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Video Goes Viral of Disabled Guest Pleading with Disney to Offer Paid Alternative When Denied DAS Access

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Charisma Mangahas, known on TikTok as @asymptomatic, posted a video after being denied Disability Access Service (DAS) at Disneyland Resort. In the video, she presented a solution that would allow disabled guests to obtain a discounted Lightning Lane service when they are denied DAS.

Discounted Service for Guests Denied Disability Access Service

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Charisma Mangahas suffers from Guillain-Barre syndrome, and due to her condition, she uses a wheelchair and needs a ventilator to help her breathe. Yet, even with these medical devices needed for her everyday life, she was told that only “severely disabled or cognitively disabled” guests were eligible for DAS before being denied the service at Disneyland Resort.

Instead of DAS, Charisma was offered the option to return to the line at a later time, something Disney has told other guests since the DAS changes went into effect. By choosing this option, members of Charisma’s party would wait in line for the attraction and she would meet up with them when it was time to ride.

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Rather than be separated from her group, Charisma, who is a Magic Key holder, mentions her desire to purchase Genie+. However, due to the expense of Genie+, Charisma estimates that it would cost her $400 per month if she went to Disneyland Resort with a group once per week. And that’s on top of all of her medical bills.

As a solution to this problem, Charisma suggests that Disney institute a discounted Lightning Lane service that would make it easier for guests with disabilities to afford Disney and ride as many attractions as possible. While this would still force disabled guests to pay a fee, it would be less than paying for Genie+ every time they go to the park. She even suggests this one-time fee could be added to the price of Magic Key in the same way that Disney PhotoPass can be purchased as an add-on.

Charisma’s full TikTok video can be found below.


I was sad snd disappointed but i got mcdonalds to feel better lol I have to made do with what was given but most likely i cant be separated from my caregiver so i wont go on the rides that have longer wait times. I have a Ted Talk that explains my disability but ill make another video soon😭🫶🏽 #disney #daspass #accessibility #fyp

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The controversial changes to Disney’s Disability Access Service went into effect at Walt Disney World on May 20, 2024, and Disneyland Resort on June 18, 2024. Since then, a petition started by DAS Defenders has accumulated over 22,000 signatures.

What do you think of Charisma’s proposed plan for a discounted Lightning Lane service for guests with disabilities?

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2 thoughts on “Video Goes Viral of Disabled Guest Pleading with Disney to Offer Paid Alternative When Denied DAS Access”

  1. I’m sorry, but the Disney Parks are a private business that can make or change their rules pricing or anything else with no explanation required to anyone. To me, going to any Disney Park is not a mandatory need to but a want to. Sadly too many impersonators have ruined it for those is need.

  2. I think the alternative option Disney offered is a bit unreasonable. Let’s say a single parent takes their child to Dianey, but they aren’t the ‘right’ disabled, so can’t get a DAS. Is the child expected to go stand in line alone, surrounded by God knows who? Or let’s say it is a whole family, with one or two members who don’t qualify for DAS. So every time the family wants to ride, they have to split up for often an hour or more, spending most of the day not together. Perhaps you’re someone who likes to go alone. Who holds your place in line then? If anything, they are making it easier for the fakers to get a pass. After all, how do you prove Autism to someone who just met you? You can’t. You have to take their word.


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