PHOTO: First Look Inside the “Gantry Lift” for Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission Breakout Ride at California Adventure

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Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission Breakout will be opening in just a few weeks at Disney California Adventure, but today, thanks to an internal leak, we are getting our first look inside the former “maintenance service elevator” of the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. The “gantry lift” appears to be just about the same, with the exception of what we assume to be a warning written in an alien language on the back wall of the vehicles:

A look at the ride vehicles for Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission Breakout, with weighted dummies for test rides.
A look at the ride vehicles for Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission Breakout, with weighted dummies for test rides.

We were unable to find the language in any internet search, but maybe someone far better versed in the MARVEL universe can decode it.

Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission Breakout opens May 27th, 2017 at Disney California Adventure.

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  • I love the individual seats instead of them all being connected. Wonder if there will be some 4d effects incorporated?

    • Those aren’t individual seats. They are weights used to simulate passengers. The seats will most likely remain the same.

  • Those aren’t individual seats if you are referring to the white objects. Those are actually “body shaped” containers they fill with water to simulate passenger weight while testing.

  • Isn’t it just an overlay? Why would they be testing the ride, unless they’ve made changes to any part of the ride system? Interesting…

    • I thought I read there would be slight differences in the falling patterns or whatnot, but even if that’s wrong, they probably would just test the ride anyway since it’s been down and they’ve been working on the structure. That’s just a theory anyway. :)

      • From a safety perspective, it would be sense to continue to test the ride to make sure it’s operating correctly, even if no changes were made. I just like the idea of updates to the ride system.

    • The ride system got a complete overhaul and now incorporates the random drop sequence technology.

    • It’s kind of hard to ensure the show effects are synchronized with the ride without doing any testing. Plus rides test every day before they open.

  • Disgusting attraction that has no right to exist. I look forward to the day GOTG closes down forever, ToT makes its triumphant return, and Disney severs all ties with Marvel, expelling Captain America and Black Widow from Disneyland like God expelled Adam and Eve from Eden.

    • Disney won’t severs ties with Marvel that it owns. More likely the licensed Twilight Zone won’t ever return.

      • Yes they will sever ties with Marvel and with Lucasfilm as well. A new CEO will lead a conspiracy to kill Marvel by replacing Kevin Feige with Joel Schumacher and destroying the entire superhero genre. Twilight Zone will return, take it to Vegas.

      • “Walt was (allegedly) a Nazi”
        That is a an untrue rumor. Besides, Nazis are BAD. It is BAD to act like a Nazi. Go ahead, the next time you are at Disneyland, admit to someone in person that you support a Nazi/dictator mindset, and see the reaction you get. Go ahead and act the same way in real life that you do online, and see what happens, assuming that you are not a coward.

  • Come and get the whole Twilight Zone thing, in Disneyland Paris…..
    …or, wait a moment !
    What’s so exceptionally good on the level of storytelling in the “TOT Twilight Zone” thing ?
    To my opinion, Disney storytelling has never been SO weak, as especially in TOT.
    It’s 98% brainwashing marketing, and 2% storytelling. I’m still friendly…
    They just wanted SOME (at random, and CHEAP) IP-hook-on for it, as iron-rides cannot be sold as “Disney”.
    (The Twilight Zone actually is a very cheap IP…)
    I do not expect much better storyteling with a Marvel overlay, by the way.
    The only TOT version that seems to have got a decent & acceptable minimum level of storytelling, is the Tokyo version…
    …and guess what ? There, NO IP was bought in, the story was developed on measure. Most probably, because Oriental Land co (the owner) didn’t want to get things complicated, as for them, everything Disney ALREADY is a license to pay !! … let alone complicating things by taking in third partners….

    Lets face it :
    TOT is a very specific family thrill ride. The thrill RIDE part is the same everywhere, and in whatever version.
    Visitors are waiting hours in the queue, for that single thrill aspect only. Blunt reality.
    The theming gives it “grandeur” but the storytelling is flimsy and fatally DISCONTINUED from the moment you enter the fast shaft.

    I would drop Alice in Wonderland on it.. lol … I’m serious !
    Get that story-less black SHAFT 100% themed with all coulourfull animated stuff and you’ve got the first make believe “Down the Rabbit hole” in a Disney park…


    • Actually they didn’t use the Twilight Zone IP in Tokyo because Japanese tourists are not familiar with that property. It’s like if Hollywood Studios replaced Rockin Rollercoaster: Starring Aerosmith with Rockin Rollercoaster: Starring Pico Taro, the Japanese visitors would be excited and the American’s would just scratch their heads in bewilderment.

      • “Actually” , NO, that’s absolutely not the point at all.
        First : “Paris” (+90% of Europe) was not familiar with the Twilight Zone IP either. (>> Still, almost nobody who is visiting there has a clue what it is…, it’s just an annoying little black-&-white TV-screen making some wierd statements, which nobody comprehends, and a CM who is saying that everybodymust stand on the carpet… and THAT’S IT… for the whole storytelling …. rediculous poo… ) Yet, Paris got it, just because Disney co. is major co-owner of DLRP, thus, the former IP-licensing was already established, while in Japan, it would have been a full new third party IP licensing…..
        Second : instead of looking for some different existing Japanese IP (as your suggestion would logically comprehend) they developed a story from scratch. A story that, by definition, nobody knew at all.
        Third : whether known or not, a story ONLY receives credibility, if it’s told in a fully elaborate and comprehensive way. THAT’s what they did in Tokyo…

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