‘Inside Out 2’ Now the Highest-Grossing Pixar Film of All Time

Cade Handley

An animated character with blue hair and a yellow dress excitedly extends her arms beside another animated character with red hair and a goofy expression, standing in a colorful, futuristic setting reminiscent of Inside Out 2.

‘Inside Out 2’ Now the Highest-Grossing Pixar Film of All Time

Pixar has once again broken box office records with their latest film “Inside Out 2,” which has now become the studio’s highest-grossing film of all time.

‘Inside Out 2’ Breaks Records

Animated characters from the movie "Inside Out" featuring Joy, Sadness, Anger, and Disgust looking surprised at another character with orange hair in a colorful control room.

Less than a month after its June 14 opening, “Inside Out 2” has grossed over $1.2 billion at the worldwide box office, surpassing Pixar’s previously highest-grossing release, “The Incredibles 2.” The success of the film was much needed for the studio after recent efforts like “Elemental” and “Lightyear” underperformed.

The film was an immediate hit with audiences, scoring the second-largest opening weekend ever for an animated film. It then went on the break even more box office records when it achieved the highest grossing Tuesday ever for an animated film on June 18. Soon after that, it became the 10th highest-grossing animated film domestically after only 12 days in theaters. It now sits at the number three spot.

Two animated characters, Joy and Sadness, standing in a glowing, futuristic environment with vertical light beams surrounding them.

We at WDWNT loved the film, with our review stating that it was an “upgrade from the original,” with the comedy and emotional beats landing very well. It is undoubtedly a great Pixar sequel.

A new “Inside Out 2” merchandise collection can now be found at the Walt Disney World Resort, and guests can now meet Joy at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

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