3 Puppies Adopted, 1 Dead After Rescue From Hot Car at Disney Springs

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Disney Springs water tower against cloudy sky

3 Puppies Adopted, 1 Dead After Rescue From Hot Car at Disney Springs

On Saturday evening, a guest left four Bernedoodle puppies in their hot car at Disney Springs while they had dinner.

A wide shot of the Disney Springs water tower with fountain in foreground.

The four puppies were rescued but one unfortunately did not survive. Central Florida Tourism Oversight District Fire Department employees adopted the other three.

The owner of the puppies had just purchased them from a breeder. They then stopped at Disney Springs to have dinner with their family, “assuming the covered parking garage and cracking a window would be okay for the dogs.”

About 90 minutes later, a security guard noticed the puppies in distress and contacted authorities. When they were able to get into the car, one of the puppies was unresponsive. Despite intervention by paramedics and a local veterinary clinic, the puppy could not be saved and was euthanized.

“Every summer we deal with cases like this, where someone runs into a store, the mall, or similar venue and opts to leave their pet in the car, assuming it’ll be a short trip,” Diane Summers, Division Manager for Orange County Animal Services, said in a statement. “It’s heartbreaking and infuriating for our staff and animal-loving community when pet owners make this mistake as preventable tragedy can and does occur.”

Saturday had a high temperature of 87° F (via Weather Underground). In the days since, temperatures have been as high as 98°.

The case was turned over to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Source: Click Orlando

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