PHOTOS: Fantasy Springs Monorail Wrap Debuts on Tokyo Disney Resort Line

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Decorative Monorail with "Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs" wrap on elevated track against a cloudy sky above Fantasy Springs Hotel sign.

PHOTOS: Fantasy Springs Monorail Wrap Debuts on Tokyo Disney Resort Line

A Monorail on the Disney Resort Line, transporting guests between Maihama Station and Tokyo Disney Resort, has debuted a new Fantasy Springs wrap.

Fantasy Springs Monorail

Decorative Monorail with "Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs" wrap on elevated track against a cloudy sky.

The exterior of the Fantasy Springs Monorail features a blue gradient. The new port’s logo, with golden lettering and pink flowers, is on the front car.

A monorail themed with "fantasy springs" and disney motifs travels above a cityscape on a cloudy day.

There are white four-pointed stars around the logo. The small golden silhouette of Tinker Bell flies across the top of this car. Tink will have her own ride at Fantasy Springs.

Blue monorail with mickey mouse silhouettes and a yellow peter pan silhouette against a cloudy sky.

The rest of the cars also feature gold silhouettes of characters. Peter Pan flies along the stream of pixie dust behind Tinker Bell.

Decorative train with disney characters on a cloudy sky background.

On the next car, the pixie dust stands in for ice as Elsa is pictured with her arm outstretched to perform magic.

Monorail car with a "grand opening - june 6, 2024" banner and decorative patterns, traveling on an elevated track against a cloudy sky.

“Grand Opening — June 6, 2024” is on the back car. The Tokyo DisneySea logo is in the corner.

Decorative wall with a mickey mouse-shaped emblem for "fantasy springs" at tokyo disneysea, surrounded by floral patterns and an aquarium window on the right.

Inside, the Fantasy Springs Monorail’s walls are decorated with images of flowers, leaves, water, and other natural elements. This artwork is also featured on Fantasy Springs merchandise and in Fantasy Springs Gifts.

Decorative panel at tokyo disneysea featuring the iconic mickey mouse silhouette and the logo for fantasy springs, adorned with painted floral accents.

Fantasy Springs decals are on the Mickey-shaped windows.

Interior of a train car with whimsical illustrations on the walls, depicting a story about a tree and a leaf, visible through the open train door.

Near the Monorail’s doors are larger works of art with short stories, resembling storybook pages. Anna and Elsa are pictured ice-skating under this paragraph:

Anna and Elsa

Two royal sisters of Arendelle set off on adventures and discover the meaning of true love in friendship, romance, and sisterhood.

One of the three lands of Fantasy Springs is Frozen Kingdom. It will include the Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Journey ride and Royal Banquet of Arendelle restaurant.

Interior of a train with doors decorated with an illustration of apprentice mickey from fantasia, controlling water, with descriptive text about the scene.

Sorcerer Mickey doesn’t have a land dedicated to his story but he’s featured in Fantasy Springs artwork. Above a picture of him commanding the water is this paragraph:


Apprentice Mickey wreacks havoc as he makes a magical attempt to escape his chores.

Interior of a themed train car decorated with an illustration of pocahontas rowing a canoe and text celebrating her courage and respect for earth and humanity.

Pocahontas is another featured character who doesn’t have her own land. She’s pictured in a canoe with Meeko.


Pocahontas’ courage shows us how to respect both Mother Earth and humanity.

Decorative panel on a subway car featuring an illustration from "peter pan" with text describing the character.

Peter Pan will appear in his own ride at Fantasy Springs: Peter Pan’s Never Land Adventure.

Peter Pan

Leader of the rambunctious Lost Kids, Peter Pan embarks on adventures in faraway Never Land. Whether swashbuckling or galavanting, he never wants to grow up.

Decorative shield with the initials "fs" mounted on a subway train door, adorned with floral motifs and red orbs, with passengers nearby.

The small “FS” Fantasy Springs logo is on the sides of the Monorail’s benches.

During the ongoing “Dreaming of Fantasy Springs” event, guests can get a souvenir Fantasy Springs ticket.

Check out photos of Fantasy Springs before it opens in June.

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