Disney Cruise Line Announces Earlier All Aboard Time & More: Daily Recap (7/2/24)

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Daily recap: A vibrant collage of images featuring a cruise ship in dock, whimsical puppet characters, a man in a suit, a bronze statue, and an exciting dinosaur-themed attraction.

Disney Cruise Line Announces Earlier All Aboard Time & More: Daily Recap (7/2/24)

Disney Magic and Disney Wish sailings from Florida to get earlier “all aboard” time, Cast Member previews announced for Country Bear Musical Jamboree, and CEO Bob Iger celebrates 50 years with Disney — all this and more in today’s daily recap for Tuesday, July 2, 2024.

Daily Recap for July 2, 2024

Walt Disney World

Magic Kingdom

Three animatronic bears in pink cowgirl outfits are performing. They have brown fur, pink hats, and vibrant outfits with white accents. The background is dark, highlighting the bears. WDWNT Daily Recap 7-2-24


Front view of Garden Grill Restaurant entrance with a large, colorful sign and a staff member standing in front, while a few guests wait near the entrance. WDWNT Daily Recap 7-2-24

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

A large green dinosaur statue with a long neck towers over Dinoland, surrounded by food stands and visitors. Strings of lights hang above against a clear blue sky. WDWNT Daily Recap 7-2-24

Walt Disney World Resort Hotels

A group of people standing happily in front of a wooden structure with a sign that reads "Pioneer Hall" and advertises the "Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue. WDWNT Daily Recap 7-2-24

New Merchandise

A display of Disney-themed jewelry features a "Welcome Foolish Mortals" necklace inspired by the Haunted Mansion, a necklace with a character holding a ball on a chain reminiscent of the Nightmare Before Christmas, and a bracelet adorned with circular charms and a blue gemstone. WDWNT Daily Recap 7-2-24

Other Walt Disney World News

Billboard advertising "Tiana's Bayou Adventure" at Magic Kingdom featuring animated characters and a lush green background, with text reading "Now Open." Auto Draft ensures timely updates to keep the excitement fresh. WDWNT Daily Recap 7-2-24

Disneyland Resort

Two individuals are in a dark amusement park ride, sitting closely together and displaying expressions of surprise. The scene is dimly lit with a woven, circular frame partially visible in the foreground, suggesting the presence of hitchhiking ghosts adding to the eerie atmosphere. WDWNT Daily Recap 7-2-24

Tokyo Disney Resort

Two custodial Cast Members with five young children dressed as custodians. WDWNT Daily Recap 7-2-24

Disney Cruise Line

A large cruise ship, the Disney Wish, docked at a port with water and land visible in the background. WDWNT Daily Recap 7-2-24

The Walt Disney Company

A man in a suit and tie is on the left. On the right is a bronze statue depicting Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs with an engraved plaque. WDWNT Daily Recap 7-2-24

Universal Studios

Universal Orlando Resort

Universal Mega Movie Parade" text in large, bold font against a blue and purple gradient background with rays of light. WDWNT Daily Recap 7-2-24

Universal Studios Japan

A vibrant summer splash parade with people in colorful outfits, a large Pokémon float, and Minion characters on a float, passes through a crowd-lined street with ornate buildings in the background. WDWNT Daily Recap 7-2-24

WDW News Today

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