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VIDEO: Meet Mickey & the Usapiyos in the Easter Harbor Greeting at Tokyo DisneySea

Spencer Lloyd

Although Tokyo Disney Resort is not holding a full Easter celebration this year, guests visiting Tokyo DisneySea can still get ...

Cinderella Castle, featuring beige stone and blue turrets, at Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disney Resort Extends Hours Cut & Alcohol Suspension Through July 11th

Spencer Lloyd

Although the State of Emergency in the Tokyo area is set to be lifted on June 21st, the Oriental Land ...


Tokyo Disney Resort & Universal Studios Japan to Offer COVID-19 Vaccines to All Employees

Spencer Lloyd

This week, both Universal Studios Japan and the Oriental Land Company, owner and operator of Tokyo Disney Resort, announced plans ...


PHOTOS: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Tomica Die-Cast Submarine Coming June 9th to Tokyo DisneySea

Spencer Lloyd

Tokyo Disney Resort loves to release highly-detailed die-cast models of their ride vehicles, with the past year alone seeing tributes ...


BREAKING: Tokyo DisneySea 20th Anniversary “Time to Shine!” Celebration Commencing September 4th, 2021 through September 3rd, 2022

Spencer Lloyd

After a brief tease on Saturday, the Oriental Land Company has finally announced the plans for Tokyo DisneySea’s 20th Anniversary ...


PHOTOS: Tokyo DisneySea 20th Anniversary Logo, Theme, & Mickey Costume Revealed

Spencer Lloyd

Most years, the reveal of an anniversary celebration at Tokyo Disney Resort would come the year prior, featuring teases at ...


PHOTOS: Adorable Duffy’s Sunny Fun Food Taking Over Tokyo DisneySea Starting July 1st

Spencer Lloyd

Every Duffy event at Tokyo DisneySea usually features a special meal and souvenir desserts within Cape Cod, but we’ve never ...

Cinderella Castle, featuring beige stone and blue turrets, at Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disney Resort Extends Hour Cuts & Restaurant Closures Through June 20th Despite Capacity Hike

Spencer Lloyd

With the quasi-emergency in Chiba Prefecture extended through June 20th, the Oriental Land Company announced today that the hours cut ...

Haunted Mansion at Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disney Resort Announces Attraction Refurbishments Through December 2021

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Annual maintenance is an inevitability no matter where you go. Fortunately, Tokyo Disney Resort prefers to tell Guests far in ...


PHOTOS: “Mickey Ice Bar”-Themed Souvenirs Coming to Tokyo Disney Restaurants

Spencer Lloyd

When dining at Tokyo Disney Resort, there’s always a special souvenir addition for your meals and snacks. Since there are ...


PHOTOS: “Nighttime Sky” Housewares Line Soars into Tokyo Disney Resort June 9th

Spencer Lloyd

Tokyo Disney Resort loves to not only sell wacky merchandise but also practical items to add a Disney touch to ...


PHOTOS: “Young Oysters” Alice in Wonderland Merchandise Coming May 27th

Spencer Lloyd

Tokyo Disney Resort is well-known for celebrating rather obscure characters in both greetings and merchandise. From apperances by characters like ...


PHOTOS, VIDEO: Fantasy Springs Construction Update – Frozen, Neverland Mountains Take Shape, New Hotel Rises into the Sky at Tokyo DisneySea

Spencer Lloyd

Its been a minute since we checked in on the Fantasy Springs construction site at Tokyo DisneySea, and there’s been ...


PHOTOS: “Disney Easter 2021” Day Pass Available Now on Disney Resort Line Monorail

Spencer Lloyd

A new season (even if it starts after the actual holiday) means a new Day Pass design on the Disney ...


PHOTOS: Surf’s Up with “Duffy & Friends’ Sunny Fun 2021” Souvenir Food Items Coming to Tokyo DisneySea

Spencer Lloyd

With the arrival of Duffy & Friends’ Sunny Fun 2021 at Tokyo DisneySea also comes a number of new souvenir ...


PHOTOS: Life’s A Beach with “Duffy & Friends’ Sunny Fun 2021” Merchandise Coming to Tokyo DisneySea

Spencer Lloyd

Although we lost our chance to bask in the summer sun with Duffy the Disney Bear and his friends last ...