VIDEO: “Very Minnie Remix” Rolls in to Tokyo Disneyland

Spencer Lloyd

VIDEO: “Very Minnie Remix” Rolls in to Tokyo Disneyland

Very Very Minnie is on at Tokyo Disneyland! From January 10th through March 19th, you can celebrate the nostalgic past of Tokyo Disney Resort with Minnie Mouse! And every day, the new Very Minnie Remix rolls through Tokyo Disneyland featuring songs and dances from past TDR events.

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We got a special sneak preview today thanks to the Oriental Land Company so we could share this with you! The cool thing about this show is there’s two versions on each run, and three versions for different days. So you could see this show 6 times and see something different every time! The one below is Day 1, Location B. It features Fiesta Tropical and Bonfire Dance. So without further ado, let’s get on with the show. Watch it below!

It’s so much fun, isn’t it? There’s so many versions of Very Minnie Remix, and being a huge fan of past TDR entertainment myself, I can’t wait to watch them all! If you want to see all of your choices, the table from our reveal article is below.

Version Content at Location A Content at Location B
1 D-Pop Magic! Super Dancin’
Fiesta Tropical Bonfire Dance
2 Disney Dreams on
Parade: Moving On!
Disney’s Party
Minnie Oh!
Minnie’s Tropical Splash
3 Mickey’s Adventureland
Mardi Gras
Feel the Magic Disney’s
Rhythms of
the World

Very Very Minnie runs only this year from January 10th through March 19th at Tokyo Disneyland! I wouldn’t miss it if I were you!

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