PHOTOS: Kermit the Frog Hot Air Balloon Removed from Disney’s Hollywood Studios

As we warned you last month, the Kermit the Frog hot air balloon that stood above MuppetVision 3-D at Disney’s Hollywood Studios was slated to be removed. Well, that has been removed as of today:

The balloon was removed as it would have been visible from the Star Wars themed land in the park, expected to open in 2019.


    • Alan

      You’ll cope. Plus Muppets don’t have anything worth promoting much for Disney, so..makes sense in their eyes to cut it.

  1. Ben

    I am still confused as to why they couldn’t move the balloon to one of the lower roofs right next to its former location?

  2. Ryan

    Why would they not just wait until closer to the opening of Star Wars land? The park is in rough enough shape as it is. Why add to that with years to go before this would have even been a problem?

  3. Goofy213

    Right now they have enough clearance to get a crane close enough to get the balloon down. Once scenery and structures are in place there probably won’t be enough room. I’m sad to see the balloon go, but on the other hand I’m glad to see things starting to be done.

  4. Ron

    I’m surprised they didn’t have the Storm Troopers come out and shoot it down. “Star Wars Storm Trooper vs Kermit spectacular parade” $59.00, free ice cream not included.

  5. Scott

    If they took down the balloon, why didn’t they take Gonzo off of the clock as the balloon was the set up for that joke?

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