Chip ‘n’ Dale Meet-and-Greet Returns to DinoLand U.S.A. at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Chip 'n' Dale meet-and-greet in DinoLand

The Chip ‘n’ Dale meet-and-greet has returned to Donald’s Dino-Bash! in DinoLand U.S.A. at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The chipmunks are dressed in dinosaur onesie costumes. Chip’s costume is purple, while Dale’s is green. They pose in front of signs for the “Must see Chipmunk-o-saurus.” Their queue also has new themed props. A sign has been … Read more

PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom & EPCOT 6/2/2022 (New Floral Gingham Cottage Minnie Ears Arrive, Theming Added to the Entrance of TRON Lightcycle Run, Pride Liege Waffle, & More)

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Royal Greetings, and welcome to Magic Kingdom! Are you ready to find new merchandise, check-in on construction, and try new treats? We are, so let’s get hoppin’. We’re delighted to see Cinderella’s Carriage out today. It’s always a stunning sight. Even though we rope drop, it’s summer time and high season for Walt Disney World, … Read more

PHOTOS: “Beauty and the Beast” Chip Plant Pot Hops into Walt Disney World

chip succulent

Disney has been releasing a lot of Beauty and the Beast merchandise lately, and today we found a new Chip succulent for sale. Chip Succulent Pot – $12.99 This small succulent cup shows Chip blowing bubbles. The bubbles are a bright yellow, and in the middle of them is a cute green plastic succulent. The … Read more

PHOTOS: Bubble Blowing Chip Teacup and Spoon Set Now Available at Disneyland Resort

Chip Teacup and Spoon Set

A new cup has been found at World of Disney at Disneyland Resort, and it may just be the cutest we have ever seen. Let’s take a look! Chip Teacup and Spoon Set – $22.99 This cup features Chip, a side character from Beauty and the Beast, and his adorable attempt to blow bubbles. The … Read more

PHOTOS, VIDEO: Chip & Dale Greet Guests for the 2020 Holidays at Magic Kingdom


Chip and Dale are ready for the winter holidays, appearing in their own Festive Flotilla at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. We also caught them greeting guests from a distance in Frontierland at Magic Kingdom. The chipmunks were wearing earmuffs and festive vests over flannel shirts. They were having fun interacting with guests and dancing to the … Read more

PHOTOS, VIDEO: Goofy and Reindeer Chip & Dale Jingle Through the Jungle in NEW Festive Flotilla for Christmas 2020 at Disney’s Animal Kingdom


All of our favorite Disney characters are appearing around Walt Disney World in Christmas outfits as the holidays arrive. Chip, Dale, and Goofy are sailing around Discovery River in their own Festive Flotilla. Chip and Dale are in their Donald’s Dino Bash outfits, with the addition of some fun antlers on their heads. Goofy is … Read more

PHOTOS, VIDEO: Spooky Halloween Chip ‘n’ Dale Sail Around Tom Sawyer Island at the Magic Kingdom


Chip ‘n’ Dale are making their way around Frontierland at Magic Kingdom dressed up for Halloween, but they aren’t riding parade floats like the rest of Mickey’s friends. They’re riding on their own raft around Tom Sawyer Island! Chip ‘n’ Dale are dressed up as skeletal bats. You can check out the full experience in … Read more

PHOTOS: New PatcheD Patches Come to Disneyland Resort

PatchD featured

Do you have an old denim jacket in desperate need of jazzing-up? Do you own a plain backpack that needs some pizazz? Then look no further than these new PatcheD patches we found inside World of Disney at the Downtown Disney District. Whether it’s the set of Mrs. Potts and Chip that strikes your fancy … Read more

Disney Store Japan to Release Sushi Tsum Tsum Collection July 1st

sushi tsum tsum collection disney store japan

Break out the chopsticks and wasabi, because the yummiest-looking Tsum Tsum collection is arriving soon at Disney Store Japan! is reporting that the Sushi Tsum Tsum Collection will be arriving at the retailer on July 1st. The collection will consist of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto, Chip, Dale, and Big Hero 6‘s Baymax, all … Read more

PHOTOS, VIDEO: New Aprons and Potholders Featuring Characters From “Cinderella”, “Toy Story”, and “Beauty and the Beast” Arrive at Disney Springs

character aprons

It wasn’t so long ago that we reported on the fun new “Mousewares” collection of kitchenware we found in Walt Disney World, and now another new line of kitchen accessories have arrived at World of Disney. Check out these magical new aprons, and adorable new potholders, all themed to some of your favorite Disney animated … Read more

Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers Making First-Ever Appearance on “DuckTales”; Episode Premieres April 11 on Disney XD and DisneyNow

chip and dale rescue rangers ducktales

If you’re like me, there’s nothing better than some good, old-fashioned Disney nostalgia. Especially when we are thrown back to the ’80s/’90s era of Disney. One of the things that hits all those spots is Disney XD’s reboot of the ’80s show, DuckTales. Following Huey, Dewey, Louie, and their Grand Uncle, Scrooge McDuck, on their … Read more

VIDEO: Princess Read-Along Bedtime Stories Bring Disney Magic to Your Home

disney princess read alongs 1

Are you or your little ones missing those bedtime stories that play in the evenings on Walt Disney World resort TV? Thankfully, the Disney Princesses have you covered. On YouTube, fans can find “Disney Princess Read-Alongs,” which feature classic Disney Princesses in short stories you can read on screen, or just enjoy the narration. Follow … Read more

SHOP: New Dabbing Chip and Dale T-Shirt Now Available on shopDisney

Chip Dale Dab T-Shirt shopDisney

Chip and Dale have been staples of Disney’s animated roster since the 1940’s. They’ve menaced Donald Duck, been Rescue Rangers, and are even getting their own series on Disney+. So how do you keep these characters fresh after all these years? shopDisney’s attempt to answer the question is simple: Dabbing!   The hit t-shirt from … Read more

PHOTOS, VIDEO: Chip and Dale Greet Guests as Marvel’s Thor and Loki at Disney California Adventure

Chip and Dale Dressed as Thor and Loki Meet and Greet Disney California Adventure

Disney is celebrating 80 years of Marvel with a range of special offerings at Disney California Adventure. And one of the best special offerings is Mickey and friends Disneybounding as some of our favorite Marvel superheroes. We really enjoyed meeting Mickey and Minnie, Donald and Daisy, and Pluto and Goofy. And today we were finally … Read more