, and a black baseball cap with a colorful embroidered design on the right.

WDW News Today

Island Tower Name Revealed for Walt Disney World, Reflections Hotel Back On

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