A collage of four images: an exterior of a building with "Vidiots Foundation" signage, an interior of a merchandise store, an arcade with pinball machines, and a display of Ghostbusters-themed memorabilia.

PHOTOS, VIDEO: Full Tour of 2024 Summer Tribute Store at Universal Studios Florida

Toni Ferrigno

The 2024 Summer Tribute Store at Universal Studios Florida held its UOAP previews ahead of its opening this Friday, May 24, and we were there to check it out.

2024 Summer Tribute Store

Tribute Store Plaza

UOR USF Summer Tribute Store New Signs 5 20 24 2 1

The 2024 Summer Tribute Store is themed to Tribute Store Plaza, a fictional 1980s shopping mall with three stores that make up the areas guests can explore: Mega Video Rental, Mega Castle Arcade, and Tribute Theater. Inside, guests can find easter eggs and new merchandise collections themed to “Shrek,” “E.T.,” “Ghostbusters,” “Back to the Future,” and “Jaws.” It officially opens on May 24, 2024 in the Hollywood area of Universal Studios Florida.

Bulletin board covered with various flyers and notices for events, community information, items for sale, and lost pets. The board is framed in black and mounted on a peach-colored wall.

Before entering the Summer Tribute Store, there is a corkboard with postings and other ephemera that feature quite a few easter eggs.

A corkboard displays various posters and cards, including a colorful "Laguna Lounge" coaster, a business card for "Roy's Occult Books," and a flyer for a computer shop. A "No Loitering" sign is visible below.

Ray from “Ghostbusters” has left a business card for his bookstore, Ray’s Occult Books. There’s also a coaster from Laguna Lounge.

A bulletin board with various posters including a green flyer for the Tribute Theater showing Jaws, ET, and Ghostbusters, and a blue flyer for a book discussion on "The Stillness in the Water" at Amity Library.

Films found in the Summer Tribute Store are referenced throughout the corkboard, with an ad for the films playing at Tribute Theater — “Jaws,” “Ghostbusters,” “E.T.,” and “Back to the Future.” There’s also a posting for events happening at The Amity Library, as a nod to “Jaws.”

Orange flyer on notice board reads: "Now Open! Lazer Dungeon - The most advanced medieval lazer battle game in existence!" Surrounded by other event posters and a "No Loitering" sign.

Mega Castle Arcade, one of the stores inside the mall, has its own flyer. Inside, the Lazer Dungeon has references to Dueling Dragons, the former Universal Islands of Adventure attraction.

uor usf summer tribute store IMG 1950 1

A Post-it from Gregory’s mom, asking people to attend his party at Lazer Dungeon can be spotted. Greg is an often-referenced character in Tribute Store lore. He is also sometimes called Gerg “The Llama” McWilliams, which comes into play later on in the Tribute Store. 

Bulletin board with various flyers, including one for "LAMA Lounge" nightly shows at 7 PM featuring a llama illustration, and others announcing library events, job listings, and softball tournaments.

A small baseball game posting references Twin Pines Stadium, which is a nod to “Back to the Future.” There’s also a want ad for Global Discovery Group, the archeological group from the now-defunct, Poseidon’s Fury. A flyer for Llama Lounge (another nod to Gerg) presents the opening act, Earl & The Acorns, as a call-out to Earl the Squirrel.

A promotional poster for Tribute Store's Haunted Estate event, promising screams, chills, and live entertainment. The event runs from August 30 to November 5 with varying hours.

An ad for the Tribute Store’s Haunted Estate can be seen, with opening dates from August 30 through November 3, the same dates Halloween Horror Nights will run this year. This is likely a hint for this year’s tribute store theme and operating dates.

The facade shown in this graphic is the same facade as that of the Halloween Horror Nights 30 Tribute Store from 2021.

Bulletin board with various notices, including a prominent warning about birds frequenting the area, from the Bodega Bay Wildlife Foundation.

Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” gets a call-out with this warning sign from the Bodega Bay Wildlife Foundation. A newspaper clipping about the creation of Universal Studios Florida is posted behind it. From 1990 -2003, guests could enjoy the attraction Alfred Hitchcock: The Art of Making Movies in the location now occupied by Villain-Con Minion Blast.

A poster for Chef and Donkey's Waffles advertises "over 99 waffle combinations" and that they are open 24/7. The poster features images of waffles and text on a corkboard backdrop.

Posted atop an ad for the Ghostbusters is a menu for Duloc’s Favorite Breakfast, Chef Donkey’s Waffles, as a reference to “Shrek.”

Mega Video Rental 

uor usf summer tribute store IMG 2179

Guests enter the Summer Tribute Store through Mega Video Rental, a retro video rental store. Offerings here include “Ghostbusters” merchandise.

A person stands behind a large Mr. Tape cutout at a video store counter. Various movie posters such as "Jaws" and "Dracula" decorate the walls. Another person in a cap is seated in the foreground.

Mr. Tape, the mascot for Mega Video Rental, has a bit of an ominous energy.

Interior view of a store, displaying a variety of video game, TV, and camera equipment for sale. A sign above reads "We Repair TVs & Cameras." Shoppers are seen browsing items.

In addition to being a video rental store, the room is also themed to be a tech repair shop.

A poster on a wooden wall advertising a camera club. The poster lists membership benefits such as free gear rental and expert advice. The bottom of the image shows a bin labeled for broken tech.

Postings for the work done at the shop can be found on the walls.

A man in a backward cap stands behind a counter cluttered with items, including a cash register and posters. People are visible in the background near an arcade.

An “employee” was sat behind the register during our visit.

A "Ghostbusters" poster is positioned between a cardboard cutout of Slimer and a "Jaws" poster. Memorabilia from both movies are displayed nearby.

The walls are covered in retro cutouts and posters from beloved ’80s films, including “Ghostbusters” and “Jaws.”

Three posters on a wooden wall advertise new video releases and a mega movie parade with limited quantities and specific dates mentioned.

A posting teasing the Mega Movie Parade with a QR code can be found on the wall. The parade and Summer Tribue Store are complimentary experiences that reference the same films. Guests can become a part of Mega Video Rental by having their images put on VHS tapes displayed in the store.

A wooden shelf with multiple rows of VHS tapes displayed in a store. A "New Release" sign is at the top, and a poster is visible on the right side.

The New Release section is where the VHS tapes featuring guests will be displayed.

A wooden shelf labeled "Staff Picks" holds VHS tapes of movies including "Ghostbusters," "Jaws," "E.T.," "Back to the Future," and "The Untouchables." A "Wow!" sign is affixed to the shelf.

The Staff Picks are the films highlighted in the Summer Tribute Store. Mr. Tape’s word bubble reads. “If it’s not rewound, you won’t be found.”

A vintage movie store with posters on the walls, including "Ghostbusters" and "Jaws." Several shelves of DVDs are visible, and a person is browsing the collection.

Walking toward the second area in the same room, you can see more posters lining the walls.

uor usf summer tribute store IMG 2203

This second section houses horror movies. The titles include a mix of real horror films, and fictional films from the fan-favorite Halloween Horror Nights house, Slaughter Sinema.

A horror-themed VHS section with a cartoon horror character on the sign, surrounded by VHS tapes and horror merchandise in a store.

On this section sign, Mr. Tape is themed for a horror film.

A retro-themed store displays VHS tapes, vintage TVs, and various merchandise including t-shirts. Shelves are stocked with horror movie memorabilia and related items.

You can find “Back to the Future” merchandise here.

Cardboard cutout of E.T. wearing a red hoodie with one finger pointing up and standing against a wall.

There’s also a retro cutout of E.T.

A "Shrek" movie poster featuring Shrek, Fiona, Donkey, Dragon, and Puss in Boots is displayed next to a life-sized cutout of Donkey. The background includes gold curtains.

