Peter Pan’s Flight Closing for Refurbishment in July at Walt Disney World

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Peter Pan’s Flight Closing for Refurbishment in July at Walt Disney World

Peter Pan’s Flight, one of the most iconic Magic Kingdom and Disney Parks attractions ever, will be closing in July for a prolonged refurbishment. While specific details about the refurbishment have not been announced, cultural sensitivity changes may be among the updates.

The entrance to the "Peter Pan's Flight" ride at a theme park features whimsical decorations and a sign with Peter Pan and characters flying, but with "Peter Pan's Flight Closing" soon, the enchanting scene feels bittersweet.

Peter Pan’s Flight Closing Date

According to the Walt Disney World refurbishment calendar, Peter Pan’s Flight will be closed beginning on July 8th, 2024. While the refurbishment is currently scheduled through August 20, 2024, the refurbishment calendar appears to currently only run through that date. For instance, Test Track is only listed on the refurbishment calendar through August 20th but is expected to be closed much longer, meaning Peter Pan’s Flight is likely to be closed beyond this date as well.

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Potential Cultural Sensitivity Updates

Rumors have swirled for a few years that Peter Pan’s Flight may be on the docket for cultural sensitivity updates. In 2022, the mural outside of the attraction was updated to modify references to an “Indian Camp”, changing it to “Never Land Tribe”. Elsewhere, Splash Mountain and Country Bear Jamboree are both near reopening – as Tiana’s Bayou Adventure and Country Bear Musical Jamboree, respectively – with changes for cultural sensitivity reasons.

You can watch our ride through of Peter Pan’s Flight as it exists today in the video below:

Set Sail Across the Sky

Board your pirate galleon and follow Peter Pan as he beckons you to join him on the flight of a lifetime. Wave goodbye to Nana and join the Darling children on a gentle cruise over London, where Big Ben and Tower Bridge light up the night sky. 

Descend into Never Land between glowing volcanoes and sparkling waterfalls. As you swoop into Pirate’s Cove, there’s danger ahead! 

Can Peter Pan defeat the dastardly Captain Hook and return his young companions safely to London? Or will someone meet an untimely end… in the jaws of a ticking crocodile?

A Darling Queue

Your journey begins in a delightful interactive queue that invites you into the Darling home. Stroll through the nursery where Michael, Wendy and John sleep—and where Tinker Bell is already causing mischief. Watch as your shadow comes to life on the wall!

An Historic Ride

The attraction is inspired by Walt Disney’s 1953 animated classic, Peter Pan, which in turn was based on J.M. Barrie’s play and book of the same name about a 12-year old boy who refuses to grow up.

Located in Fantasyland, Peter Pan’s Flight is modeled after the classic ride at the Disneyland Resort in Southern California—one of the few remaining attractions that was operational on opening day in 1955.

What are your thoughts on this refurbishment and any potential changes? Let us know in the comments.

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