PHOTOS: All Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Construction Walls Come Down for Ride Previews at Magic Kingdom

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A landscaped area features lush greenery with a sign reading "Tiana's Bayou Adventure" next to a wooden fence. A water tower is visible in the background.

PHOTOS: All Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Construction Walls Come Down for Ride Previews at Magic Kingdom

All the construction walls surrounding Tiana’s Bayou Adventure in Magic Kingdom have come down as the ride opens for Cast Member previews.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure

An entrance to a theme park attraction with a mountainous backdrop, water tower, small buildings, and lush greenery. A few people are walking towards it on a sunny day.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is located in Frontierland at Magic Kingdom. It will open to all guests on June 28 after previews for Cast Members, D23 Gold Members, Disney Vacation Club Members, and Annual Passholders.

A distant view of a closed attraction surrounded by greenery, featuring a wooden fence and a sign indicating the closure. A mostly clear sky is in the background.

The former Splash Mountain has been transformed into a salt mine in the Louisiana bayou with a Tiana’s Foods water tower. Tiana’s Foods is the co-op founded by Tiana after the events of “The Princess and the Frog.”

An outdoor scene featuring "Tiana's Bayou Adventure" attraction with lush greenery and a mountainous landscape. A wooden fence and sign are visible in the foreground.

A purple sign with lily flower lights is behind the attraction’s wooden fence, facing the rest of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure.

A theme park attraction resembling a mountain with greenery and water features, bordered by a wooden fence. Two people walk in the foreground on a red pavement under a clear blue sky.

There’s a screen in a wooden frame with green doors.

A theme park scene shows a mountainous water ride surrounded by trees and greenery. A few people walk towards the ride on a wide, red-paved pathway under a clear blue sky.
A landscaped area features lush greenery with a sign reading "Tiana's Bayou Adventure" next to a wooden fence. A water tower is visible in the background.

Purple, green, and yellow are the main colors of Mardi Gras. Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is set during Mardi Gras in New Orleans so uses the same color scheme.

A colorful sign reads "Tiana's Bayou Adventure" with whimsical, green floral decorations, set against a backdrop of greenery and rock formations.

A pink lily flower is also used as a symbol on the attraction’s signs.

An outdoor theme park attraction featuring a log ride with a steep drop, surrounded by rocky terrain, greenery, and a wooden bridge at the entrance. Bright, sunny day with a clear blue sky.

On Saturday morning, Disney was testing the attraction before letting Cast Members ride.

A log flume ride passes through a themed outdoor landscape with rocky terrain, greenery, and artificial water features. A sign reads "Welcome" near the ride's path. Trees and a small building are in the background.

The Splash Mountain façade has been covered in new fake and real foliage to make it look more like Louisiana.

A water tower labeled "Tiana's Foods" stands amid lush vegetation, swamp-like trees, and a pond with blooming water lilies under a clear blue sky.

Pink flowers float in the bayou. There are lilypads and reeds.

A pond with water lilies and cypress trees in the foreground, with lush greenery and a structure made to resemble a mountainous landscape in the background, under a clear blue sky.

The Splash Mountain briar patch was removed and fake trees were installed.

A serene pond surrounded by lush greenery, flowers, and a treehouse structure in the background under a clear blue sky.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure uses the same ride track and vehicles as Splash Mountain.

An empty log flume ride track winds through a wooded area with a bridge in the background and a distant view of a castle.

When construction began in January 2023, much of the work was focused on this loop after the ride’s drop.

A view of a log flume ride at an amusement park. The ride features boats on a winding water track surrounded by trees and rocky landscaping. A bridge crosses over the track in the background.
Outdoor water attraction with a lazy river surrounded by greenery, wooden fence, and buildings in the background under a blue sky.

Foliage, trees, and new lanterns were added around this loop.

