BREAKING: Parking Structure Being Built for Disney’s Hollywood Studios Along World Drive

A parking structure is finally being built for Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park at the Walt Disney World Resort. Too bad it is just for cast members.


The new cast member parking garage for the park will be located just across World Drive, adjacent to the new fireworks launch site for the park. Work on the structure has already begun along with the new entrance and exit ramps for the park that we already told you about. Cast members will walk safely over traffic on a bridge over World Drive once the parking structure is completed.

The structure will assist with guest parking as it will free the current cast member parking lot for guest parking (or maybe just for the rumored Indiana Jones expansion somewhere down the line).

Disney has yet to announce the existence of this project, but should shortly.

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  1. A parking garage is not going there, that is where a new storm water retention pond is being build. There were permits filed a while back by the South Florida Water Management District for this.

  2. No you guys, water retention pond is just a code word. They call cast members water and parking garages retention ponds. Tom has just cracked their code.

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