BREAKING: Walt Disney World Ticket and Annual Pass Price Increases Announced

The annual price hike for tickets and annual passes at Walt Disney World is coming tomorrow, Sunday, February 12th, 2017 and we’ve got some of the details for you.

Last year, Walt Disney World introduced seasonal one-day ticket pricing, with three tiers based on demand at that time of year. For Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom parks, mid-tier tickets will cost $107, up from $102. Peak season tickets (check with for exact dates) will cost $119, up from $114. A one-day visit during the value season will cost $99, up from $97.

The Magic Kingdom remains at a higher one-day ticket price than the rest. Prices will rise for value and regular seasons, but the peak price will remain unchanged at $124. The regular season ticket will rise to $115 from $110.

Prices listed above are for adults and do not include tax. Tickets for children 3 to 9 will also going up.

Walt Disney World annual pass prices will also increase Sunday. Florida-resident gold passes with blockout dates during the Christmas and spring break seasons will cost $559, up from $549. Platinum passes with no blockout dates will cost $679, which is raised from $649.

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Prices for Disney tickets are typically raised each year in February, so this is nothing new.

Also starting Sunday, guests buying tickets online can save up to $20 on Magic Your Way bundles ranging from three to 10 days. All tickets will now have expiration dates starting on Sundays, not just single-day tickets. The dates will vary.

The price of theme park preferred parking (an option added last year) will also rise to $40.

In addition, Disney is eliminating the “water park fun and more” option, which had combined admission to Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon with a golf outing or a visit to the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. Visitors can still get this combo with a regular park hopper ticket.

You can check for all of the new pricing.

SOURCE: Orlando Sentinel

  1. Will the full pricing breakdown that is to come include the other passes, like the Platinum Plus, Silver, Weekday Select, Epcot-After-4, etc.? Unless those won’t exist any more. And the DVC pricing for all passes?

    1. Greed, for lack of a better word, is good. Greed is right, greed works. Greed clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit. Greed, in all of its forms; greed for life, for money, for love, knowledge has marked the upward surge of mankind.

      1. Did you come up with that all by yourself or did a supervisor wrote it for you? Because you might be up for a promotion to regional suck up.

  2. When is enough enough?Keep raising prices the ordinary people will not be able to come . Just pure greed.

    1. Enough is enough when profits and attendance decrease. WDW is not a charity, they will stop raising prices when they see a negative reaction. Please encourage all of your friends and family to stop going, as I assume you have boycotted it yourself. That’s the only way that this trend will stop.

  3. I don’t give a crap if they triple the prices. It’s Disney’s CHEAPNESS that bothers me. They cut back so much, and on silly stuff, food quality, staffing so the lines are super long even on slower days, their concern for customers is the worst of any company out there.

  4. The cry babies come out every February, it’s like clockwork.
    And yet these clowns keep haunting Disney World websites.

    It’s freaking hilarious, I love it!

    Go Disney, keep hiking……. maybe these losers will will finally go away permanently.

    But we all know they won’t. LOL

    1. Neither will Jeff go away. But he’s old and cranky. So we can pray he dies soon. YEAAAA!!!! Price increases are the usual. Disney’s cost and corner cutting in their product and safety is at an all time high. That’s the sad part for fans.

  5. It is becoming quite evident that Disney is clearly catering to the 1% crowd and to hell with the rest of us.

      1. Ah, isn’t it nice to watch someone displaying misdirected anger? According to this ostrich, is the people complaining about higher prices that make Disney sour, not the ticket price increase.

        Go bury your head in the ground once more, little ostrich.

  6. Good! Hopefully this will keep the welfare recepiants with all their children out so my partner and I can actually enjoy ourselves. They should give dedicated APs a discount though because of everything we’ve done for them, we deserve that at least.

    1. Hey, I don’t know who you are, but the above comment was not posted by me, but an imposter. However I do not disagree with the sentiment. Just yesterday my partner and I witnessed a young couple making a drunken spectical of themselves at the ABC Commissery in Hollywood studios. It was quite revolting to watch them stuff unhealthy foods in their faces while carrying in a drunken manor. It was quite obvious that the couple were not AP’s, but the regular customers that ruin the experience for the true Disney fans.

      1. And that’s part of why they’re raising the prices–to reduce the number of such guests overcrowding the parks!

  7. I wish everybody would stop complaining about ticket price increases! It has to happen so they can pay cast members, maintain the places, fund new offerings, etc.

    They even raise the prices in an attempt to make the parks less crowded because the parks get way too crowded these days, which can take away from the enjoyment of the place and makes off-seasons not feel so much like off-seasons anymore. So it’s best to raise price prices for such a reason to make the experience higher in quality by making it less crowded like it used to be, especially during slower seasons.

      1. Very true. The parks are NOT offering any more for the money. They are cutting things much much more.

          1. Thanks for your input Disney intern. I don’t know what we’d do without your thoughtful suck ups to management.

  8. I am amazed what I read here. I am not a hater of Disney buy any means. I get some of the comments, they have to pay salaries they have to maintain the parks. What I don’t get is there profit margin is huge from movies as well as parks around the world. So to in crease and give you less seems counterproductive to the the people who have supported Disney since the beginning in California. To boycott Disney will not solve anything because they will just keep raising prices for all that still attend. It just seems that no one group of people have done more than another to keep Disney going. It does seem however that at the rate the prices keep rising the average family with children will have to stop going.

  9. Not to bad an increase, here in the UK gas and electricity companies have increased prices by as much as 40% on some tariffs, leaving some people to choose between heat and eat,
    I love USA holidays and we will defiantly be visiting all parks again soon, We eat before we go and generally dont eat until we leave, we like to just find somewhere to eat that catches our eye on way back to hotel, and food and theme park rides dont generally mix, xx

  10. There is a thing called a supply and demand curve and it cares about no ones feelings. While yes lower incomes get priced out, the place is always packed and Disney clearly doesn’t need them there, and if you don’t understand how supply and demand works you are at a huge disadvantage in life.

  11. To all the comments on here… We are a huge Disney family. We have been AP holders for years and due to extenuating circumstances in my life it has made it difficult to go to the parks with our kids. So, with that being said continuously raising prices is making it difficult when you go from making a six figure income to practically nothing because of cancer. Supply and demand have nothing to do with it that in itself is ignorant! Does anyone remember Walt Disney’s dream? However, I can say this much, I would not really bat an eye at a mere ten dollars for an increase in our annual passes if: the cast members were magical like they used to be, hearing employees complain about their positions in front of guests, and the overall quality was not spiraling out of control.

  12. This is why capitalism is a dangerous and terrible system that needs to be abolished.

  13. Disney’s crowds dumping them and spending less in the park is just because Disney has cut the quality of their WDW USA parks so terribly. Worst run theme parks in the USA to be honest. A great legacy. But looking at it as they run today, you can’t get more penny pinching, and no regard for customers to enjoy self, much less come back.

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