More Performers Added to 2024 Eat to the Beat Concert Series Lineup at EPCOT & More: Daily Recap (7/5/24)

Katie Francis

Collage of five images from our daily recap: woman posing, person speaking at podium with US flag, animated theater scene, live music performance with crowd, and deep-fried food on a paper tray.

More Performers Added to 2024 Eat to the Beat Concert Series Lineup at EPCOT & More: Daily Recap (7/5/24)

More performers were added to the Eat to the Beat lineup, Hushpuppies returned to Columbia Harbour House, and heiress Abigail Disney is cutting donations to the Democratic party — all this and more in today’s daily recap for Friday, July 5, 2024.

Walt Disney World

Magic Kingdom

A white rectangular paper tray from Columbia Harbour House holds six round, golden-brown breaded and fried food items, set on a wooden surface.


A hand holds a Mickey Chocolate Cookie Sandwich in the Magic Kingdom, with buildings and visitors visible in the background.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

A boat with three figures sails through an illuminated, enchanting cave adorned with glowing plants, sea creatures, and twinkling lights. Decorated arch framing the scene with seashell and ocean motifs evokes a magical ambiance reminiscent of The Little Mermaid.

New Merchandise

A person is holding a Disney headband with blue sequined Mickey Mouse ears and a gold bow that reads "Walt Disney World" in a store. Various other colorful headbands are displayed in the background.

Disneyland Resort

Nighttime fireworks display over a theme park, with buildings and trees illuminated in red, white, and blue lights. A crowd of people watches the spectacle.

Disney Cruise Line

Interior of a large, partially-completed cruise ship under construction in a shipyard. The upper decks feature a whimsical Disney-style water slide, while various construction materials are scattered around like hidden treasure waiting to be discovered.

The Walt Disney Company

Split image: Left side features a woman with long, wavy hair, wearing a light-colored jacket. Right side shows a man in a dark suit speaking at a podium in front of an American flag backdrop.

Universal Studios

A collection of Universal Studios-themed Happy Meal Toys, featuring characters like Mario, Minions, and others, positioned against a blue background with the McDonald's Happy Meal logo at the top.

WDW News Today

Massive Drone Show Announced, Bob Iger Buys Women’s Soccer Team

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