A small tree stands amidst lush greenery, with a distant view of a wooden fence and rocky terrain under a clear blue sky.
A circular water feature with a raised center island, surrounded by a shallow moat and greenery on both sides under a clear blue sky.
Two people walk hand-in-hand along a red-paved pathway bordered by fencing and trees, with rustic buildings and rock formations in the background under a bright blue sky.

The former Briar Patch gift shop will be Critter Co-Op. Splashdown Photos will be Tiana’s Bayou General.

A large armadillo statue is nestled in a rocky alcove surrounded by artificial greenery, with lanterns in the foreground.

Lari the armadillo is holding down the fort with his lantern and leafy umbrella.

A small group of people stand in an open, mostly empty area with a few buildings and trees in the background under a clear blue sky.

Cast Members are stationed in front of the Frontierland Railroad Station to coordinate previews. The train station is still open.

Outdoor train station scene with a red building labeled "Frontierland," surrounded by trees and a temporary barrier. An umbrella stands nearby, and a sign reads "Exit Only." Sunny day with clear sky.

There are some rolling planters around the entrance.

Freddie’s Magical Adventure event check-in sign placed outdoors near a wooden structure and greenery on a sunlit day.

An A-frame sign reads “Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Event Check-In: Pre-registered guests only. Please arrive only during your designated time slot.”

wdw mk tianas bayou adventure 06.01.2024 3988

There’s a picture of three Tiana’s Bayou Adventure critters riding the attraction.

Illustration of three animated dogs enjoying a log flume ride. The sign above them reads, "Registered Guests Only. Please arrive only during your designated time slot.
Black sandwich board with "Event Entrance" text displayed on a concrete walkway, surrounded by trees and a few people in the background.
Sign for "Tiana's Bayou Adventure" showing available restrooms at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe and Pirates of the Caribbean. The sign includes a map and is situated on a pathway in a park.

The sign also points guests to the nearest restrooms at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe and Pirates of the Caribbean. The restrooms behind the train station are closed during previews.

A rustic, red-painted wooden building with a balcony and window boxes containing greenery. The building is partially obscured by lush shrubs in the foreground.

Foliage above the main entrance spills over the wooden marquee. There are purple, green, and yellow frames for future wait times and Lightning Lane return times. They feature lily flower motifs.

A wooden building with a covered passageway and planters containing bushes on each side. The structure features rustic, weathered wood and outdoor lantern-style lights.

Through the planters, we could see the Lightning Lane tapstiles and more Tiana’s Bayou Adventure signage.

Employees in blue shirts and brown shorts are working in a covered, open-air area with greenery around. One person appears to be putting on a raincoat or jacket.

A Tiana’s Foods banner reads “Everybody’s Welcome!” The ride sees Tiana and Louis venture into the bayou to find a special ingredient for their Mardi Gras celebration.

Covered area with wooden beams, a lantern hanging, and a stone-paved floor. The background shows a wooden fence and part of a garden. Shadows are cast across the ground from the structure above.

The space that once held a Splash Mountain-themed play area has been cleared of construction materials.

A scenic view from a building overlooking a neatly landscaped garden with various types of foliage, pathways, and a wooden bridge in the background on a clear day.

Shrubs and trees are still growing into the space around the queue.

Aerial view of a landscaped garden area featuring trees, shrubs, and a small, fenced-off graveyard with five tombstones. Surrounding paths and nearby structures are visible.

Another lily flower is depicted in a circular section of pavement and on the nearby gate.

wdw mk tianas bayou adventure 06.01.2024 3937
A colorful mural adorns the yellow building on the left, surrounded by trees and pathways, under a clear blue sky.

Stanchions with ropes are up on the flagstone path of the Tiana’s Bayou Adventure queue.

A colorful mural on a yellow wooden building near outdoor seating and trees under a clear blue sky.

Guests will enter through the now yellow barn featuring a Tiana’s Bayou Adventure mural.

Wooden buildings with intricate designs, including a colorful mural featuring animals and plants. One building has a conical roof, and there is a staircase leading up to a door. The sky is clear and blue.

