Peter Pan’s Flight Officially Receiving An Interactive Queue

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While it has not been announced formally to guests, cast members have been informed that work will be happening in the queue at Peter Pan’s Flight between January 16th and March 6th. An interactive queue area is being constructed to entertain guests during the usual long lines that this ride gets. It is expected to open on March 7, 2012. Disney is stating that the work will have no effect on the attraction, so it will remain open as the Haunted Mansion did during the installation of its interactive queue. Stay tuned to WDW News Today as more becomes available on this story.

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  1. Great … skip the much needed refurb for the actual attraction, and just give it an updated Que? Another brilliant idea brought to you by TDO. 

    1. Considering they rebuilt the entire facade a year ago, are now adding a much needed diversion during one of the park's longest waits, and the ride looks fine & everything in it works, I would say your claim is unfair.

      1. Seriously? Go rode Anaheim's version and then tell me if you think Orlando's still looks good. The paint is faded, the whole ride needs to be cleaned. What it needs is a new ride system, adding a second row of seats would double its capacity and allow for a much needed up fit of the existing effects and show pieces. Forgive me, but I am tired of people giving TDO a free pass on this stuff.     

        1. I actually just rode the Anaheim version last week, first off it is incredibly different, but secondly most of it was rebuilt in 1983. The problem in florida is changes to this ride might be considered sacrilege, but maintenance wise, it looked great in October. I can point out a few rides in awful shape, but Peter Pan is not on the list. Splash Mountain, Big Thunder, Great Movie Ride… but not Peter Pan.

  2. They should never change This ride.  From the time i was 2 it has been my favorite.  As a 27 year old i rode it this past August and loved it just as much.  Refurbs are ok, but please dont change this ride.  It is my childhood. 

  3. I just rode this in August 2011. It had a long line and we fast passed
    it, but honestly, the haunted mansion had a 30sh minute wait and we went
    through the que and it eventually became a 40 minute wait, but we
    didn't care, because we were having fun. This isn't to make the line
    longer; it's to make the wait more enjoyable. Disney putting in
    interactive ques in  especially long rides is not only thoughtful but
    also enhances the magic. I wish they would do this to more rides. Also, I was mesmerized by the fact
    that this ride looked the same as it did when I was little except a lot
    cleaner and better, so it really needs no refurb right now.

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