BREAKING: Significant Updates Coming to FastPass+, Guests No Longer Need To Use Kiosks

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Starting April 10th, a series of very important upgrades will be made to your FastPass+ experience at Walt Disney World.


After booking their initial 1-to-3 FastPass+ reservations (you will now have the option to book anywhere between one and three, not forced to pick 3 initially), guests will now be able to book an additional and  even further FP+ reservations through the MyDisneyExperience app. These can be made one at a time, so once you finish your initial reservations that were made in advance, then you may book another. With every additional FP+, you are able to just book one at a time and only book another once the previous are completed (as the system works now, but you will be able to book additional FastPass+ yourself through the mobile app or website, and book for another park if you plan to switch).

With the upgraded system, guests will be able to choose an attraction and time for the attraction simultaneously, instead of simply hoping that a time they wanted would be suggested after making their three initial attraction choices. This should allow guests to better customize their daily plans to their liking.

Other new features include the ability to remove individual guests from a FastPass+ reservation and the ability to cancel a single FastPass+ attraction reservation instead of all of them.

With these changes implemented, the Quick Picks FP+ option will be removed.

Guests will see significant changes to the look of the app (and kiosk interface) on April 10th, 2016, but larger changes that will make the app look and function more like the new official Disneyland Resort app are still expected at a later date.

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  • Now these changes are good ones! If only they would remove the tiered choices at HS and Epcot … :)

    • The problem is, both parks only have a couple of good rides and the rest are basically crap. At Epcot you have Soarin and Test track. Most days you don’t need a fast pass to ride the rest. At HS you have Toy Story and Rock N Roller coaster and the rest are mostly shows that don’t need fast passes either. I’m sure it will change once the new Toy Story rides and Star Wars opens up.

      • I get that, but from a reverse perspective, we were just there last week and I wanted to make 3 Tier 2 FP+ reservations with my 2yo daughter, since she can’t do Test Track or Soarin (which is closed anyway), and I couldn’t reserve enough for our whole party for Illuminations. I basically had to waste my Tier 1 FP+ on Living with the Land, which rarely has a wait anyway. I would’ve preferred a 3rd Tier 2 FP+ reservation, but the system wouldn’t let me. So dumb!

  • Great news!
    Question regarding tiered attractions and this new Fastpass+ system: Let say that I book only one attraction – tier 1 in advance (ex. Toy Story Mania from 9AM to 10AM). Then, at 10AM on the day, does the new system consider that I used up all my Fastpass+ and I can reserve another Tier 1 attraction (or the same) if there is space?

  • So I go on April 17th are you saying I can change some of mine and do one fast pass at Hollywood studios and 2 at Magic Kingdom????

    • No, there is still a one park limit until the initial 3 are used. After those 3 are expired, then, as before, you can set a FP for any park but the new way is you can do it from your phone app and not a kiosk in said park.

      • Is that certain because my understanding of Disney’s communications on this is that once your initial FP expired, #1, you are free to book another one, #2, at a different park. Conceivably, once #2 expires, #3 could be booked, at a third park.

  • I find this confusing.. Will I be able to, let us say, make a FP for Soarin, then one for Haunted Mansion and Peter Pan later in the day??? i.e., can I make my initial set of 3 in more than one park???

  • My daughter and I have been AP’s for 13 years, Still not happy that we can only book 30 days in advance and some travelers can book 90 days in advance. I was told this at a recent trip to Animal Kingdom by someone from the U>K>

    • I have not heard of the 90 day policy. You can reserve FP+ 60 days in advance if you have a ticket linked to a WDW resort reservation.

  • We were just at Disney, and I will say this new fast pass+ system is the worst! And we’ve gone every other year our whole lives!!!! Don’t feel bad if you are staying off site, it doesn’t pay to stay on site anymore. You only get 1 tier 1 pick and even if you opt for the earliest options, all the rest of the tier 1 picks will be gone before you can add another. This new system discourages park hopping (you can hop, but don’t expect to get any good rides at your second or third park. The only picks you’ll get are for rides with no standby anyways). Also, while there, the fast pass lines for some rides were a 10, 20, or 30 min wait just to get to the first place to scan your band and then you still had to wait in the ride line) so it’s not that fast at the more popular rides). We used to go to Disney all the time, but this new FP + is so inefficient!!!! I’d rather pay extra for unlimited fast pass like Universal Studios uses—it’s like the old FP system Disney had. We’ll stay at Universal from now on and do less days at Disney.

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