The doors at the top of these stairs are purple.

A small wooden building with a peaked roof, purple double doors, and several lantern-style lights is surrounded by a wooden fence. Rock formations and other structures are visible in the background.
A colorful mural on a yellow wooden building with outdoor seating set up below. Trees and a stone-paved area surround the scene, and a person is walking near blue umbrellas and lampposts.

The doors on the barn and the window shutters are green.

wdw mk tianas bayou adventure 06.01.2024 3942

Lampposts throughout the queue are blue with gold accents.

wdw mk tianas bayou adventure 06.01.2024 3943

A birdhouse sits atop one pole, seemingly in reference to the old Splash Mountain birdhouses.

A man in a blue shirt walks through a shaded, fenced area with lamp posts, trees, and a small train visible in the foreground. A wooden birdhouse is mounted on a tree in the background.

A crew member was working in the flowerbed below the birdhouse on Saturday morning.

A colorful outdoor area with green and yellow buildings, some crates, and a small green train. A person is sitting on a bench in the background, near a fenced-off garden area.

The Tiana’s Foods delivery truck has been uncovered. It’s behind a gate with Tiana’s Foods crates around it.

A person wearing sunglasses and a white shirt walks through a paved area with decorative lighting fixtures, surrounded by wooden fencing and greenery.
A view of a peaceful outdoor area with pathways, blue benches, and wooden fencing. Trees with green foliage provide shade, and buildings are partially visible in the background.
View of a shaded outdoor area with wooden fencing, trees, and blue decorative lamps. There are a few people sitting on benches and walking along the pathways.

The queue has a mix of new wrought iron railings and the old wooden railings.

A lush area with various green trees and plants, featuring a wooden path and railings. Blue lampposts with yellow accents are scattered throughout the scene.

Lights hang over the queue on wires strung between poles.

A colorful mural covers the wall of a building next to a small outdoor area with trees, lights, and a few people walking around.
A peaceful outdoor area with trees, lamp posts, colorful building facades, and stone pathways, viewed from a wooden balcony.
A vibrant area featuring a colorful mural on a yellow building, tree-lined paths, and a green train engine amongst lush greenery and various outdoor lights.
An outdoor amusement park area with winding pathways, lamp posts, and trees. A small green and yellow building is on the left. The area appears to be empty of people.

Tiana’s Bayou General is behind the queue.

A theme park ride area with a twisting path surrounded by greenery and trees, featuring blue railings and poles, set under a clear sky.
Empty wooden bench inside a brightly colored vehicle with an awning, moving at night with a blurry outdoor view.

There is still scrim in the Walt Disney World Railroad tunnel passing Splash Mountain.

A wooden building with a colorful mural on a sunny day, surrounded by trees and a stone pathway bordered by ornate lamp posts.
Image of a rugged, rocky cave entrance with a tall tree in the foreground. The cave opening is formed by naturally eroded rock formations, surrounded by greenery and sparse vegetation.

New chains are up at the edge of a flowerbed near the attraction flume.

A cave entrance blocked by a chain secured to two posts, one attached to a tree. A warning sign hangs on the chain, indicating danger and restricted access. Yellow flowers grow nearby.

A sign hanging from one chain warns of danger.

A wooden bridge is elevated above a landscaped area with plants and shrubs. A yellow and red train is visible in the background.
A lush garden with a large flowering tree at the center, surrounded by a pathway and wooden structures, with people walking and sitting in the background.

We spotted one white flower on a tree in front of the Tiana’s Bayou Adventure entrance.

A sunlit outdoor area with trees, benches, and pathways. Few people are seen walking. Sky is clear with scattered clouds.
Two people in costume set up a sign and rope barrier at an outdoor event entrance marked by a sign reading "Event Check-In".

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Cast Members wear a base Frontierland costume of brown pants or shorts and a patterned blue short. Their accessories are a purple, green, and yellow ascot and yellow flat cap.

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