Despite not being released until 2001, a poster advertising “Shrek” as coming soon and a Donkey cutout are placed in this area.

A doorway with a beaded curtain is flanked by shelves displaying VHS tapes on the left and hanging clothing on the right. Green poster and a small shelf with items are visible in the background.

Red glowing lights can be seen behind a beaded curtain.

A cartoon hot dog sticker against a red-lit background is depicted with a speech bubble stating "Get Out.

Guests can walk inside and spot Mr. Tape outfitted to do some maintenance.

A red-lit room with a yellow mop bucket and wringer to the left, a covered wooden object to the right, and a wall-mounted red sign above.

The small space is the store’s supply closet.

Mega Castle Arcade 

A neon sign reading "ARCADE" in bright blue, pink, and yellow lights looms above the entrance to a dimly lit arcade with various games visible inside.

The neon ’80s aesthetic is on full display at Mega Castle Arcade, the next section guests will walk through in the Summer Tribute Store.

A wizard mannequin holding a crystal ball, dressed in a starry robe, is displayed next to arcade machines and neon decorations in a dimly lit room.

The room is designed to look like an ’80s castle-themed arcade, complete with a mystical wizard.

Two people stand in a neon-lit retro arcade room with various vintage arcade machines, colorful neon lights, and merchandise displays.

Merchandise, including a retro Universal Studios Florida line, can be found displayed within the arcade games.

An arcade setup featuring two game cabinets labeled “Gregs” and “Universal Quest 5.” A rack with T-shirts is situated between the cabinets. The background shows neon lighting and arcade-themed decor.

The games have Universal spins, including Gerg’s Alien Adventure, which features Gerg and Earl the Squirrel. “Jaws” merchandise can be found in this section of the Summer Tribute Store.

A person stands near an arcade game machine themed for Halloween Horror Nights, adjacent to a merch display and a refrigerator stocked with beverages. The area is dimly lit with purple and blue lighting.

Another arcade game features Halloween Horror Nights.

Two retro arcade game machines, "Polybius" and "Scootin' Sam," stand in a neon-lit arcade. A black t-shirt with a graphic design hangs on display between them. Various merchandise is visible in the background.

There’s also “Shrek,” and more “Jaws” merchandise in here.

A person wearing pink shoes stands on a colorful, neon-patterned carpet in an arcade. Vibrant design elements and arcade game machines are visible in the background.

The carpeting in the room has a nostalgic neon print of birthday parties past.

A door under blacklight with signs and a neon "Entrance" sign. Shelves to the right display toys, shirts, and merchandise.

The Lazer Dungeon (which is closed for Gregory’s birthday party) is themed to Dueling Dragons.

A room with purple lighting features a large poster with a dragon design, a "Laser Dungeon" sign, and decorations including medieval weapons and a skull on a spider web.

There’s a large banner with the Ice and Fire dragons.

Two employees in maroon shirts converse at a counter inside a brightly lit store selling toys and merchandise. A birthday sign is displayed on the back wall.

The food and merchandise area is set up to look like the counter where gamers would trade in their tickets for a prize.

A small store counter with two people standing behind it. The counter has various items for sale, including neon toys and colorful desserts in a display case. A sign reads, "Today is your birthday, Greg.

This is where you’ll find the themed snack offerings.

Display case with various colorful baked treats, including 'Pinocchio Krunchy Dough Cone,' a cone with a blue and pink topper and sprinkles, and cupcakes.

There’s a Pinocchio Cookie Dough Cone.

A cupcake with red, blue, and purple swirled frosting is labeled as "Hoverboard Confetti Cupcake" inside a glass display case.

A “Back to the Future” HoverBoard Funfetti Cupcake is on offer.

A display case showing blue cake rolls on the left and green pastries with yellow 'S' emblems on the right. The sign reads "Onion Cheesecake (My Time)".

