Paradiso 37 Signs Updated at Disney Springs

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A vibrant sign for "paradiso 37" featuring a toucan with a beach-themed design on a building, under a blue sky with clouds.

Paradiso 37 Signs Updated at Disney Springs

Paradiso 37 at Disney Springs has received new signage, complete with a reimagined design.

Paradiso 37 Signs Updated

Exterior view of a Paradiso 37 restaurant with people approaching the entrance on a sunny day.

The exterior of Paradiso 37 has been undergoing a refurbishment since September 2023, with construction walls wrapping around the front of the building. The walls are now gone, revealing a refreshed exterior and the new signs.

Sign of "paradiso 37, celebrate the americas!" featuring a colorful toucan and flowers, mounted on a curved brown wall.

The circular signs are white with teal borders. The Paradiso 37 wordmark in the center is similar to the old sign, with an orange “37” appearing to hang from the “d” in “Paradiso.” “Celebrate the Americas!” is printed below the name.

Logo of "paradiso 37, celebrate the americas" with a colorful toucan and tropical flower.

At the top of the signs is a black toucan with a large orange beak. It pokes out of a bundle of green leaves, a yellow flower, and a red flower.

The Paradiso 37 website notes on the restaurant’s “About” page:

The toucan’s colorful appearance and large bill represents self-expression and showmanship and is a symbol that is often carved on totem poles by native tribes. The toucan has a strong desire to be seen and heard and its spirit encourages stepping out of the shadows and experiencing the lime light.

The toucan’s flambouant nature demonstrates that it’s safe to take off your mask and reveal your true self. This is the essence of the Paradiso 37 brand.

Paradiso 37 is a place where guests can take part in a daily celebration of diverse vibrant cultures and express themselves through the diverse food, drink and dance of the 37 countries of North, Central and South America.

Sign reading "paradiso 37, taste of the americas" with a colorful toucan and flowers, mounted on a building under a cloudy sky.

The new design can be seen in multiple locations on the restaurant’s exterior. Compare to the old sign visible in our October construction photo below.

Paradiso 37 patio and construction walls

Paradiso 37 offers a “culinary tour of North, Central and South America” with food like tortilla chips and house-made guacamole, herb-roasted half chicken, Baja fish tacos, cedar-plank roasted salmon, and Argentinian skirt steak. It’s located in The Landing section of Disney Springs, overlooking the lake, and is open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily.

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