New Disney Eats Shaved Ice Collection Available at Walt Disney World

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Image shows a hand holding a Walt Disney World tumbler, a pastel-colored ice cream themed backpack, a tie-dye sweater, various Disney-themed merchandise on display, and a playful nod to shaved ice.

New Disney Eats Shaved Ice Collection Available at Walt Disney World

The latest collection in the Disney Eats collection has arrived at Walt Disney World, this time celebrating shaved ice.

We found the items for sale in the Creations Shop at EPCOT and the Emporium at Magic Kingdom.

Disney Eats Shaved Ice Spirit Jersey – $79.99

A tie-dye long-sleeve shirt with pastel colors hanging on a rack, surrounded by donut-themed merchandise and Minnie Mouse ear headbands.

This collection is inspired by snow cones and shaved ice, represented here in shades of pink, yellow, and blue. The tie-dye on the white jersey replicates the drizzle effect of the shaved ice.

Shelf display featuring a backpack with pink donut-shaped Mickey Mouse ears and a tie-dye shirt with colorful ice cream graphics on the sleeves.

Illustrations of melting shaved ice cups run up the sleeves. The treats have Mickey ears.

A tie-dye shirt with a minimalist design features a stylized 'D', an icon of a mouse with a globe, and the text "Est. 1971". The shirt has pastel colors of pink, yellow, and blue.

The Walt Disney World “D” logo is printed in sparkly rainbow puff ink on the front left breast. “Est. 1971” is printed below it.

A colorful, long-sleeve tie-dye shirt with "Walt Disney World" written on the back in rainbow letters, displayed on a hanger.

The Walt Disney World wordmark is printed across the back shoulders in glittery, rainbow puff ink.

Disney Eats Shaved Ice Loungefly Mini Backpack – $88

A colorful backpack designed to look like a bowl of rainbow ice cream scoops with melting details is displayed in a store among similar themed items.

This new Loungefly mini backpack features a blue, pink, yellow, and green colorway. The multi-colored shaved ice has a Mickey Mouse ear shape and is in a green bowl.

A close-up of a colorful backpack featuring an iced confectionery design shaped like ice cream scoops in a bowl. The ice cream scoops are in blue, yellow, and pink colors.

This serves as the front zipper pocket of the backpack.

A hand holds a colorful pastel backpack with gradient pink, yellow, and blue hues, featuring embossed designs. The background shows various colorful merchandise displayed on shelves.

The four colors are in an ombré across the entire backpack, creating rainbow effects throughout. The zippers are goldtone.

A hand holds a small, colorful backpack with pink and yellow straps in a shop. The background shows hanging plush items, shaped like mouse ears, and shelves with colorful merchandise.

The shoulder straps are bright pink and yellow, and can be adjusted for fit.

Open zipper showing fabric lining with ice cream cone pattern. The lining features yellow, pink, and blue ice cream scoops. A hand with blue nail polish is holding a white tissue inside the bag.

The interior of the backpack is lined with a repeating pattern of the Mickey Mouse ear-shaped shaved ice on a blue background.

Disney Eats Shaved Ice Ear Headband – $39.99

A hand holding a headband with glittery, colorful Mickey Mouse ears and a bow, displayed in a Disney Eats store.

The ear headband is covered in green pleather with soft pink velour inside the headband.

A colorful headband featuring two glittery ear pieces with drips of yellow on green and blue on pink, and a large bow in pastel colors adorned with a small pink spoon at the center, perfect for adding a dash of Disney Eats magic to your outfit.

The puffy bow features ombré stripes of blue, yellow, and pink, with a green pleather strap in the center. A pink plastic spoon is across the front of the bow.

A close-up image of a colorful accessory featuring a pink and yellow bow next to a round, glittery design with green and rainbow-colored molten drips, reminiscent of Disney Eats' delightful treats.

The front of each ear features a sparkly patch of pink, yellow, and blue drops resembling melting shaved ice.

A hand holding a colorful glittery headband with large round ears, displayed in a store filled with various colorful merchandise and delightful Disney Eats treats in the background.

The backs of the ears are fully covered in sparkly stripes of color.

Close-up of a person with blue glitter nail polish and a star-shaped ring, holding a green object adorned with a tag reading "Disney EATS.

A blue “Disney Eats” tag is attached to one side of the headband.

Disney Eats Shaved Ice Starbucks Tumbler – $29.99

A hand holds a tall, cylindrical tumbler featuring a gradient design and the text "Walt Disney World." Background shows several similar tumblers on a display shelf.

The shaved ice Starbucks tumbler features the Walt Disney World wordmark in a rainbow ombré on one side and a clear green dome lid.

A hand holding a light pink insulated tumbler with a green lid and a colorful striped straw. Several black boxes are visible in the background.

The light green dome lid is faceted, and screws on. The multicolored straw is reusable and has a ring inside preventing it from falling out.

Person holding a pink Starbucks tumbler with a straw in a store display area containing other tumblers and drinkware.

The Starbucks mermaid logo is embossed on the other side of the tumbler. This tumbler is not dishwasher- or microwave-safe.

What do you think of the new Disney Eats Shaved Ice Collection at Walt Disney World? Let us know in the comments.

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