New World Celebration Wall Revealed, More ‘Encanto’ Decorations at CommuniCore Plaza in EPCOT

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A large rust-colored metal wall with two trees behind it, set against a background of blue sky and clouds. The ground around the wall is paved with gray tiles.

New World Celebration Wall Revealed, More ‘Encanto’ Decorations at CommuniCore Plaza in EPCOT

A wall in World Celebration Gardens is uncovered, more “Encanto” decorations are up at CommuniCore Plaza, and trees have been planted in World Nature as construction continues throughout EPCOT.

Celebration Garden Wall

A large rust-colored metal wall with two trees behind it, set against a background of blue sky and clouds. The ground around the wall is paved with gray tiles.

The back wall of the Celebration Garden has finally been revealed. The wall is directly behind Dreamers Point. It’s been blocked by rolling planters since the rest of the garden space opened in December.

Curved rust-colored metal wall with geometric patterns and perforations, positioned outdoors near trees and a concrete pathway.

We got a glimpse at the wall in April but the planters are finally gone and we can see the full design.

Close-up image of a wall with a geometric pattern featuring intersecting hexagons and circles, with small holes and screws visible.

It features squares and diamonds creating the illusion of cubes. There are also circles inside hexagons.

Wall with geometric patterns under a clear sky, featuring hexagons, circles, and triangles.

The pattern is reminiscent of other EPCOT architecture like Spaceship Earth.

Close-up of a textured wall featuring an abstract geometric pattern composed of various hexagonal and triangular shapes.

Some elements look like EPCOT pavilion logos.

A close-up of a large, curved metal wall featuring a geometric pattern of intersecting hexagons and circles. The ground in front of the wall is paved with concrete. A blue sky is visible above.

Some of the diamonds are also cut out of the wall for extra dimension.

Curved concrete pathway with a tall, rust-colored metal wall on the left, trees and shrubs in the background, and a green umbrella in the distance on the right under a partly cloudy sky.

CommuniCore Hall & Plaza

Several people walk along a pathway next to a fenced-off construction area with various trees and bushes in Epcot, showcasing a large geodesic sphere in the background.

More decorations are up around the CommuniCore Plaza stage for “¡Celebración Encanto!” The show will debut on June 10 with the Hall and Plaza’s opening.

Outdoor scene showing a partially constructed pavilion with a modern design. Trees and fencing surround the structure. Three people walk on a pathway in the foreground under a cloudy sky.

An LED screen was added above the stage, among the colorful flags.

Outdoor stage with decorative banners, trees on both sides, and a raised backdrop. People are visible in the foreground walking.

The screen is surrounded by a brown frame. “¡Celebración Encanto!” concept art indicated it would also be decorated with flags, flowers, and Casita tiles.

Outdoor stage with a black screen, colorful fabric decorations, lights, and greenery in the background. Green equipment is seen at the bottom.

The frame isn’t complete, as the metal beneath shows through on the sides.

Outdoor stage setup with lights, speakers, and decorative flags hanging across the front. A blue information sign is visible on a barrier in the foreground.

The metal is also visible from the back of the stage. Since the space is visible from all angles, the screen may get decorations on the back, too.

Several people walk along a path at a park with vibrant flower beds and modern white buildings under a cloudy sky.

A column next to the stage now features a colorful wrap.

A colorful rocket-shaped structure stands amidst greenery, partially obscured by trees and construction barriers.

It’s red, green, and yellow. The show’s concept art shows four columns around the stage with similar decorations.

A group of people walk along a path in front of construction walls at Epcot, with the distinctive geodesic dome of Spaceship Earth visible in the background under a partly cloudy sky.

Next to the stage, we saw a new sign on CommuniCore Hall.

A blue sign reading "Festival Favorites" is partially visible through trees and black construction barriers. The background features a modern building with a geometric design.

It’s another “Festival Favorites” sign. The first was installed on the other side of the building last week.

Festival Favorites is the name of an old EPCOT festival booth. It would feature favorite dishes from past festivals. The sign indicates this booth will return as part of CommuniCore Hall, maybe as a permanent offering with a rotating menu.

World Nature Construction

View of a backyard garden with a variety of trees, including palm and deciduous trees, under a partly cloudy sky. A partially open white gate is visible in the foreground.

Over in World Nature, several trees have been planted in this space next to Journey of Water Inspired by “Moana.” The trees finally hide the attraction’s water station from view.

An outdoor area with tall trees and some newly planted saplings. The ground appears freshly tilled, and garden markers are visible around the planting site.

The space hasn’t been filled out yet but we expect more greenery to be planted in the grass.

Workers in high-visibility vests plant trees in a landscaped area with fencing and buildings in the background.

We saw crew members working in the area on our recent Monorail ride.

Outdoor scene showing a construction area with white barriers and fencing near an amusement park. Trees and plants line the walkway, and a group of people is visible in the background.

A walkway leads to the water station. Rolling planters block the walkway from guests.

EPCOT Flex Space

Under a partly cloudy sky, a construction site is surrounded by trees and fencing. Various construction materials and equipment are visible, and a few workers are on-site.

This flex space, located next to the Imagination! Pavilion, seems nearly complete. There are now clear paved walkways and a courtyard, but landscaping still needs to be done. Part of the space reopened with the Florida Fresh booth.

A construction site with concrete barriers, partially paved area, construction equipment, fencing, and greenery in the foreground.

What looks like a light pole in the ground is covered in plastic.

Outdoor construction scene with a building in the background. The area is marked by safety cones and caution tape, with various construction equipment and materials visible. Plants and trees surround the site.

Orange cones and yellow caution tape run next to a path at the back of the space.

Outdoor construction site with a fenced-off area, lamp posts, and surrounding trees. The site features concrete groundwork and protective barriers around the perimeter.

Two short columns frame the entrance into the area, which is dotted by tall black lampposts with orbs on top.

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