Construction walls surround an area near a large tree and a building with a cupola, while people walk along the adjacent pathway under a clear blue sky.

Construction Walls Block New Orleans Square Entrance to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and More Closures

Shannen Ace

More sections of New Orleans Square and Critter Country at Disneyland have closed due to the ongoing construction of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure and outside The Haunted Mansion.

New Orleans Square & Critter Country Closures

Construction walls surround an area near a large tree and a building with a cupola, while people walk along the adjacent pathway under a clear blue sky in New Orleans Square.

As previously announced, the bridge connecting New Orleans Square and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is temporarily closed. The Haunted Mansion construction walls have been adjusted to block access to the bridge.

The walls feature a MagicBand+ interactive area, Haunted Mansion quotes, portraits, and concept art.

A construction site with tall fences blocks part of a pathway in a park. A tree and lamppost are seen inside the fenced area. A ship and buildings are visible in the background on the right.

The walls now run right up to Harbour Galley, which is still operating.

A wooden fence with uneven tops stands beside a green tarp under a striped canopy. A black lantern on a wooden post is to the left of the fence. Bordering trees are visible in the background.

On the other side of Harbour Galley is green scrim and a wooden fence.

A dock and wooden path line a calm body of water, with a backdrop of tall trees and a fenced construction area. The scene is quiet, with no people visible.

From the Mark Twain Riverboat, we could see more green scrim along the wall above the dock for Davy Crockett’s Explorer Canoes. The canoes are now temporarily closed.

Empty dock with canoes tied up, chairs stacked and outdoor umbrellas closed. Construction barriers are in the background with signs posted. Trees and greenery surround the area.

Behind the green scrim, we could see the construction walls around Tiana’s Bayou Adventure and Critter Country. Most of Critter Country closed in May for construction. Though this area isn’t accessible to guests anymore, the walls haven’t come down.

Construction site with heavy machinery and work in progress behind barriers. The site is surrounded by trees and signs with promotional images.

The walls are decorated with themed signs and posters for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. The ride just opened at Magic Kingdom in Florida and will open at Disneyland soon.

A large house surrounded by trees is under renovation, with construction equipment and green barriers visible in the foreground.

The Haunted Mansion isn’t expected to change much (although there are rumors about potential updates), but the queue and grounds are being completely updated. It will have a new gift shop and themed gardens.

An outdoor wooden patio with seating areas, located on an elevated structure, surrounded by tall trees and set against a clear blue sky.

The Critter Country Fruit Cart and Hungry Bear Restaurant are also now closed. The latter will receive kitchen refurbishments. The nearby restrooms are also closed, making the nearest restrooms those in Black Spire Outpost at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Wooden bridge with large intersecting beams, overlooking a paved walkway surrounded by greenery and trees.

Guests can access Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge via Frontierland.

A brown door with a white sign stands slightly open surrounded by dense green foliage and tall trees in a sunny outdoor setting. A shadowed path leads from the door into the shaded area.

Walls on the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge side are under the Disneyland Railroad bridge. This keeps the service dog relief area still available.

A light green construction barrier with windows and a lantern lines a red brick pathway, with trees and a glimpse of buildings visible in the background under a clear blue sky.

Speaking of the Disneyland Railroad, the New Orleans Square station is currently unavailable for boarding and unloading. The railroad is still running but won’t stop at the station. When passing the Haunted Mansion grounds, railroad riders will see construction walls decorated with concept art.

A large, two-story house with trees and a blue sky in the background is partially obscured by a green construction fence.

Haunted Mansion will reopen this fall as Haunted Mansion Holiday but the new grounds will not be completed. It will use a virtual queue while construction continues and may reopen a little early. The regular version of the Haunted Mansion is expected to return in early 2025.

Disney has not announced an opening timeframe for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure beyond “later in 2024.” Work in Critter Country is transforming The Briar Patch into Ray’s Berets and part of Pooh Corner into Louis’ Critter Club.

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