A vibrant summer splash parade with people in colorful outfits, a large Pokémon float, and Minion characters on a float, passes through a crowd-lined street with ornate buildings in the background.

NO LIMIT! Summer Splash Parade Featuring Gyarados Cools Down Guests at Universal Studios Japan

Shannen Ace

Universal Studios Japan is keeping guests cool in the oppressive Japanese summer heat with a special summer version of their NO LIMIT! Parade.

A child wearing a red outfit plays with a large water gun at the Summer Splash Parade, surrounded by people. The background features an arched glass structure and Pokémon character decorations.

Starting on July 3 and running through September 1, the NO LIMIT! Summer Splash Parade features characters from Super Mario, Pokémon, “Despicable Me,” Sesame Street, Peanuts, and “Sing” on floats that shower guests with water. Guests can also participate with their own Super Nintendo World water shooter.

Super Nintendo World Water Shooter

A person fills a colorful water gun from a water tap mounted on a brick wall. A sign above reads "WATER NOT FOR DRINKING" in English and another language.

The water shooter returns from last year and is available for ¥3,500 ($24.50). It’s yellow, red, green, and blue. The Super Nintendo World logo is on one side and a picture of Super Mario characters is on the other side.

A row of outdoor water fountains with metal taps installed against a brick wall, each station marked with instructional signs above. The ground is covered in textured black and beige flooring.

There are water stations throughout the park to refill your water gun.

Exterior of a sound department building with a blue machine labeled as a "Seafarer's Station." A sign on the machine reads, "Sorry, we are closed." The area surrounding the building is clean and well-kept.

After the parade, the water stations are closed.

A boardwalk next to a water body has signs for a water shooting area. In the background, there is an amusement park with roller coasters and various buildings preparing for the Summer Splash Parade. The sky is partly cloudy.

Universal encourages guests to use the water shooters during the parade. They can also visit the Mega Cool Zone to practice their shooting with targets.

NO LIMIT! Summer Splash Parade

Before the NO LIMIT! Summer Splash Parade begins, an announcement warns guests that they will get wet. That’s the whole point of the parade!

A group of performers in colorful costumes dance in a street parade, holding water guns, with a float and a crowd of onlookers in the background.

Dancers are armed with their own water shooters to spray guests. The dancers leading the parade wear colorful pixelated outfits that match the first float.

Colorful parade float with multiple screens displaying "Summer Splash Parade," star decorations, a disco ball, and people in raincoats on the sidewalk. Buildings form the background.

The first float has screens reading “NO LIMIT! Summer Splash Parade.” It’s decorated with large stars and disco balls.

Performers in matching blue outfits and helmets participate in a "No Limit! Summer Splash Parade," with colorful water-themed props, as spectators watch from the sides in an outdoor area.

Other performers push barrels with more water and shooters for the dancers to grab.

A parade float with a Hello Kitty theme features performers in pink and yellow outfits waving fans. The background shows buildings and a roller coaster.

Next up is the Hello Kitty float. Dancers on this pink and white float hold large leaf-shaped fans. Water shooters have been attached to the floats so performers can periodically grab them to spray onlookers.

A costumed character resembling Hello Kitty in a purple dress with yellow polka dots stands on a pink and white parade float decorated with hearts, with buildings in the background.

Hello Kitty, Dear Daniel, and Mimmy White wear summery floral outfits.

A colorful parade float features costumed characters resembling cartoon figures, surrounded by onlookers and buildings in the background.

Hello Kitty is followed by a Peanuts float with groovy designs. Charlie Brown, Lucy, and Snoopy are also in fresh summer ‘fits. Snoopy is even wearing a rain hat to keep his ears protected from the water.

A lively street parade with performers dressed in yellow helmets and blue outfits, resembling Minions. Floats and buildings are visible in the background, with spectators lining the streets.

Minion dancers lead the “Despicable Me” float.

