Walt Disney World Testing “Upcharge” Premium Parking at Theme Parks

I’ve always been surprised that Walt Disney World never offered any sort of premium parking at their theme parks for those interested, but it looks like they will finally at least test the concept next week.


Beginning March 15th and lasting for just a few days, guests parking at the Magic Kingdom or Epcot will have the option of paying for a premium parking space closer to the park entrance (or at least a monorail or ferryboat). The charge for the premium parking is $15 above the regular $20 charge. There is no word yet on what the charge will be for resort guests or annual passholders, but we would assume that they would pay just $15 since they are already offered complimentary regular parking.

The exact locations of the premium spaces are unknown at this time.

18 thoughts on “Walt Disney World Testing “Upcharge” Premium Parking at Theme Parks”

  1. Too bad that Disney’s greed is making the park experience more and more exclusionary. At the rate they are going with all of their planned upcharges, it really will become a playground for only the rich. Walt must be spinning in his grave.

    • I`ll say it this way . At least rich people do not come to butt heads with each other and the Disney People at Walt Disney World the way some lower income middle class income people do . All of this stuff about overcrowding and the bullying towards disabled people in the parks that I have been reading and how things should or shouldn`t be at Disney and the bugs in the new system
      are often caused by Disney trying to suck everyone of every income bracket into the parks thinking that they are going to make everyone happy or be able to accommodate everyone adequately and thoroughly while we pirate off them and each other .
      We are the bugs in the system that needs to be fixed and this is how to fix them .
      We need to be thankful that they are not the system of the 1970s where you had to pay a fee to by a ticket just for one ride .

      • That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Aeriouwsly? All of the problems are caused by the middle class and lower class? I call BS because let’s get real, the middle class and poor class can’t afford to pay someone to pretend to be their handicapped relative. Your comment is completely ignorant and has absolutely no foundation. There are jerks in every class of society.

        • I edited this but alas my changes didn’t stick. I’m not normally such an atrocious speller..

        • I`m not saying that every middle class person comes to Disney with such a demeaning mindset but I am saying that there are a number of people who do . I`ll give it to you this way .
          How many rich people do you find overcrowding the parks to butt heads with each other and trying to control everyone’s Disney Experiences at the expense of everyone else around them ?

  2. It’s a business. Not a charity. It always cracks me up when people freak about it new or different charges. They create an experience we all want. Get over it

  3. I’m with William on this one. Take the Disney Cruise Line for example…there is a very big difference between the class of people on a 7 day cruise and the class of people on a 3 day cruise. The cheaper 3 day cruise seems to draw in a much lower class of people (and I’m not just talking income here…im talking in behavior and demeanor mostly).

  4. Wow!!! I work in a school located in an affluent area and let me tell you $$$$ does not buy good behavior or demeanor. Money does not buy common courtesy or respect for others. Where/ why does everyone feel this entitlement just because…I paid the price of admission, you are “my” server at restaurant, etc. Society needs to change and I’m not saying back to the good old days but just simple common courtesy.

    Disney is a business and as long as people will pay they will keep upping the price. Is it harder for lower and middle class, absolutely, but so is everything else.

  5. I have also heard certain restaurants will charge more for premium seating. Such as paying a premium to sit by the glass at the coral reef restaurant as opposed to sitting in the back

  6. Universal already does this, and Universal doesn’t have Trams. Parking close to the MK and walking to the T&TC is just as far of a walk as walking from you far isle and taking the Tram to the front drop off. And it takes the same amount of time too. So why worry about parking up front or Disney charging for those spots?

    • LD ,
      I believe from what I discover is that people want to get more out of something that they give less into .
      There are people who want more from Disney but contribute little into Disney and when those people are asked to contribute more into something to get more from something they lose it .
      Disney has been spoon feeding people more for less and someone or something has got to put the breaks on that
      or else people need to drop their expectations of a quality experience at the Disney Theme Parks and Resorts and that is no matter what class you are or what your income is .

  7. I am not really sure why anyone should be upset because Disney is “catering to the rich”, etc. Walt Disney World has always been a tiered experience. Some resorts are more expensive than others, and there are club levels and suites with the resorts. Some restaurants, like Vic and Al’s, offer Chef’s Table experience, etc. This is nothing new. Personally, I miss the old Diamond Parking passes. As a Florida Resident, and a Premium Annual Pass holder (or whatever they are calling it now), I can say…I’d gladly pay a $100/yr upcharge on my PAP to get Diamond Parking back. In fact, I’d really love it if Disney introduced valet at the parks! This isn’t, and shouldn’t, be about classism, as many are trying to make it. It is about tailoring your experience at Walt Disney World to your needs. If you are staying at a Disney resort, odds are high that this won’t affect you at all…as you will likely use Disney transportation. Day guests and AP holders are usually the ones that are driving. Regardless, if you are not willing to pay to park close enough to walk, the trams are FREE. So, is Walt *really* rolling in his grave?? Highly unlikely. Walt Disney died a VERY wealthy man. VERY wealthy. He did not start his company as a charity or a not for profit. And, given the record crowd levels we have seen in Florida for the last couple of years…the higher prices and upcharges do not seem to be having any negative effect.

  8. What if you pay for the premium parking and you have a park hopper? Do you have to pay for the premium parking twice?

  9. Am I the only person who always saw the tram from the parking lot as part of the anticipatory build up of actually getting to MK? I’m thinking the “upchargers” are missing out!

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