Tokyo Disney Resort Reveals New Mouse Ear Headband-Inspired Chocolates

Shannen Ace

A colorful themed box with a wizard hat, glasses, and ears illustration is displayed. Two Mickey-shaped chocolates, one with a blue wizard hat and the other with a pink bow, are in front of the box.

Tokyo Disney Resort Reveals New Mouse Ear Headband-Inspired Chocolates

Tokyo Disney Resort guests can now purchase chocolate candies inspired by their favorite accessory: mouse ear headbands.

Ear Headband Chocolates

Two Mickey Mouse-shaped chocolates, one wearing a blue hat and the other a pink bow, placed on a doily in front of an Auto Draft-inspired Tokyo Disney Resort-themed backdrop.

The milk chocolate pieces are molded to look like ear headbands. Mickey candies feature a blue sorcerer hat and Minnie candies feature a pink bow.

A themed box with Mickey Mouse ears featuring Tokyo Disney Resort designs is held up with a boat and waterfront in the background, as if it were an auto draft straight from a magical sketchbook.

One side of the packaging features a Mickey ear headband with a sorcerer hat, set above Mickey-shaped glasses. Tokyo DisneySea is reflected in the glasses.

A decorative sign shaped like Minnie Mouse ears with "Tokyo Disney Resort" text in front of a brightly lit castle at night. Fireworks are displayed in small circles on the sign, creating an enchanting auto draft of magic and wonder.

The other side looks like a Minnie ear headband with Cinderella Castle at Tokyo Disneyland reflected in the glasses.

Are you hoping to get these sweet treats on your next Tokyo Disney Resort visit? Let us know in the comments.

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