If You Had Three Wishes…

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If you had a magic lamp, what three Vinylmation would you wish for? This new 2013 Daruma Wishes 3″ Genie Vinylmation from Japan sure conjures magical imagery.

It is also a bit on the mysterious side. We do know it has been released in Japan and is listed at the online Japan Disney Store for 1,200 Yen. But we have some questions from the artwork. Can anyone tell us what the idea with the eyes is? The close up bubble shows a black eye dot drawn in. Is it a customizable option on the figure? Let us know what your thoughts are. I think the lamp drawn onto the feet with the Genie rising up above is great, but the facial design isn’t as appealing as the Park 11 Genie in my opinion. Oh, and my answer to the question posed above?

1. Osborne 2009
2. Cinderella’s 60th
3. Wall-E


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  • I’ll let wikipedia do the explaining:
    The eyes of Daruma are often blank when sold. Monte A. Greer, author of Daruma Eyes, described the “oversized symmetrical round blank white eyes” as a means to keep track of goals or big tasks and motivate them to work to the finish. The recipient of the doll fills in one eye upon setting the goal, then the other upon fulfilling it. In this way, every time they see the one-eyed Daruma, they recall the goal.

    1. FF Cheshire
    2. Sully and Boo
    3. P1 Balloon Chaser

  • Basically Daruma’s are sold with blank eyes, you fill in one eye upon setting a goal or a task, and once you’ve finished that task you can fill in the other eye. A form of motivation if you like. So I’m guessing you can paint in the eyes if you wish to.

    1. A Splash Mountain series to be made(or at LEAST one figure based on one of the most iconic attractions!)
    2. Some more country specific figures. :)
    3.Oh and an Animal Kingdom Road Sign variant :lol:

  • 1) Fewer series released each month!
    2) Once released, do not re-release or send to outlet malls!
    3) Consistent pricing*: 3″….$9.95, Combo Sets….$24.95, 9″….$44.95

    * As we all know, once the 3″ vinyls are traded into blind boxes and/or clear boxes they ALL become one comodity irregardless of price. Their real/perceived value is based on supply and demand and of course current e-bay sales. If you think about it, all vinyls start out as white create-your-owns. Once packaged and sold the only difference is the “paint job” and available quantity. How else do you explain the
    Park 1 Balloon Chaser originally priced at $9.95 in December 2009 now valued at $500+ today on e-bay???

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