Three people in Minions-inspired costumes perform energetically in a street parade, with a lively crowd watching in the background.

Some are dressed like regular yellow Minions while others are dressed like Evil Minions. They have buckets and pails they use to splash guests with water.

A parade float featuring Minions in colorful swim rings and helmets, with other costumed characters on the upper deck, passing through an area crowded with onlookers.

On the float are Minions wearing swim trunks, floaties, and goggles. Gru and his family are on the top of the float. Some of them are also wearing rain hats and coats.

Costumed characters Cookie Monster, Abby Cadabby, and others perform on a colorful, urban-themed stage during a street show.

The Sesame Street characters are ready for summer. Cookie Monster wears cookie-patterned swim trunks and a rain hat. Elmo has on goggles and a snorkel.

Three colorful, furry characters are standing on platforms in front of a backdrop of cartoon skyscrapers, performing on a stage labeled "No Limit Band.

Abby is in a sunny yellow and orange outfit.

Colorful parade float with costumed characters, including a pink and purple character and a red character, performed in front of a backdrop resembling tall buildings. Crowd and street visible in background.

Moppy’s wearing a cool shirt and headband. You might also see Oscar the Grouch peek out from his garbage can.

Performers in colorful outfits carrying balloon figures march in a street parade while onlookers watch from the sidelines. A parade float with large figures follows behind them.

Dancers with squid puppets separate the Sesame Street and “Sing” floats.

A parade float featuring a gorilla character in a blue jacket and hood, and a pig character in gold attire. A security guard is walking in front of the float, with spectators in the background.

Johnny is in a blue raincoat with a translucent hood so you can still see his face.

A performer in a blue rain jacket interacts with the audience from a parade float featuring two costumed pig characters, while spectators watch from the sidewalk.

Rosita and Gunter are wearing more summer-friendly versions of their signature purple dance outfits.

A parade featuring a character in a green costume on a floating car with a "Universal Studios" emblem, followed by another character in a yellow costume on a similar car. A crowd watches from the sidewalk.

Yoshi, Luigi, and Daisy steer their Mario Karts atop cloud floats, leading the Super Nintendo World unit.

A person in a colorful costume riding a float decorated as a cloud with a banana and cannons during a parade, with a crowd of people watching in the background.

This marks Daisy’s first appearance in a Universal Studios Japan parade.

People dressed in colorful jumpsuits and helmets wave checkered flags while marching in a parade with a crowd of spectators in the background.

Dancers in Mario Kart jumpsuits are ready to splash water on guests watching the parade.

People dressed in colorful costumes parade down a wet street under rain, while spectators in raincoats watch from the sidewalk. Vintage-style buildings line the background.

By this time in the parade, you’ll probably be soaked.

Person standing on a float in a colorful outfit, holding an object up, in front of a large building with architectural details. Cartoon character seated next to the person. Water being sprayed in the scene.

There was so much water in the air, it looked like it was raining.

A parade float featuring Super Mario-themed characters and decorations moves past a crowd on an urban street. The float displays a “FINISH” sign at the front.

The next big float features Mario and Bowser. The Super Mario characters are not in new summer outfits, just their standard looks.

A parade float features large Pikachu and other Pokémon characters with two performers dressed in colorful outfits, surrounded by spectators in an urban setting with detailed building facades.

The last float features Pikachu and other Pokémon peeking out of Pokeballs. The dancers are in summer-appropriate attire.

A parade with large inflatable Pokémon floats and a performer wearing a red outfit and white shorts leading the procession. A crowd of spectators lines the street in front of a grand building.

Another new addition to the parade is Gyarados. The water Pokémon fits right in with the summer splashing.

Three people in red attire hold up a large inflatable figure of a blue and yellow dragon-like creature against a backdrop of a cityscape and blue sky, adding vibrant flair to the exciting Summer Splash Parade.

Gyarados is controlled by three puppeteers.

Watch our full video of the parade:

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