PHOTOS: Donut Sundae, Hash Brown Dog, and Waffle Sandwich Being Added to Magic Kingdom Breakfast Offerings

With Main Street U.S.A. now opening earlier to guests (along with the new welcome show performed at Cinderella Castle instead of at the train station), Disney is taking this opportunity to expand breakfast offerings at many of the park’s eateries in the AM.

Casey’s Corner Hash Brown Hotdog, The Magic Kingdom

Casey’s Corner will be serving muffins, bagels and a croissant donut. Those searching for a more savory, brunch-like option can enjoy corn dog nuggets and the hash brown dog (pictured above).

Plaza Ice Cream Donut Sundae, The Magic Kingdom

Also on Main Street U.S.A., Plaza Ice Cream Parlor will serve Mickey waffles, Kelloggs cereal and donuts. For a sweet twist on breakfast, there is even a donut sundae: a donut topped with your favorite flavor of hand-scooped Edy’s ice cream, hot fudge, apple, whipped cream, peanut butter chips, chocolate chips and of course, a cherry.

Sleepy Hollow breakfast sandwich, The Magic Kingdom

Sleepy Hollow has a new egg, ham and tomato waffle sandwich which will arrive later this month. The fruit and chocolate-hazelnut waffle sandwich is also available, in case you prefer a sweet breakfast to a savory one.

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