Guests Can Charter Private Monorail Ride for Historic Train Farewell at Tokyo Disney

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Tokyo Disney Resort Line Monorail train

Guests Can Charter Private Monorail Ride for Historic Train Farewell at Tokyo Disney

Tokyo Disney Resort is allowing guests to charter private rides aboard the Type X Monorail before it takes its final ride later this year.

Charter a Private Monorail Ride at Tokyo Disney Resort

Promotional image showcasing two charming Disney-themed trains decked out with Mickey Mouse decals. The text announces special train tickets available between July 27, 2024, and September 1, 2024. Don’t miss this Tokyo Disney experience before the Historic Train Farewell!

Guests will be able to charter one of the six-car Resort Liner formations, offering a spacious and comfortable ride around the Resort Gateway Station twice. However, advance lottery reservations are required to purchase these special tickets.

In addition, guests can also purchase a ticket to be on the last run of the Type X Resort Liner on its closing day.

Resort Liner Charter Tickets

This monorail charter ticket is priced at ¥42,000 per pair (tax included). The lottery reservation must have a minimum of one rider and a maximum of 6 riders per group. Tokyo Disney Resort recommends this ticket for elementary-age children in grades 1-3.

A vibrant and colorful map displays various landmarks and routes, including a key with symbols representing different locations. Visitors heading to Tokyo Disney can charter a private monorail ride, adding an exclusive touch to their magical adventure.

The ticket includes a ride around the Resort Gateway Station two times, as well as a sticker rally and Cast Member commentary about the scenery passing by outside the monorail’s windows.

Two children wearing blue Disney hats smile while holding pieces of paper, seated on a Historic Train Farewell with large windows showing greenery outside.

In addition, kids will receive hats with the same design as those worn by Disney Resort Line Cast Members.

Times vary for the date of travel. The ride will last approximately 30 minutes, and guests cannot disembark at any station along the way.

Resort Liner Type X Last Run Private Ticket Lottery Reservation

The lottery reservation for the Type X Resort Liner’s last run will cost ¥50,000 yen per pair. The same group minimum and limit as the above private charter ticket also applies here.

The ticket will allow riders to enjoy the final run of the Type X Resort Liner on Sunday, September 1, 2024. One car will be reserved exclusively for one group. Guests will board at the Resort Gateway Station in a special space after the last train has left.

A Disney keychain with Mickey Mouse ears and a keyring attached to a yellow strip, mounted on a rectangular backing card adorned with the Tokyo Disney Resort Line logo.

Guests will also be asked to choose one handrail of their choice from the cars they’re riding in, which will be mailed to them as a gift at a later date. Only one souvenir strap will be provided per group. It will also include a slot to display your Monorail ticket.

The program for this chartered ride is scheduled to end at 11:20 p.m. on the event day. The ride will last approximately 30 minutes.

After applying to either letter, guests will be guaranteed to be able to board the chartered train on the date and time selected. A separate ticket will still need to be purchased on the day of travel. Specific trains and boarding positions cannot be chosen. This offering is also subject to change or be canceled based on operating conditions for that given day.

Interested guests can join the lottery here.

Hand holding a Disney Resort Line sticker that reads "Thank you, Resort Liner (Type X)" with dates 2001.7.27 - 2024.9.1, depicting a historic train farewell with Mickey Mouse windows on Tokyo Disney's private monorail ride.

Ahead of the Type X liner’s closure, guests can ask Cast Members at the various stations for this celebratory sticker. An exhibit celebrating the Type X Monorail is also on display through September 1.

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