A street with a large directory sign, palm trees, and buildings, including a theater labeled "HORROR MAKEUP SHOW." People are walking, and the sky is clear.

Halloween Horror Nights 33 Prep Begins at Fear Factor Stage

Shannen Ace

Universal has added scaffold towers throughout Universal Studios Florida to support future Halloween Horror Nights 33 decorations. They’ve also started preparing the former Fear Factor stage for the likely return of “Nightmare Fuel.”

Scaffolding Towers

Wide boulevard lined with palm trees and shops on a sunny day, with pedestrians walking along the sidewalk and street.

There are two scaffolding towers in the park’s Hollywood section. Both sit on black wooden boxes, with no decorations yet.

A street with a large directory sign, palm trees, and buildings, including a theater labeled "HORROR MAKEUP SHOW." People are walking, and the sky is clear.

One is outside Cafe La Bamba.

People walk and gather near a diner with a turquoise facade and a tall sign, surrounded by greenery. A roller coaster track is visible in the background under a clear blue sky.

The other is across the street, outside merchandise kiosks.

People walking along a tree-lined path on a sunny day, with green pillar structures and palm trees in the background.

Several more towers are on either side of the street past Cafe La Bamba, next to Central Park. These are all wrapped in green scrim, helping them blend in with the trees in the area.

People walking along a shaded path lined with trees and a fence on a sunny day.

The towers are located every few yards. Some are on the sidewalk, sitting on short black bases. Some are in flowerbeds behind fences.

People walk along a path lined with lampposts, trees, and greenery on a sunny day. A small building is visible in the background, near an NBC sign.

This area is usually used as a scare zone during HHN. Last year it was Jungle of Doom: Expedition Horror. Universal hasn’t announced any of this year’s scare zones.

People strolling along a shaded pathway surrounded by trees and fences on a sunny day in a park or recreational area.

The last two towers are at the end of the walkway before the space opens to the Animal Actors on Location! theater.

A wooden building with a sloped roof stands next to a street, surrounded by trees and greenery. An industrial-looking metal tower is placed nearby. The sky is clear with scattered clouds.

We spotted one other scaffold tower on the other side of the park. This one is next to the restrooms between the Fear Factor stage and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley.

Fear Factor Stage

People walk by a secluded area surrounded by trees and a high fence. A sign advertising ski trips is visible on the right.

The theater that once housed Fear Factor Live is now exclusively used for limited-time Halloween Horror Nights shows. Over the theater’s gate and walls, we could see the beginnings of set-up for this year’s show.

A view of a metal structure with a canopy roof, partially obscured by green foliage in the foreground. The scene appears to be an under-construction or maintenance area.

There is an elevated walkway over the stage. This is similar to past “Nightmare Fuel” sets.

A black curtain hangs in a metal-framed structure, partially obscured by greenery and illuminated by a streetlight.

There are also black tarps hanging in a corner of the theater.

Work began in April to get Universal Studios Florida ready for Halloween Horror Nights. There will be 10 houses this year, with the following announced so far: “A Quiet Place,” Triplets of Terror, Monstruos: The Monsters of Latin America, The Museum: Deadly Exhibits, Major Sweets Candy Factory, Goblin’s Feast, and Slaughter Sinema 2.

Fast & Furious: Supercharges will close in August for HHN.

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