Shanghai Disney Resort Exhibit at EPCOT Reopens With Zootopia Land Display

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A display window showcasing "Zootopia" merchandise, including plush toys, figurines, apparel, and themed artwork against a backdrop of city scenes from the animated film.

Shanghai Disney Resort Exhibit at EPCOT Reopens With Zootopia Land Display

The House of the Whispering Willows in EPCOT’s China Pavilion has reopened, revealing the updated Shanghai Disney Resort exhibit to include Zootopia.

Shanghai Disney Resort Exhibit Featuring Zootopia

A display wall features a central screen with "Inside Shanghai Disneyland" written on it, surrounded by decorative banners with different themed attractions.

The Shanghai Disney Resort exhibit debuted in 2016, coinciding with the new theme park’s opening. In 2019, the exhibit gained a Toy Story Land display. This week, it was briefly closed for construction of a new display featuring the Zootopia land that opened at Shanghai Disneyland late last year.

Museum exhibit display featuring the "Tomorrowland" section. Various futuristic artifacts, models, images, and informational placards are showcased in glass cases.

Each display case represents a different land, theme, or attraction. Pictured above is Tomorrowland featuring TRON Lightcycle Power Run.

A man with a green backpack examines a display case titled "Treasure Cove" featuring various maps, images, and artifacts in a dimly lit exhibit.

The displays include models, maquettes, and concept art.

A display window showcasing Duffy and Friends plush toys dressed in festive attire for the Lunar New Year. The background is decorated with red and gold elements, including lanterns and Chinese characters.
Duffy & Friends display 2022 – 2024

Other than the addition of Zootopia, the only display that changed during this refurbishment was the Duffy & Friends window. In 2022, the window was decorated to honor the Year of the Tiger, as seen above. It remained the same through two more Lunar New Years.

Display case featuring Duffy and Friends plush toys in a colorful room setting with a sign above that reads "Duffy and Friends." Plush toys are arranged around a table with a small stack of books.

The Duffy & Friends display now showcases the plush characters without special outfits. They’re in front of a backdrop resembling a bedroom or craft room.

A display case labeled "Duffy and Friends" showcases various stuffed animals, including Duffy, ShellieMay, Gelatoni, and others, arranged on shelves in a decorative setting.

Each character has a sign with information about them.

A display case with "ZOOTOPIA" written at the top, featuring various Zootopia-themed merchandise including toys, clothing, and artwork. The backdrop shows scenes from the Zootopia movie.

Camp Discovery artwork and maquettes were removed from this display case to make room for Zootopia.

A sign reading "Zootopia - Welcome to a wild world where anyone can be anything!" with a detailed description of the Zootopia attraction at Shanghai Disney Resort.


Welcome to a wild world where anyone can be anything!

Mammals big and small are invited to Try Everything at Shanghai Disney Resort’s newest land! Step right into the world of the hit film Zootopia to discover a living and breathing mammal metropolis. Every bit of this vibrant city has been designed to accommodate animals of all species and sizes — from tiny mouse crosswalks to giant elephant park benches, and even a giraffe-sized car! With whimsical details, entertainment, merchandise, and an innovative new attraction, Zootopia: Hot Pursuit!

Care was taken to ensure that this larger-than-life land still felt distinctly Chinese. The first Zootopia film found massive success in theaters across China, where the film’s title aptly translates to “Crazy Animal City.” Familiar local touches like a karaoke lounge, storefronts, and advertisements were given a humorous Zootopia twist. Even the tall, brightly lit buildings that create the land’s stunning backdrop echo the nearby Shanghai skyline.

A display case featuring a colorful Zootopia cast member costume, small-scale park models, plaques with descriptions, and a camera bag on the bottom.

Concept art is pinned to the back wall of the display case. Various props and models are on display in front of the art.

A small model of an All-Terrain ZPD Cruiser is displayed in a glass case with an informational plaque describing its use in the Zootopia attraction.

There’s a model all-terrain ZPD cruiser, the ride vehicle of Zootopia: Hot Pursuit.

This “mouse-sized” model was used to develop the attraction’s unique trackless vehicles. Guests hop aboard these dynamic ZPD cruisers to go sliding, spinning, and speeding throughout the diverse biomes of Zootopia.

Model of an All-Terrain ZPD Cruiser displayed in a case, accompanied by a descriptive plaque detailing its use in the attraction's immersive experience. Background includes other themed decorations.

The cars resemble wide police vehicles with two bench seats for 10 guests.

Image titled "Zootopia: Hot Pursuit" showing a thrilling chase scene through an animated cityscape with Officer Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde pursuing a getaway car. A brief description is on a sign next to it.

Zootopia: Hot Pursuit concept art shows a high-speed car chase.

In this thrilling new attraction, Guests are placed in the middle of a daring chase across Zootopia alongside hero ZPD Officers Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde.

