New ‘Avatar’ Direhorse Baby Plush and Payakan Collectible Figure Arrive at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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Side-by-side display of two items: a figure of the Loch Ness Monster emerging from water inside a glass cube, and a plush toy of a blue dragon with yellow eyes, wrapped in a green cloak.

New ‘Avatar’ Direhorse Baby Plush and Payakan Collectible Figure Arrive at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

New “Avatar” merchandise, including a direhorse baby plush and a Payakan collectible figure, are now available at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

New ‘Avatar’ Merchandise

Two new pieces of “Avatar” merchandise have made their way to Disney’s Animal Kingdom. We found both the direhorse baby plush and the Payakan collectible figure at Windtraders in Pandora – The World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Payakan Collectible – $243

A detailed figurine of a sea creature with a red fin and dark body emerging from blue water, reminiscent of the fantastical creatures in Disney's Animal Kingdom, displayed in a glass case.

This new Payakan collectible figure features the spirit brother of Jake Sully and Neytiri’s son Lo’ak leaping out of the water. Payakan’s body is blue and white and his red crest is prominent as he arches back toward the water.

White and blue water splashes around Payakan. Beneath the surface, his tail is visible through the transparent water.

A boxed "Avatar: Emergence Series" collectible features a blue and purple figure with a character's arm extended upwards, reminiscent of the vibrant nature seen in Disney's Animal Kingdom. Warning labels are visible on the packaging.

Payakan, who made his first appearance in “Avatar: The Way of Water” in 2022, is part of the “Avatar” Emergence Series which also features an ilu and a skimwing collectible. All of the collectibles in this series light up.

Direhorse Baby Plush – $39.99

A blue plush toy with large eyes and blue feet, reminiscent of an Avatar Direhorse Baby Plush, is wrapped in a green blanket, sitting on a display shelf.

This new baby blue direhorse is an updated version of a direhorse baby plush that was released in 2020. This new version is wrapped in a green blanket rather than the blue and purple sling of the original.

The direhorse baby has black and yellow eyes with rows of white spots above each. The direhorse’s hooves are a darker blue than the rest of its body and its underbelly is tan.

A hand holding a turquoise stuffed toy with red ears and circular patterns, reminiscent of an Avatar Direhorse Baby Plush. Other similar stuffed toys are displayed in the background.

The direhorse’s blanket features yellow Woodsprites and holes for the direhorse’s long red-tipped ears. The six-legged creature can be removed from its blanket pouch.

Direhorses are horse-like creatures native to Pandora. They were first seen in “Avatar” in 2009 and reappeared in “Avatar: The Way of Water” in 2022.

These are just the latest pieces of “Avatar” merchandise to become available at Walt Disney World Resort. Earlier this month, a banshee magnet was released just a few weeks after a new line of Pandora – The World of Avatar merchandise.

What do you think of the new direhorse baby plush and Payakan collectible?

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