A blue Yeti figurine is held in the foreground with a larger Yeti decoration set against a blue backdrop in the background. Trees and snow-like decor surround the scene.

New 65th Anniversary Matterhorn Tiki Mug Available at Disneyland Resort

Shannen Ace

The new Matterhorn 65th Anniversary Abominable Snowman tiki mug is now available at the Disneyland Hotel. On June 20, the mug is available via mobile order on the Disneyland App through the Trader Sam’s Mug Release listing. Beginning on June 21, it will be available at Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar.

Matterhorn 65th Anniversary Abominable Snowman Mug – $75

A sign at Disneyland Hotel announces the Trader Sam Mug Release event on June 30, 2024, from 8 AM to 5 PM. The background features greenery and outdoor tables.

If you order through the Disneyland App, you’ll be assigned a pickup window between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

An outdoor event setup in a park with tables under umbrellas, chairs, and scattered people. Trees and plants surround the grassy area, and string lights are hung above.

Pick-up is near Trader Sam’s on the lawn in front of Adventure Tower at Disneyland Hotel.

People are gathered outdoors at a table with a sign that reads "Pluto Artist" featuring artwork. The scene is set in a green, park-like area with trees and buildings in the background.

Cast Members at the first station will check your ID and order number. They then send you to a station to pick up the mug, which comes in a cardboard box. There are additional empty tables for you to unpack and check your mug.

A yeti figure is posed with outstretched arms in front of a blue backdrop resembling an ice cave. Snow, crates, ladders, and evergreen trees complete the winter-themed display on green grass.

There is also a Matterhorn Bobsleds-inspired photo op, perfect for photographing your mug. It has a blue backdrop resembling a cold cave. A fuzzy abominable snowman flat is in front of the backdrop. There is fake snow around the backdrop and trees.

A vintage wooden sled with "Snow King" painted on it is propped against a blue backpack on artificial snow. Wooden crates are in the background on a grassy surface.

A pile of props in front of the scene includes a Snow King sled, a camping backpack, and wooden crates.

A blue Yeti figurine is held in the foreground with a larger Yeti decoration set against a blue backdrop in the background. Trees and snow-like decor surround the scene.

The sculpted mug resembles both the Matterhorn mountain and the abominable snowman. It’s mostly white with blue detailing. The abominable snowman has red eyes.

A hand holding a blue figurine of a snarling creature with white hair, in front of a larger, similar-looking white furry character in the background. Trees and sky are also visible.

A train track runs around the bottom of the mountainous mug.

A person holds a blue and white sculpted figurine resembling Chewbacca from Star Wars amidst green pine trees.

There are ropes and posts carved into the surface.

A hand holds a ceramic mug shaped like a mountain with "65th Anniversary" and "Wells Expedition" written on it, surrounded by greenery.

“65th anniversary” is on the back of the mug, below the opening. The Matterhorn Bobsleds roller coaster opened at Disneyland on June 14, 1959. Other elements include a barrel, crate, and snowshoe. The mug is ceramic.

A hand holds a blue plate featuring "Disney Artist Showcase" and "Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar" against a backdrop of green foliage. The plate is marked as microwave and dishwasher safe.

The wordmark for Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar is on the blue bottom of the mug. It also features the printed signature of artist Dough P’Gosh, who designed the mug.

An information board about artist Doug P'Gosh, featuring a photo of him holding a dog, a bio, and an image of him painting. Stars and a purple gradient decorate the border.

P’Gosh was available to sign the mug on the afternoon of June 20.

A hand holds a box labeled "Matterhorn 65th Anniversary Abominable Snowman Collectible Ceramic Mug" with an illustration of a white snowman in a forest setting.

It comes in a themed cardboard box. It resembles a crate with an image of the abominable snowman over the mountain on the side.

A person holds a blue book with an illustration of a portal and a bird-like figure on the cover. The background includes green plants and a lawn.

Another side side depicts the snowman silhouetted in the opening of a cave.

A person holds up a blue Disney Artist Showcase box featuring an artist in front of a lush, green outdoor background.

“Disney Artist Showcase” and P’Gosh’s signature are on a third side.

A person holds a rectangular blue box featuring an illustration of a snowy mountain and a roller coaster track labeled "Matterhorn Bobsleds," with greenery in the background.

The fourth side depicts a “Wells Expedition” crate and supplies in front of the mountain.

Hand holding a blue and white box with "Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar" logo, and a tribal mask illustration. Greenery and trees in the background.

The abominable snowman’s footprint and Trader Sam’s wordmark are on top.

A hand holds a cup of blue and white swirled ice cream with a decorative stirrer against a backdrop of green plants and a building with a steep roof.

The tiki mug includes the coconut-pineapple DOLE Whip in a Matterhorn cup. You pick up the DOLE Whip at Trader Sam’s after getting your tiki mug. If you don’t want the DOLE Whip, you can just get the souvenir cup.

Close-up of a swirl of ice cream topped with blue sprinkles. A wooden stick with the text "65th Anniversary" and a mountain graphic is inserted into the ice cream. Tropical plants are in the background.

The treat now comes with a wooden swizzle stick featuring an image of the Matterhorn and “65th anniversary.”

Close-up of a swirled vanilla soft-serve ice cream in a cup, topped with blue sprinkles and a wooden spoon labeled "Matterhorn" against a backdrop of lush greenery.

The other side of the stick has the wordmarks for Matterhorn and Disneyland.

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