Zootopia Hot Pursuit attraction host costume on display, featuring a colorful jacket with geometric patterns. A descriptive plaque is placed in front of the costume.

Next to the ride vehicle is a Zootopia: Hot Pursuit attractions host costume jacket. Cast Members in the unloading area of the ride wear these zip-up blue jackets with purple, orange, and yellow elements.

A detailed model display of a theme park attraction with various miniature buildings and structures on a gray platform, accompanied by a backdrop showing a colorful park scene.

There’s a model of the Zootopia land facades. The land includes various buildings along “Mane Street.” Characters sometimes pop out of the windows to say hi to guests.

A detailed diorama showcases various whimsical and colorful buildings with intricate designs and playful elements, displayed on a gray surface.

Hamster tubes crisscross one facade.

A detailed diorama showcasing colorful European-style buildings with intricate architectural features. One building has a mouse figure in a pink cup-like structure. Posters are in the background.

A polar bear is stationed outside Fashions by Fru Fru. This is the land’s main gift shop.

A detailed miniature model depicting a futuristic cityscape with colorful buildings, a few tiny figurines, and a car, displayed on a transparent stand.

This small model depicts Judy and Nick with their ZPD cruiser and the skyscrapers of Zootopia behind them.

A figurine of characters from the animated movie "Zootopia," standing in front of a model cityscape, next to a black police car. The characters are wearing police uniforms.

In Zootopia, guests can meet Judy and Nick in their police officer uniforms.

A display of stuffed animal characters and figurines from the movie Zootopia with a sign highlighting Zootopia-themed merchandise at Shanghai Disney Resort.

Several pieces of Zootopia merchandise exclusive to Shanghai Disney Resort are on display.

Created especially for Zootopia at Shanghai Disney Resort, these fierce fashions and growl-worthy gifts invite Guests to take a walk on the wild side and celebrate their inner animals.

Collection of Zootopia merchandise displayed, including plushies of main characters, figurines, a themed backpack, and a sign describing the items.

The merch includes plush of Judy, Nick, Clawhauser, Gazelle, Bellwether, and Flash.

A display of various stuffed animal characters and a miniature figurine set in a museum exhibit. There is a sign that reads "Zootopia Merchandise" on the right side.

A backpack features Judy’s face. There’s a set of Zootopia figures.

Two white animal maquettes are displayed on a surface in front of an informational sign at a Zootopia exhibit. One maquette is an antelope and the other is a hippo. Various animal-themed items are in the background.

Unpainted animal maquettes depict Gazelle and a lounging hippo.

Animals of all shapes and sizes fill the bustling streets of Zootopia with life. These mammal maquettes helped inspire the designers to create the larger-than-life residents that appear all around the city.

A display case showing pink popsicle and paw-shaped treats inspired by the movie "Zootopia" at Jumbao's Cafe Treats. Nearby is a blue plush bag resembling a character, and a white figure on a scooter.

A giant popsicle and three mini “pawpsicles” are on display to represent Jumbeaux’s Cafe.

This whimsical elephant café is home to the Jumbo-pop-inspired Chocolate Marshmallow, The Big Donut, and a unique Ginger Flavored Ice Cream Sundae.

Inspired by the Jumbo-pops from the film, these Chocolate Marshmallows come in two sizes – lemming and elephant.

A framed artwork depicting a vibrant, colorful cartoon-like cityscape with whimsical buildings and a bright, clear sky, displayed on a beige wall.

A bird’s eye view of Zootopia is among the artwork on the wall. This shows off the skyline of buildings towering over Mane Street.

A framed image displays anthropomorphic characters, a rabbit and a fox, dressed as police officers posing together with a cheerful expression.

A photo of the Judy and Nick meet and greet characters is included.

A colorful poster of Zootopia Land, featuring vibrant buildings, a roller coaster, and the "City Hall" structure at night with neon lights and Chinese text in the upper right corner.

This photo shows Zootopia lit up at night, with Gazelle on a giant screen next to City Hall. In the story of the land, Zootopia residents are preparing for a Gazelle concert.

Framed artwork depicting an animated city scene with various animal characters in front of "Zootopia Central Station" and a building labeled "Jumbo's Cafe.

This early artwork shows Jumbeaux’s Cafe and Zootopia Central Station.

A mannequin dressed in a blue uniform and hat is displayed in a glass case within a museum exhibit. Other mannequins and exhibits are visible in the background.

A Zootopia cast member costume was added to the case of Shanghai Disneyland costumes. The costume resembles a police uniform, inspired by Judy Hopps and the animals of the ZPD.

A display case showing mannequins dressed in various themed costumes inside a museum exhibit area. Other exhibits are visible in the background.

Watch our original 2016 tour of the Shanghai Disneyland exhibit below.

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