Haunted Mansion Library Bust Changing Faces With Projector at Magic Kingdom & More: Daily Recap (6/8/24)

Katie Francis

A collage of four images for the daily recap: a blue and beige building facade, a person in pirate costume, a small room with seating and a TV, and floating white busts in a dark area.

Haunted Mansion Library Bust Changing Faces With Projector at Magic Kingdom & More: Daily Recap (6/8/24)

One of the busts in the library of the Haunted Mansion has been changed, Captain Barbossa was roaming Advenureland as a reported test for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, and we checked out a Serenity Bay cabana at Disney Lookout Cay — all this and more in today’s daily recap for Saturday, June 8, 2024.

Walt Disney World

Magic Kingdom

A dark setting in the Haunted Mansion, with three illuminated busts, one prominently lit in the upper center and two below, capturing an eerie moment.


A mural featuring vertical rainbow-colored stripes with the word "LOVE" in white, above a geometric semi-circle resembling a globe, painted on an exterior wall near a building entrance.

Walt Disney World Resort Hotels

A man holding a boy on his shoulders high-fives another man in front of a large, spherical structure on a sunny day, capturing the essence of their joyous daily recap.

New Merchandise

A child holding a jar with a glowing firefly toy inside. The jar emits colorful light and has a vine-like handle reminiscent. The child is dressed in blue socks and orange shorts.

Other Walt Disney World News

Two blue trash cans with recycling and waste symbols are placed near a turnstile at an outdoor area, with buildings and a cloudy sky in the background.

Disneyland Resort

Entrance to Downtown Disney, showing a curved structure with palm trees, people walking, and a partly cloudy sky.

Tokyo Disney Resort

A container with a bear-shaped opening filled with popcorn, featuring a teddy bear figurine and decorative straps, is placed on a checkered surface with loose popcorn scattered around. This adorable piece of merchandise from the Tokyo Disney Resort's Duffy & Friends collection is truly charming.

Disney Cruise Line

A cozy seating area with a green couch, two blue chairs, and a table are inside a small wooden structure with large windows. Two people in casual summer attire stand in the doorway.

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