Disneyland Paris Announces Annual Pass Restructuring and Price Hike

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In the wake of the announcement that The Walt Disney Company are planning on buying out the Disneyland Paris Resort, they are planning to raise the price of Annual Passes across the board from March 29th.

This has been rumoured for a long time, with the most expensive Annual Pass costing just €223 ($236) for a full year, making it a very inexpensive place to visit compared to the US parks.

The new price breakdown is as follows:

  • Discovery: 150 days for €139 (US$147)
  • Magic Flex: 300 days for €189 (US$200)
  • Magic Plus: 350 days for €249 (US$264)
  • Infinity: 365 days for €399 (US$422)

This is a departure from the affordability of the old pricing tiers, as below:

  • Classic: 200 days for €135 (US$143)
  • Fantasy: 320 days for €179 (US$189)
  • Dream: 365 days for €223 (US$236)

To offset the insane price rise, they will be including parking and Photopass in the Infinity pass, not unlike Disneyland California Signature & Signature Plus passes.

As an added bonus to the Infinity pass, guests will now get a discount on Disney hotels of 50%, with 40% off with Magic Flex and Magic Plus passes.

What do you think of the price increase? Let me know in the comments.

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