Mickey & Friends Greeting Parade Receiving “Very Very Minnie” Overlay September 14-30 at Tokyo Disneyland

minnie mickey pluto in very minnie remix

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Tokyo Disneyland is running a special short greeting parade in place of its daily Dreaming Up! parade. Right now it consists of the Fab Five in their standard outfits, greeting Guests to “Tokyo Disneyland is Your Land” and “When You Wish Upon a Star”. But starting Monday, September 14th, Tokyo Disneyland … Read more

VIDEO: “Very Minnie Remix” Rolls in to Tokyo Disneyland

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Very Very Minnie is on at Tokyo Disneyland! From January 10th through March 19th, you can celebrate the nostalgic past of Tokyo Disney Resort with Minnie Mouse! And every day, the new Very Minnie Remix rolls through Tokyo Disneyland featuring songs and dances from past TDR events. We got a special sneak preview today thanks … Read more

PHOTOS: Nostalgic and Adorable Entertainment, Merch, and Food Revealed for Very Very Minnie at Tokyo Disneyland

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Tokyo Disney Resort is always up to something for every season! And the one-time-only Very Very Minnie coming next winter looks absolutely spectacular! This special celebration of Minnie Mouse looks like it’ll be one to remember, featuring a special mini-parade and stage show, lovely Minnie-centric merchandise, and delicious food items! If you need a reason … Read more