Guests can also pick up a Jaws Cake Roll or an Onion Cheesecake (but flavored like Key lime).

Three small cakes with shark fin decorations and "Amity Island" labels are displayed on white plates in a refrigerated case. A sign reading "Amity Island Trifle Cake" is in front of the cakes.

There’s also an Amity Island Trifle Cake.

Three cupcake push pops with a character's face on the top displayed on a white plate inside a glass case. Nearby, decorated cookies and icing jars are partially visible.

“Shrek” fans can grab a Fiona Swamp Cake Pop.

Square white plates display dessert squares with a white coating topped with a wafer featuring a donkey illustration. A label reads "Donkey Waffle S'more".

They can also get a Donkey Waffle S’more.

A display case showing cupcakes decorated with an alien wrapped in a blanket and caramel apples with alien-themed graphics on blue candy-coated shells. Signs read "ET in Basket Waffle Cone" and "ET Caramel Apple.

The “E.T.” offerings include an E.T. In Basket Trifle Cake and an E.T. Caramel Apple.

A display case with various themed ice cream bars on a white tray. The bars are blue, red, and purple, each with a different design, including character faces and text.

“Jaws,” “E.T.” and “Shrek” each have their own cake pop.

A display case features rows of macarons with colorful, character-themed designs. The backdrop includes ice cream cones and other desserts.

Finally, all four of the Tribute Store films have a macaron flavor.

Tribute Theater 

Entrance to "Tribute Theater" with a "Now Playing" sign, featuring people inside a brightly lit space with merchandise and displays.

The last room in the Summer Tribute Store is the Tribute Theater, designed to replicate a 1980s movie theater.

A group of people shop inside a merchandise store decorated with a nautical theme, featuring a boat display above the shelves stocked with various items.

Each wall is themed to a different 80s film: “Back to the Future,” “Jaws,” “Ghostbusters,” and “E.T.”

A display features a figure in a hooded cloak riding a bicycle with a basket, flying in front of a large, illuminated moon backdrop.

Elliott rides his bike past the moon, with E.T. in his basket.

A retail space featuring a display of T-shirts on racks. To the left, a large poster shows a silhouetted alien figure in a forest with a glowing red light. An 'Exit' sign is visible on a stand.

There’s a poster of E.T. beneath the display, with more E.T. merchandise on the wall.

Decorative display featuring a detailed stone-like structure with golden engravings, glowing blue light, and red-eyed statues. Four small figurines dressed in black stand in front of the display.

The Ghostbusters open the gate between dimensions in their display.

A mural depicting the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters is painted on a wall. A person in a printed shirt partially stands near the edge of the image.

A poster of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is beneath them.

People inside a themed merchandise store with a large shark prop and a boat on display above the entrance. Clothing racks and themed decorations are visible throughout the store.

The Orca from “Jaws” sinks, with a poster of Bruce lurking under it.

Three staff members are standing in front of a counter, with a clock and movie posters in the background.

Finally, the top of The Hill Valley Courthouse and its clock tower from “Back to the Future” make up the last wall display. Movie posters for each of the films can be seen under it, displayed as they would be at an actual movie theater.


Three "Coming Soon" movie posters are displayed on a wall in a theater hallway with red curtains nearby, including "Thing" and "Westward Ho.

As you exit, there are posters for movies coming soon.

Movie poster for "Halloween II" featuring a carved pumpkin over a skull, with the text "ALL NEW" and "COMING SOON" below the frame.

This includes a poster for “Halloween II.”

A display features a star on a dark background labeled "Earl the Squirrel," framed by golden curtains with plants on each side.

A star, like on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, is propped up at the exit. It is signed by Earl the Squirrel.

A star on a sidewalk has been vandalized with illegible black spray paint, partially obscuring a name. The surrounding pavement is speckled gray and black.

Earl’s paw prints are stamped on the star in ink.

Check out our full video tour of the 2024 Summer Tribute Store:

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