Universal Legacy Store Signage Removed in Preparation for Interactive Epic Universe Preview Center

Sign gone from former Universal Legacy Store

The Universal Legacy Store at CityWalk Orlando closed permanently on January 6 with construction walls installed on January 8, 2024, and the signage has now been removed from the exterior. Universal Legacy Store Signage Gone The store formerly sold Universal merchandise generally found across the resort, but its appeal was the decor, which featured props, … Read more

Refurbished Bigfire Fountain Revealed at Universal CityWalk Orlando

bifire citywalk fountain 9888

Construction walls have been removed from the side of Bigfire American Fare at Universal CityWalk Orlando, revealing a newly refurbished fountain. Bigfire Fountain For reference, the old version of the fountain is to the right in the photo above. Construction walls went up around the fountain in April after it was drained. The fountain has … Read more

Universal’s Great Movie Escape Added to Directional Signage at Universal CityWalk Orlando

citywalk directional sign great movie escape 5266

Ahead of its opening later this month, Universal’s Great Movie Escape has been added to directional signage in Universal CityWalk Orlando. Universal’s Great Movie Escape is taking over the building that used to house The Groove. An arrow for the escape room experience can now be seen on this light-up sign in the center of … Read more

Green & Red Coconut Club Opening Tonight at Universal CityWalk Orlando

green and red coconut club exterior 3898

The Green & Red Coconut Club, a holiday overlay of the Red Coconut Club, will be opening this evening at Universal CityWalk Orlando. There was already a teaser in the park and banners on the club’s exterior. Red Coconut Club had been closed since 2020 before it reopened as the Dead Coconut Club for Halloween … Read more

Construction Continues on Universal’s Great Movie Escape and Throughout CityWalk

citywalk nov 2022 construction 8681 scaled

Universal is sprucing up various areas of Universal CityWalk Orlando while construction continues on Universal’s Great Movie Escape. Construction walls surround an outdoor section of The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar. The walls are likely blocking a basic refurbishment. We noticed caution tape outside CityWalk’s Rising Karaoke Star. The tape surrounds the steps and railings, which … Read more

“The Creature from the Black Lagoon” Room Now Open Upstairs at The Dead Coconut Club in Universal CityWalk Orlando

Dead Coconut Club CityWalk Lagoon Room Creature from the Black Lagoon 2nd Floor Universal Orlando 14 scaled

In just over a month, we’ve watched the Dead Coconut Club transform into the hottest spot in CityWalk. With its beautiful decor, fun live entertainment, and relics from former monstrous locations, we didn’t think it could get any better. Well, they’ve outdone themselves again because now guests can now lounge in Captain Lucas’s Lagoon Room, … Read more

Walls Down Around Universal’s Great Movie Escape at Universal CityWalk Orlando

Universal Orlando escape room 8

Visiting Universal Orlando CityWalk today, we noticed that the construction walls have come down around the park’s upcoming Universal’s Great Movie Escape attraction. This past February, we broke the news that Universal was bringing this new experience to CityWalk. It wasn’t until June when Universal finally confirmed what we already knew. Universal says the attraction … Read more

The American Sirens Perform ‘Creepy Tiki Show’ at the Dead Coconut Club at Universal CityWalk Orlando

The American Sirens perform "Creepy Tiki Show" at Universal Orlando HHN

Just in time for Halloween Horror Nights 31, the Red Coconut Club, which had been previously closed (aside from some select special events), recently reopened at Universal CityWalk Orlando as the Dead Coconut Club. This is the first year the Dead Coconut Club has materialized at Universal Orlando during the Halloween season. This past weekend, … Read more

Orlando Fire Department Responds to Possible Hazmat Situation at Universal CityWalk Orlando

citywalk hazmat

The Orlando fire department responded to a possible hazmat situation at Universal CityWalk Orlando this afternoon, WESH 2 reports. Universal said some Team Members reacted to a cleaning material in an underground area. They evacuated and called the fire department. Ten people thought they might have inhaled fumes. They ultimately refused the ambulance and no … Read more

Welcome Sign Missing at Universal Orlando CityWalk Entrance

welcome universal sign missing citywalk 1 scaled

We noticed the large sign welcoming guests to Universal Orlando Resort at the entrance to CityWalk is missing today. This is what guests typically see upon entering CityWalk. The large wording reads, “Welcome to Universal Orlando Resort!” Earlier this week, the word “Orlando” was missing. Today, the sign looks like this. All of the wording … Read more