Disney is Making a Streaming Video Service Box

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During CES 2017, Disney announced their own media streaming device, and it’s called Disney Kids TV.

Source: IGN

Disney Kids TV allows users to stream content in 4K at 60 frames per second all for the low price of $99. The device is being made by Snakebyte, creators of various third party video game hardware and accessories. If you think the device is geared towards kids based on the device’s name, you’re right, but you’re also wrong.

The box is available in three kid friendly styles: Frozen, Marvel’s Avengers, and Disney Kids. The menu is simply and easy to use for kids, and features many Disney videos and games, though none have been specifically announced. The fun part is that the device can connect to the Google Play store and download any app available, so there is nothing stopping you from downloading Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. You can basically customize the device to have whatever apps and media you like, not just kid friendly content.

In addition to the $99 box, Disney will also be selling accessories for the Disney Kids TV such as a game controller for only $40, a microphone for karaoke, and a Nintendo Wii-like wand for easy menu navigation.

On the back of the box there are three USB 3.0 ports, for adding additional media to the box, and a Micro SD card slot for expandable storage. Along with the fact that the device is no bigger than a standard Apple TV, the Disney Kids TV will be ideal for taking on the go.

Disney Kids TV will retail for $99 and is expected to release sometime in 2017. For a better look at the device, check out this video below from IGN:


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